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Questions by morganlizard

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Story Notes:

This was origianlly the first of two parts, But it would be fun to do more. Maybe three or four little ones about Charlie, and how he does in the supernatural world.

Stephenie Meyers owns Twilight. No infringement is intended.

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Twilighted jr beta: Phoenix Rising

Author's Chapter Notes:

Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight characters, the plot is owned by the author.

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Bella found herself home alone on a Saturday morning, and was surprised to hear Charlie coming up the drive. She waited patiently as she listened to him walk up to the door and  ring the bell.


"Hi, Dad!” she greeted him when she opened the door.

"Hi, Bella," he answered absentmindedly. She gestured for him to come in, and he walked into the sitting room.

"What brings you by?" she asked. He was looking around the room like he'd never seen it before.

"Where is everyone? This place is usually crawling with..." He trailed off. This was odd behavior. Bella attuned her attention to Charlie, who seemed a bit jittery and was breathing shallowly. He was also paler than usual, and though Bella could tell by the scent of his soap that he had showered, it looked like he’d had little sleep. His heart rate was elevated. What’s up with Charlie today? She asked herself. He was more than a little nervous.

To answer his question she said, "Well, you know Rose and Emmett are out on their honeymoon, although they should be back today or tomorrow. Carlisle and Esme took off to Seattle for medical supplies, and Alice and Jasper decided to tag along at the last minute. Edward, Nessie and Jacob just went out for a walk, so you have me all to yourself."

Bella held in her surprise and confusion when Charlie started to murmur under his breath. "...better that way..."

"Can I get you anything? Would you like a glass of water?"


He gulped and nodded. Bella moved as quickly as humanly natural to the kitchen to fetch it for him. When she returned, her father's leg was bouncing from nervousness-something Bella had never seen him do. She sat next to him, handed him the glass, and gently put a hand on his knee. Her touch startled him so much he jumped away from her, spilling the water she had just handed him.


OH! Bella realized all at once what he was thinking. Charlie had never cringed from her touch like that, and combining that with the rest of his odd behavior, Bella was pretty sure what he was going to ask! She jumped up and got a towel from the kitchen, offering it to him. Then she carefully put her hands in her lap and waited with the outward appearance of calm. She consciously breathed evenly and put a serene mask on her face.

Inside, however, she was quickly running through her options. Maybe he would lose his nerve and not ask. If he asked, how would she answer? With another lie? Lying would protect her family and was the only logical choice, and yet, it seemed Charlie had grown out of the lies, if his presence here on the couch was any indication. But Charlie had been warned about the truth. Maybe not strongly enough, but how to do that without letting too much of the secret slip? And how was it that everyone was gone today? Alice had seen this, surely. Maybe she had seen that it ended better if Bella handled it alone, unwarned.

Bella watched Charlie argue with himself. She could practically see the wheels turning in his head, and he almost talked himself out of asking four times. Then he turned to her with resolve. "I've figured out what's going on here, Bella."

"Dad," Bella began, but he interrupted her.

"Listen to me. It's too weird. Nessie grows so fast, and you’re so different from…how you used to be."

"Dad," Bella tried again.

"No! I told myself I'm not going to let anything distract me from thinking about it or asking you," he said, with an edge of anger creeping into his voice.

They had been doing that lately. He would look too long, almost staring. He would sniff the air when a Cullen walked by, as if he had caught some spectacular but very faint scent. He would have questions in his eyes, but they had managed to distract him with Emmett's football games or Nessie's piano playing.


Yes, this had been building for a long time, and even thinking about Jake and his secret hadn't kept Charlie from dwelling on what he could see with his own eyes. There was definitely something strange about the Cullens. Bella decided a pre-emptive strike was required.

"Dad, before you ask me what you have to ask, I have to tell you two things. You have to listen and try to understand. There is a reason secrets are kept in this home."

"I know. You need to keep yourselves safe," he mocked as he spoke.

Bella jumped in again, emphasizing her words and speaking as directly as she could, based on what he already knew. "Literally, Dad. It's not safe for the Cullens if you know. It wasn't safe for them when I knew, and much more importantly, it wasn't safe for me.

