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Werewolf Fight *one shot* by Twivamp

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Story Notes:

Well, I have already written the Cullens' side of the fight so I thought I should do the Wolves' this time.

A special thanks to an awesome person:

Thank you, Coco_chanel1983 for reviewing my story!!

Twilighted Supervisory Beta: Qjmom

Twilighted Senior Validation Beta: RedChevy

Author's Chapter Notes:

Okay. Here is a little one shot that took me a while to write because juggling life is a little difficult right now. A special thanks to all of my family who have supported me and my love of writing. I hope you like the story... :)


Disclaimer: Any characters, plotlines, etc. that you recognize in this chapter are Stephenie Meyer's. I own nothing.

Jacob POV

                I couldn’t help the smug thoughts that leaked into my mind again. Bella finally realized that she loved me, too, and I probably had a chance. My mind trailed off to when she kissed me…

                Oh give it a rest!!! Leah shouted.

                Jake, could you quit thinking about kissing her?! Quil told me.

                Yeah, what Quil said!! Embry thought.

                My pack had had enough of me thinking about kissing Bella. Of how her lips where so smooth…her hair was silky against my hand…her enthusiasm when she kissed me…

                Shut up!!! Paul said.

                I shook my head a little and then tried to focus on what Sam was telling us.

                Okay, the future-seeing leech had said that the group of newborn bloodsuckers would split up. We have to go and ambush the one group. Follow your noses and make sure that we don’t come in on the Cullens. Do you all remember their scent?

                We all cringed remembering how we had to smell the Cullens. Ugh. Sweet. My mind trailed off thinking of how Bella could ditch them and choose me. I thought of how she kissed me and I decided that I did have a chance.

                You’re not going to have a chance against that leech! Leah shouted in her mind.

                You don’t know that, I said.

                Nice comeback, Leah snorted.

                Leah!! Jake!! Come on!! Sam ordered and I ran up to Sam’s right as we ran to ambush the newborns. I sniffed the air and cringed. Bloodsucker.

                That’s not the Cullens. Embry said and we all huffed in agreement. The smell was getting stronger.

                Everybody prepare yourselves for a battle. Sam warned. Remember what the blonde bloodsucker taught us.

                We pushed ourselves faster and winded up slamming into the vampires. The vampires flew a little bit and then landed on their feet, running straight towards us. Sam swiped at one and then the vampires started to attack.

                Jared got one, so did Embry and Paul. Quil got two, so did Sam and I. We all started to do our business, ignoring Leah’s annoyed remarks of how she didn’t get any leeches.

                I swiped my paw at the smaller female bloodsucker and knocked her head off. The man looked furious and he charged toward me but I easily bit off his arm. I chuckled on the inside seeing his shocked face. Then I noticed that the female was being handled by another werewolf. Leah.

                Leah, go away!!! I shouted to her.

                I can help!! Leah growled. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean that I can’t kill a vampire.

                I don’t care if you’re a girl or not!! I roared. You’re stealing my vampire!!

                Come on, Jake, Leah tried to reason. I can have one, you can have one.

                I already claimed these!! I snarled. Go sob about Sam not loving you somewhere else. I don’t need you here!! Maybe that was a little harsh.

                Leah!! Jake!! Leave each other alone!! Sam ordered. Leah, go help another pack member. Jake, finish your bloodsuckers off.

                Fine. I wouldn’t want to work next to the pack idiot anyways. Leah muttered and walked off into the forest. I continued ripping apart the leeches in front of me.

                Jake, where did Leah go? Sam asked as he ripped a bloodsucker’s leg off.

                Why should I know? She has a strange mind, I said and bit a hand off of the female.

                She needs to come back—she could ruin the fight, Sam said.

                Well, who’s going to find her? I asked and continued to finish off the female while dodging the male’s frantic snaps.

                You are, Sam said, his voice deep with order. I cringed under the weight that was over my shoulders and I ran into the forest to find Leah.

                Leah!! Come back now!!! I shouted, trying to see where Leah was through her mind.

                No, Leah said. I saw that she had noticed a vampire runaway and she was going to catch it.

                Leah, let me handle this, I tried to make my voice as strong as Sam’s had been, but I didn’t want to sound like an alpha.

                I’m not letting all you boys have fun while I just sit around, Leah said and pushed herself faster, following the scent of the runaway leech.

                Let me help, Leah, I said again.

                No, Leah said. I knew that she was hiding something in her thoughts. I decided to try to get it out of her.

                What’s your reason for not letting me help? I asked.

                Like I said, you’re an idiot and if I let you help, you’d get yourself hurt. Leah stated matter-of-factly.

