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Blue Moon Dust by twi-night

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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All recognizable Twilight characters, settings, etc. are the property of Stephenie Meyer. She's a great author, and all the credit for her characters should go to her.

Twilighted Validation Beta: Dr_Twilight_PharmD

My awesome conventional beta who puts up with reading through my notes: InuVixen21

Thanks betas, you guys are awesomes.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the first chapter I’ve written... ever.... and so I hope you like the start of my story.  Leave a comment please, because I want to know what you think. Good or bad, I’m happy to hear it. This is really just the start of the story, so it might be a bit slow moving to begin with.


And by the way, throughout the story I’ll call Edward Jacob (Renesmee's twin) either EJ or Edward Jacob, while the original Edward will just be called Edward.

Bella’s POV


“Mom, can I go out with Jacob hunting?” pleaded my bubbly daughter Renesmee, as she danced into the room, reminding me of her Aunty Alice with her fluid motions.  Indecision must have swept momentarily over my face, because my daughter quickly placed her hand on my cheek and flashed an image of her happily skipping across the familiar forests, hunting with Jacob.


“Are you taking your brother with you?” I questioned, knowing that Edward Jacob wasn’t usually into hunting with his sister and her imprint.


“EJ’s going to meet up with us in twenty minutes,” she answered quickly, knowing I was worried about how much time she was spending with Jacob instead of her brother. “He’s at La Push with Seth, and he’s going to bring his bike back, then run and catch up.” Renesmee was very determined, and with one last insistent look from her porcelain face, I reluctantly agreed.


“It’s fine by me, as long as you ask your father,” I smirked as I added my last remark.  Although Edward had known about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee well before me, he still had trouble letting them spend too much time together. If he allowed the hunt, then I would know it was alright. The look of annoyance on my daughter’s doll-like face confirmed my decision.


“Fine, I’ll go ask,” she grumped as she made her way in a stormy manner towards the love of my life, Edward. Her face quickly composed into a look that she reserved for occasions such as these, as she entered the presence of her mind-reading father.


“Renesmee, when did you last do your studies?” I heard my husband question from the adjoining room of our cottage. I dropped my shield, a talent I had perfected in the last three years, and made my way to my husband, making sure he wasn’t being too hard on our daughter. He had this tendency when it came to activities with my daughter and my old best friend.


Edward, don’t be too harsh.  Remember their time together is as friends. They’re not at that stage yet, and she is rather thirsty. At these comments, Edward examined our daughter’s thoughts and face, and I could see his indecision and his daughter’s pleading face winning the battle.


“Fine, but be sure you don’t go too far, and make sure you include EJ when he arrives.” Obviously Edward had read my daughter’s thoughts and found out that his son would be joining in the hunt.


I had little time to say goodbye to my daughter before she rocketed out of our cottage and into the woods, no doubt running to meet Jacob.


“I still don’t like where their relationship is headed,” remarked Edward, as we saw the last glimpse of our daughter. “One day they’re going to realise they don’t want to be just friends,” he said with a stern look on his perfect face.


“I know honey, but she’s a teenager, even though she’s only three.  She’s going to start making her own decisions. I just hope she keeps coming to us for advice-” I replied to his sullen face “-and I’m not going anywhere.”  I smiled, and slowly my favourite crooked smile crept on to his face.  I knew his worried thoughts had passed.


Although we both knew that Renesmee was on a path to becoming more than friends with Jacob, and eventually being married to and moving away with him, I was worried about our son. EJ seemed to always be second to his sister’s vibrant attitude and charming characteristics.


Although he had fortunately inherited his father’s good looks, Edward Jacob had also inherited my shyness, and this worried me. He was quite drawn into himself, and had perfected the use of his own shield, which was similar to mine. He had also inherited his father’s gift of mind reading. He, however, could only read the minds of those who allowed him to.


Although we loved EJ and often reminded him of this fact, because of Renesmee’s imprinting and more direct gift, he was often overshadowed by her, though I’m quite certain she did not see herself doing this.


Edward quickly interrupted my thoughts and pulled me towards our parents’ house. It was a short distance to cover.  I had been dying to talk to Esme about a small matter and thought she would be of help.


Chapter End Notes:


I know that it is really really short but they get longer as they go and I felt like it needed to end here. I'll also try and post quickly so its more posts but sometimes shorter chapters. I hope you liked the first chapter, so leave a comment and tell me what you think. I’d really appreciate it.

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