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Kiss The Girl by Morine

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Table of Contents
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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I don't own the song, nor the books, nor the characters. I just own the idea. 

Twilighted Supervisory beta:vjgm

Twilighted jr beta: Phoenix Rising

Author's Chapter Notes:


Okay, so this was supposed to be really light and slightly comical, but it ended up being sort of angsty. I have no idea why this keeps happening! But the song is from the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. In case you didn't know, it's called Kiss The Girl. 

I don't own Twilight or The Little Mermaid, though both Edward and Prince Eric are pretty darn awesome. So anyways, on with the story!

I hope that you all enjoy! 



Kiss The Girl


Two weeks had gone by and Edward realized that he was hopelessly in love with the strange Bella Swan. He of course found himself being unable to act on his emotions. First there was the idea of her getting too close…he could kill her easily. She took a step too far and she was automatically considered lunch.


Various pictures ran through his mind the past week…him and her lying in his meadow watching the sun go down, her laughing at something he said, them holding hands. Some were very simple, just them two sitting next to each other in a comfortable silence, or them two smiling at each other. 


He sighed as he got his notebooks together and headed towards the science room.


It only took him a few seconds to realize that she wasn’t in the classroom yet. He had heard her talking to Mike Newton, one of her other admirers (she seemed to have quite a lot of them).


He quickly walked over to his desk and got out his notebook, ready to “take notes” on the movie they were watching in class. The teacher was out, which meant some random old lady would come in, turn on a movie, and then doze off into her own personal nap time.


He looked out to the crisp spring day. It was foggy outside, as it always was in Forks. He looked down on his desk as he noticed for the first time something carved in the desk. It was a simple heart, a poorly carved heart at that. But it still seemed romantic nonetheless. Edward scratched at it lightly as he sighed.


Sure, he had gone through a lot of pain through his life, losing his parents, the change, realizing that killing all of those people was wrong. But nothing hurt more than having the one you love so close…but you not being able to do anything about it.


He wanted to just talk to her, have a few conversations with her, befriend her at least. But he promised himself that he wouldn’t act on these foolish emotions. He would do what he could to protect her, keep her from any means of harm.


Out the window Edward could only see the parking lot as well as mile and miles of trees. He hadn’t been running in a while, or hunting for that matter. He had been spending his nights watching Bella sleep. As creepy as it may sound he didn’t do it as such a peeping tom would, he just wanted to see the owner of his heart at her most peaceful time.


For the past 90 years he had been looking for any means of escape. Thoughts of suicide once even went through his head. He brushed those thoughts away quickly as he saw how much his family cared for him. He even spent a year alone, just himself, thinking that it would somehow, someway numb the pain.


And then Edward met Bella.


After his thoughts of killing and drinking subsided, he realized that he didn’t just want her blood. He wanted her as well. He wanted to let her into his life, or his ideal life at least. But in his ideal life he was still alive. He found his own escape through hers at night. Watching her sleep, dream. Occasionally speak of his name.


He smiled at the memories as he tapped nervously at his desk. He stole a quick glance at the clock. Only a few more seconds until the bell would ring and the class would start. Usually Bella was in class by then, maybe Mike was holding them up? Maybe he needed to…tie his shoe?


Edward shook his head as he tried not to think of it. Never in all of his years had he thought he would ever actually be jealous of Mike Newton. That was one boy that he could never find himself to envy.


But now?


Now it was like Mike was living in a paradise compared to him. He saw them talking sometimes. Bella’s mind always seemed to be elsewhere but she was still listening and responding to him. Sometimes he would even mess up her hair or nudge her shoulder (playfully of course).


But these little…teenage moves were something that he never was able to have. He could never do anything like that with Bella. Mike got to talk with Bella, got to know her up close while Edward had to admire her from afar. How twisted could the world get?


Edward’s thoughts froze when that familiar smell and welcoming scent filled his air. He turned his head towards the door. Mike followed Bella, thinking not such pleasant thoughts, as always. Bella was completely ignorant of the teenage, hormonal thoughts going through his mind. She just stepped to the side as Mike made his way to his lab table, high fiving two guys on the way there.


Before she made her way over to her desk her eyes meet those of Edward for a brief second, but she looked away and blushed. Edward couldn’t help but smile inwardly. He loved it when she blushed.


