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Only the Beginning...(One Shot) by KellansBBR

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            “Yes!” I could hear Alice’s excitement from two stories below and across the make shift lawn as she walked back from the mail tube.




             Long before immortality I learned the levels of my sister-in-law’s voice. Alice sounded overexcited which meant only one thing…a party. I sighed out loud and turned  to the bay window looking out on what once was New York City.




The United States had ceased to exist. I lost nearly everyone when the Great War came only ten short years after my rebirth. Phil enlisted shortly after sending Renee to Washington and died two weeks later at the fall of London. Charlie attempted to go but was denied thanks to Carlisle’s contribution of medical supplies and funds for weapons. Carlisle still regrets that decision. The family moved north to Alaska when Seattle was bombed from the west…




I remember being happy when Sue and Charlie had finally married. Even Renee had been happy for them. Soon after they married, Sue and Charlie were blessed with a son they graciously christened Harry-Charles Swan. To everyone’s surprise little Harry turned out to be part shape-shifter. He was the only one of my small human family to survive that first winter…




I allowed myself to be pulled from the past when two of the most loving hands wrapped themselves around my waist. I couldn’t help but lean into my husband. Edward being Edward refused to leave me alone for even a moment when I said goodbye to the majority of my human family. Little Harry though not so little anymore; is all I have left of my unconventional human life.




“I knew I would find you in here…” Edward trailed off.




Much like Carlisle’s study at the big white house by the river, this room held our family’s history. The first painting, though restored, at the far left of the room of course was The Waggoner. Patience and time would allow a person to move from London in the sixteen-fifties to our last family photo; Volterra twenty-one hundred. I love this room above all else because not only my immortal family but also my human family are on display here.




I closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling of my husband. Too soon, however, I heard footsteps on the stairs heading our way. Her tiny feet hitting the floor like only a half-human could. I turned before she rounded the corner and smiled at my beautiful great-granddaughter. Edward bent down and held out his arms as she ran and jumped falling into him.




Though peace seemed like such a trivial word now, Jacob and Renesmee had indeed brought peace to our world. For many years we believed Nessie incapable of having children. I shouldn’t have been surprised when she found out she was pregnant at an astonishing age of fifty. Even through dark times we found hope. When Ella Hope Black came into this world in a dark forest of what use to be southern Canada, our lives turned from running to being. Though the nation no longer existed, a new nation of equals between vampires and werewolves began.




As the war swept through the world, both vampires and shape-shifters alike were forced into hiding. This did not fair well with the Volturi. A great rebellion ensued and the elders of the vampire world turned on each other. Carlisle ever the peacemaker traveled to Volterra. After years of trials and conflict Carlisle was made an elder for his loyalty. He is now the overseer of the Jordan providence. The land mass of North America was cut in half by the floods and fire from the western bombings. The population itself now a fourth of what it once was. The humans called it Jordan for the river that provided life. I laughed at this because maybe Carlisle was right and God had not forsaken us after all.




I smiled at my great-granddaughter nestled in my husband’s arms. Though the wolf pack had dwindled throughout the years many stayed with us. Some members had tried the world on their own but after a while made their way home. I worried about Seth the most. He had taken it the hardest after his mother died. Leah had imprinted on a man at college named Tanner and married only a few months after dating. She, Tanner, and their unborn child had died when Seattle was bombed. Through tabs from Jacob, Seth roamed the wasteland of North Pacific for years. We worried of his state of mind until Jake threw open the door one morning telling us Seth was headed this way.




We welcomed Seth home with open arms and introduced him to the recent additions in our family. I knew the look in his eyes when he saw Ella for the first time. I had seen it the night of my change when Jake had looked upon my daughter. Edward was the one to over react this time. I still smile when I think of how it wasn’t Seth to make the first move but sixteen year old Ella. The world had finally begun to rebuild itself. Vampire and human alike could see the future was brighter than before. My growing family moved to the small island that was once Manhattan. Now it was just one of the islands on the edge of the Jordan Providence.




Even after a hundred years as an immortal I found my mind wondered more often then I would like it to. I turned to Edward holding Jade as she whimpered in his shirt. I watched Edward smile and shake his head. This alone was enough to clear my mind.




“Jade what troubles you?” Edward began.




“Koa made fun of me…” This was always the same. Koa, at twelve, was the protective big brother who could pick on his little sister but dared anyone to try the same.




Through sniffs and broken word, she finally said, “He called me a whole-human…”




I had to laugh at this. Koa had phased early due to all the vampires residing on the island. Jade, however, took after her mother and the vampiric side of the family. Though they were siblings, Koa and Jade looked nothing alike. Jade favored Ella the most with her pinkish skin and bright green eyes…an anomaly passed strangely through Edward. Koa carried the dark skin of the Quileute legacy and his father’s brown eyes.