"You need to understand that asking the questions you are about to ask me will paint a giant bulls-eye on your chest for the whole supernatural world to see. Your life will be in very real danger, as well as the peaceful existence we have here in Forks. We would have to leave." The time was rapidly approaching when they would have to leave anyway, but Bella did not mention that.

"What do you mean, 'It wasn't safe for you?'"

"Dad, Edward and the Cullens literally saved my life time and time again. Edward broke the rules to be with me and that put his whole family in danger, and me as well."

"What rules?" he asked, frustrated.

Bella took a deep breath. How to phrase that one? "Don't let people know who you are. It’s the same rule we are trying to follow while still having you come here and spend time with us, with me. It's a fine line, Dad. And we've found out through desperate experience that crossing it could cost everyone dearly.

"But we are willing to walk it, so that I can tell you every day that I love you." There! Bella thought. Remind him who we are to each other. "I keep this secret because I love you. I told you before; we would have left Forks a long time ago if it weren't for you."

Charlie sat and took that in, and Bella let him stew. She consciously took slow, even breaths and hoped he would understand. Listening to his heartbeat, she could tell he was calming down, and that was a good sign.

"But..." he started, and then stopped. He looked around the room, away from Bella. "I don't like lies, Bella, and we've had this one between us for so long," he pleaded, turning to look at her.

"I don't like them either, Dad. I just want to keep you safe. When it came down to it, the only thing that would save my life was to become a Cullen. I just don't want you to have to make that choice." Charlie looked at her, and she could see he didn’t like her explanation, but he was considering it. “What can I do to convince you that this is about your safety and nothing else? It would be a relief if you knew, Dad, in a lot of ways, but it would be a huge risk!”

Just then, Bella's phone rang. It was Alice. "Hi," Bella answered quickly; she hoped it wasn't too quickly.

"Bella, I just saw something. Charlie didn't disappear, but he became very hard to see."

"What does that mean?"

"Carlisle has a plan, and I think it will work."

"Tell me." Bella listened as Alice rapidly relayed Carlisle's plan, her eyes widening.

Bella interrupted only once to ask, "But will she say yes?"

When Alice had finished, Bella quickly disconnected the call. No sure thing there, but a chance they were going to have to take, if Charlie's stubbornness was any indication.

Bella took a deep breath and looked at Charlie. "Dad. Not to change the subject, but you've been pretty serious with Sue Clearwater lately. I don't want to be a prying daughter, and I know you came here to ask the questions, but I need to know before I can answer, is that going anywhere?" Charlie looked a little shocked. Bella tried to be understanding as she added, "I don't want to push an issue that’s none of my business, but your answer might determine how much I can tell you now."

The look on Charlie's face was sheer confusion. "Well...that's a hard one, Bella. I guess I haven't thought of it too much. I'm just enjoying things as they are, you know? What difference does it make?" 

Just then they heard the back door slide open and Jacob walked into the room. He was panting a bit, and Bella figured that Edward had gotten a call before she had. Alice was so sure of herself, the little elf! "Hey, Bella, Charlie. What's up? Edward got a call from Alice and sent me back, but he said she didn't tell him why."

"What's this all about?" asked Charlie. He was becoming agitated and angry. Instead of getting answers he was being backed into a corner, and there were a lot of things he probably still didn't understand, like Alice running things from behind the scenes. Bella thought it must have been more than uncomfortable, knowing what he was probably guessing about the Cullens.


But Bella had no idea how to proceed to get the end result she wanted. “Hi, Jake. Have a seat,” she told him, still asking herself how this would work. “Dad and I were just talking about Sue Clearwater.” She said the name with a look toward Jake that was supposed to clue him in, but he was clearly drawing a blank. She was going to have to give him a hint. “Is there any gossip going around the reservation that might be of interest to my dad on that subject?”


Jake answered her with, “Well, only that Sue is wondering when you will pop the question, Charlie.”


YES! Thought Bella as she looked at her poor father.


“Pop the question?” Charlie asked a little meekly.


“Dad, I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I need to know if something like that is a possibility.”


“Would that be alright with you, Bella?” Charlie asked.