She made her way over to her desk, tripping only once. She set her books off to the side as she sat down next to Edward without saying a word. Edward’s slight smile at seeing her face up close soon turned into a frown as he realized how rude he was to her.


He sighed.


It was for the best.


Bella moved her hair so that it was covering her face. Edward sighed and looked down at that simple heart yet again. He finally made up his mind that he was going to talk to her and apologize for the way he acted. He was about to say something when the teacher (old lady) turned off the lights and turned the film on. He slumped back into his chair as he stared at the beautiful girl just to the right of him, letting his mind wander.


There you see her

Sitting there across the way

She don’t got a lot to say

But there’s something about her

And you don’t know why

But you’re dying to try

You wanna kiss the girl


Edward sighed as he realized that he would probably never to get the chance.


At over 100 years old he was only kissed by a few girls, none of these kisses being on the lips. Only on the cheek or forehead, never a proper kiss. Girls would always try, but he would read their minds first and turn away before they got the chance. But a few of them did end up getting his cheek.


And after knowing of Bella, he made his mind up that he never wanted to kiss another girl in his entire life, or non-life for that matter.


Yes, you want her

Look at her, you know you do

It’s possible she wants you, too

There is one way to ask her

It don’t take a word

Not a single word

Go on and kiss the girl


Edward shook the thought far away from his mind. An angel could never love a monster such as himself. His feelings went unnoticed by her.  She could never want him.


Sing with me now


My, oh, my

Look at the boy too shy

He ain’t gonna kiss the girl


Ain’t that sad

Ain’t it shame, too bad

You gonna miss the girl


He hung his head in shame. He knew that he could never make a move for her, she deserved better. And he had no way to know if she wanted him. If a girl was flirting with him, or interested in him in any way shape or form, he could tell from his ability. But he couldn’t read Bella’s mind. It was a locked door, and he wanted to find the key so badly.


If she showed feelings for him, perhaps it could be different. Perhaps he would be able to at least talk to her, or be braver. Be able to get close without killing her.


Bella shifted around a bit in her seat. She leaned a little bit closer to Edward, her scent hitting him forcefully. He let himself breath her beautiful smell in for a few seconds before he stopped breathing all together to make it easier on himself.


Now’s your moment

Floating in a blue lagoon

Boy, you better do it soon

No time will be better

She don’t say a word

And she won’t say a word

Until you kiss the girl


He thought for a moment. He could always just tuck that wall of hair behind her ear. He would do it lightly, and carefully of course. And she would turn her head. Her big brown eyes would stare deep into his amber, now almost black ones. He would smile kindly at her, and she might just smile back. A blush would appear on her cheeks as he leaned into her. She would meet him halfway, and the kiss would be sweet, short, and chaste, but sweet nonetheless.


Nobody would see. They were in the back of the classroom and half of the class (including the substitute) was dozing off into a little nap as if it were the second grade.



Don’t be scared

You got the mood prepared

Go on and kiss the girl


Don’t stop now

Don’t try to hide it how

You wanna kiss the girl


Float along

Listen to the song            

The song say kiss the girl


Music play

Do what the music say

You wanna kiss the girl


Edward looked back down at the heart. He could never do that.


Surely he would lose control and probably bite her, and if he killed her he would never be able to forgive himself. He was in love with her, and killing her would be like killing himself. He would never take another living thing’s life, he promised himself that. And he couldn’t bear to hurt her.


You’ve got to kiss the girl

Why don’t you kiss the girl

You gotta kiss the girl

Go on and kiss the girl


Edward decided that he would man up and just talk to her.


He didn’t have to get too close, but maybe just walk her to her locker, or something along the lines of that. Before he was able to get the chance, the lights turned on causing Bella to squint and rub her eyes. Edward wasn’t affected by the light change at all.


The bell rang not but a second later and Bella quickly carried her books and fled out the classroom. Edward sighed hoping that things would get easier for him. 


Chapter End Notes:

See what I mean? It had a lot of potential for it to be really light, but instead it turned a bit more angsty. But...we all know what happens right? Eventually he DOES kiss her...if that was a spoiler and you didn't know that, then you're probably on the wrong site!

I hope that you enjoyed it! 

- Morine 

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