                Is that the only reason? I questioned and then ran faster. I was only a few miles behind Leah.

                Yes, Leah said, but I knew that she was trying to prove herself. She was trying to show that she was better than all of the boys in the pack. That she was strong.

                Leah, quit it and just let me help, I said and then ran faster because she had caught up with the vampire.

                No. I’m not letting you ruin this, Leah snapped.

                Nothing will make me quit, I said and thought of how I can’t physically stop even if I wanted to.

                Why can’t you stop? Leah asked and I saw her lunge at the vampire, which dodged her quickly.

                Smooth, I commented and then answered her question. I was thirty feet away from her. Sam ordered me to.

                What?! Leah said and pain came through her when she thought of his feelings for Emily and hers for Sam. The newborn leech had taken advantage of her momentary distraction and was going to grab her. I leaped and slammed into Leah, pushing her out of the way.

                You idiot!! Leah shouted to me, angry that she had let those thoughts through her barrier. I crawled off of her and look up to see the bloodsucker slam into me. Ouch!! I heard a lot of sickening crunches and then I couldn't move my right side. The vampire tried to bite me and I used my left paw to keep his head away. Leah helped me by ripping the head off.

                I told you that your stupid actions would cause you to get hurt. Leah said and continued to kill the leech. I would like to tell you that I could describe the pain I was in, but all that I thought was: OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

                Sam, Jake got hurt! Leah let panic color her thoughts as she told Sam what happened.

                Right, Paul and I are on our way, Sam said and I continued to howl in pain.

                Oh, it’s not that bad, Leah said, trying to shut me up. You’ll be fine by tomorrow.

                OOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! I howled. Leah started a fire and put the leech pieces in it. Sam and Paul rushed through the brush and examined the scene.

                Oh my God… Paul commented when he saw me.

                Good job, Leah, Sam complemented Leah’s slaying of the leech.

                Thanks, Leah said. It would’ve been easier if Jake didn’t have to butt in.

                I howled out in pain again and Sam turned his attention to me.

                Paul, do you think we can drag him? Sam asked.

                I think so, Paul agreed and pulled my right paw. I thrashed my teeth at him and he pulled away while I howled louder.

                I can walk, I said, realizing that I was proving myself weak in front of Leah. No doubt, I would never hear the end of it if I didn’t show some strength. I propped myself up on my left leg and then took my first step, ending up on the ground writhing in pain again.

                We’re dragging you, Sam concluded and I was dragged into another clearing before the doctor leech ran into us.

                “Jared told me what happened,” he explained. “Do you mind if I take a look at him?”

                Yes, I thought stubbornly, but Sam shushed me. He nodded to Carlisle and Carlisle went over to me. Sam ran out into the bushes and came back in shorts.

                “I have to warn you—Jake might bite or swipe if it hurts,” Sam said.

                “Of course,” Carlisle nodded and put his cool hands on my leg. It felt kind of nice, but I hated the smell. I crinkled my nose and whined.

                When will the leech be done? I asked impatiently even though he only just laid his hands on me.

                Patience is the one thing you lack, Paul noted. I just ignored him and watched the doctor.

                “Can you have him change back to human form?” Carlisle asked, standing up. “I can’t quite tell what is wrong. What happened?”

                “Well, I can explain that,” Leah stepped out of the trees.

Why does she have to butt into every part of my life? I thought.

“This idiot thought that just because I am a girl I couldn’t take a vampire so he slammed into me and the vampire slammed into him and got his arms around him. I heard a lot of crunches and he can’t hold himself up on his right side.”

“I see,” Carlisle nodded. “Jacob, can you try to walk for me?”

Over my dead body, I thought when I remembered the pain.

Do it, Jake, Paul said and put his nose on my back, shoving me.

Fine, I grumbled and got up on three legs, keeping my right paw elevated as much as I could. I took another step and placed my right paw on the floor and ended up crumpling down in pain.

“Mmm-hmm,” the leech noted and started to put his fingers up on my right arm and shoulder. It hurt a lot, but I tried to stay still and let the bloodsucker continue to do his work. “I believe that all of his bones on his right side have been shattered. I suggest that you take Jake back to his home and I will meet you there. For now, I have to go back to my family.”

Carlisle left and Leah went away, while Sam phased.

Come on, Paul, Sam thought. Let’s get the others and we’ll carry him home.

It would be a long and painful journey home, but I would heal. I would heal for Bella.


Chapter End Notes:

Wow. I'm suprised. I actually wrote a story without Alice or Jasper in it. Well, I do mention them as the future-seeing leech and the blonde bloodsucker. I'm obsessed. Please leave a review/comment!! I love them SO much!!! :)

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