“Of course! Anything that would make you happy, Dad, and if that’s not the right thing for you, that’s okay too.”


“It is?” Charlie’s wheels had been turning, and while watching them was fun, he was now moving into shock.


“Dad, no pressure, okay?”


“Yeah, sure,” he answered back, but he looked distracted.


Well, give the man some time to think, Bella told herself as they all sat in silence. She looked nervously at Jake, who was somehow wisely silent, and listened to the second hand of the grandfather clock in Esme’s room tick off the seconds. Twenty… thirty… forty… a minute and a half before Charlie looked back to her and said with amazement, “I think I’m going to ask Sue Clearwater to marry me!”


Bella smiled back at him. “That’s great, Dad! I hope you two will be happy together!”


“If she says yes,” Charlie said with more than a little skepticism and confusion in his voice.


“She’ll say yes,” Jacob jumped back into the conversation. “I guarantee it!” He was smiling ear to ear. He stood up and said, “Congratulations, Charlie.” He looked like he meant it. “I’m going to go tell Seth and Leah the good news.”


“Wait a minute, son. I haven’t even bought a ring. I haven’t even talked to her about it yet.”


“I think I can also guarantee that her two kids will keep their mouths shut until things are in order.” Jake shook Charlie’s hand and was gone as quickly as he had come. He was probably out in the yard phasing to tease his pack about the news.


“What is this all about?” Charlie asked. “What does Sue Clearwater have to do with the questions I have to ask?”


“Well,” Bella began slowly, “If you married Sue, I am thinking you might want to live on the reservation? I know this is all so presumptuous, but if you will just be patient with me…”


“I haven’t even talked with Sue about it. Ever. How am I supposed to know where she will want to live?”


“I bet Sue would want to stay there. Would you be willing to do that?”


“I guess so, Bella, but…”


“Dad, I know this is not a decision you want to leave up to your daughter, but your answer is important.”


He thought for a minute more and said, “I guess I would have no problem living on the reservation.” He looked at her, and Bella could see she had about used up all his patience.


“The thing is, if you marry a Quileute and move to the reservation, you become the responsibility of …the Quileutes, and you would be out of the jurisdiction of… those who make the rules in the Cullen’s world. Carlisle believes it would be alright to tell you anything you want to know.”


Charlie practically jumped out of his seat and began pacing the floor. Bella noticed Charlie’s heart rate quicken once again. He was scared, and realizing that made her nervous. She reminded herself that patience was key. Too much information all at once would cause overload. She let him walk around a little and then she gently said, “Sit down here with me, Dad, and let’s talk.”


He looked at her, and Bella could see all the fear rise up behind his eyes again. “C’mon, Dad.” She was attempting to distract him. “You can’t possibly be thinking bad thoughts after the big decision you just made.”


“You just brokered my wedding,” he said with disbelief.


“That’s a good thing,” Bella reminded him, patting the seat next to her on the sofa. He came and slowly sat down next to her. He looked at her with his mouth hanging open a little.


“I don’t know whether to be scared or happy or shocked. I don’t feel normal anymore.”


“I can tell you from experience that’s a pretty normal reaction, Dad.”


“I don’t even know where to start,” he said.


“Just start with the questions you were going to ask when you came here.”


“I hadn’t really planned any questions, but several scenarios had gone through my mind.”


“I can tell you anything you want to know, so the real question is, what do you want to know?”


Charlie looked her right in the eye and blurted it out. “Are you a vampire?”


That sobered Bella up pretty fast. She hadn’t realized how much she had been riding the wave of happiness that her father’s marriage would mean for him. It had made her happy to know he would be safe on the reservation, no matter what, and she had been very relieved about not having to keep secrets any longer.


But his question, the only possible question, had slammed home to her the truth of what she was about to do. Would he be okay with it? Would he believe her? It was something she never thought she would admit to him, and just the act of having kept the secret for so long made her hesitant. She was about to tell Charlie she was a vampire!


She looked him in the eye, took a deep breath and answered simply, “Yes.”



Chapter End Notes:

What do you think? Do you want to know what else Charlie wants to know? Please review and let me know! If you didn't like it, I'd really like to know why, just be gentle!

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