Gently pulling Jade into my arms, I spoke with quiet confirmation, “Being a whole human is not a bad thing. At one time or another every member of this family was human.” I punctuated this by tapping my finger to her nose with a smile.




Before I could say another word, Jade was out of my lap and running for the door. I heard her descend the stairs and the moment she hit the level below she called out, “I don’t care if I am half human or all human, Koa! Grandma Bella said we were all human at one time and it’s not a bad thing!” To punctuate it like I knew she would I heard her stick out her tongue like the nine year old she was.




Standing easily I turned to Edward and though I didn’t have to I whispered, “Where were we?”




He smiled and moved to stand behind me with his arms wrapped once again around my waist. It seemed only a moment had passed before he let out a sigh; not of relief but annoyance. I heard her bouncing before she entered the room. Alice my lovely and wonderfully annoying sister always had a way of ruining the best moments. I tried to turn and look at my sister but Edward tightened his grip and moved his lips to my ear, “Maybe if we ignore her she will go away…”




“I heard that!” Alice said in an overly cheerful voice.




“Alice can’t this wait?” Edward spoke up.




“No it can’t!” She almost whined.




“Fine Alice, go ahead but she won’t like it.”




Even before Alice spoke, I heard Emmett’s booming laughter from down the hall and the resounding smack of Rosalie hitting the back of his head. It was what I feared the most. It was definitely a party. I pinched the bridge of my nose, mirroring my husband on so many occasions, and sighed.




“No complaining and it’s too late to stop me because the last RVSP just arrived,” Alice spilled out.




I turned to Edward, “Is there any point in arguing with her?”




His reply was simply, “How long have you known Alice?”




He had a point. In more than one hundred years I had not once planned a single thing dealing with birthdays, wedding, or parties and to tell the truth I didn’t mind. Each event was better than the previous one and always stunning. Why mess with Fate? No pun intended.




“So when is the party?” I asked.




“On Saturday,” She said with cheerful confidence.




“Alice, you know Saturday is mine and Edward’s Centennial?”




“Exactly! Give me this Bella. The world was in chaos for almost all your major anniversaries. Ella came around your fiftieth, Seth and Ella married around your seventy-fifth. We only ever get a centennial once!” She pouted.




“Says the near bicentennial wife,” I fired back.




“Well, we aren’t talking about me are we?” She smiled knowing I would cave.




I nodded in defeat. She jumped up and kissed my cheek before bounding out the door, “You won’t regret this!”








            I didn’t know what to expect when I descended the stairs, at a near human pace, on Saturday morning. Midway down however, a wave of calm gave me an indication and I groaned out loud.




            “Thanks for trying Jasper,” I let out in a huff.




            “It’s the thought that counts,” I heard him say.




            As if on queue Alice popped up in front of me and Edward materialized behind to wrap his arms around my waist.




            “You look exquisite today,” he whispered cheerfully.




            “You’re in a good mood today,” I countered.




            “Aren’t you?” he seemed surprised; “You have been mine for one hundred years today.”




            “I have been yours longer than that!” I smiled at this.




            “A technicality only…”




            Alice, surprisingly quiet throughout finally chimed in, “Yes, yes you love him; he loves you and so on and so forth. Come on,” she said grabbing my hand, “the last of the guests just arrived! It’s time!”




            As my foot touched the floor I felt my mouth drop open. The living room I had grown use to over the last four years had disappeared. In its place were flowers of every shade, shape and size. The flowers, however, did not compare to all the smiling faces before me.




            Every clan or coven I had ever come to know smiled in greeting or congratulations. Some faces familiar throughout the years were a happy reunion while others were a welcomed surprise. One guest, as small as a child, caught my attention. When the Volturi elders dismantled, Jane surprisingly fled Italy. Only later did we learn that she had been held against her will. Though still lethal at times, Jane was indeed a treasured friend.




            The guest seemed to blur as Edward and I moved among them. Vampire and Shape-shifter alike greeted us with happy thoughts; even the occasional half-human would join in on the warm wishes. Somewhere in the crowded room music began to play and the party truly began.




            Edward once again pulled me into his arms and I could not help but sigh. This of course caught his attention.




            “What are you thinking about, love?” He asked hoping I would remove my shield.




            I simply shook my head then spoke with truth, “I finally have what I have wanted from the beginning. I have my happily ever after. I have my happy ending…”




            “Oh no love…not an ending…this is only the beginning,” I couldn’t help but pull Edward to me in a searing kiss.






            Only the beginning…I like the sound of that…

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