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Story Notes:

kallieross is amazing for putting up with me.

I do not own Twilight.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Here is the first chapter. Feel free to be way vocal about how you think it is shaping up. Like the summary says, this starts several years after Things That Go Bump in the Night ends. I'm not looking at this story being as long as the previous one, but who knows where the characters will take me. So read and enjoy!

kallieross is way amazing.

I do not own Twilight, but I am partial to playing with the characters.





            Once the Volturi were taken care of, my team decided to retire. Don’t get me wrong, Jen, Dakota, and I really love hunting. We just decided that a new direction was needed. The Council decided that a school was needed, so The Academy was born. Jen is headmaster. Dakota teaches psychic courses. I teach combat and self-defense. We love our jobs. We work with new witches too, only in an advisor role. Others join us on the faculty from across the immortal board. Any and every immortal can come to The Academy at any time. It’s a wonder that no one thought of this before, really. It just makes good sense to me.


            I love my work. I love it a lot. Who knew that teaching would be my real passion in life? The trainees are of various ages for now, but I think they will tend to get younger as the programs continue. In our classes, we have different types of immortals. The whole thing is just a little weird though. Learning to work with other immortals is easy, but working under Jen is something that I haven’t had to do in a long time. Her standards are high. While that is good, it is somewhat difficult to live up to them. I guess it’s all for the students. You know, and excellent education is vital for some of them to be able to handle their powers.


            Today’s lesson is all about defense. I asked Jasper to help me out. Actually, he’s the other combat teacher. We often do combined classes for certain units. This one is a good one because we can work with each other on various levels to suit the different classes needs. The students are looking forward to this unit. Apparently they think that this simple demonstration will provide them with an opportunity to see who is the toughest. Little do they know that defense has little to do with how tough someone is… Oh well, a few face plants on the mats will teach them that better than any lecture. That part will be very fun.


            I walk down the hallway. Edward comes up and takes my hand in his. I smile up at him and he gives me my favorite crooked smile. If someone would have told me that Edward and I would have made it to this point when we first reunited, then I would have doubted their sanity. I mean, I loved Edward and he loved me, but we just weren’t ready then. It took awhile, but we got to know and trust each other again. I’m really happy that it all worked out in a fairytale ending kind of way. It’s cheesy in a warm, fuzzy kind of feeling. It’s just great.


            We walk to the next room that I will teach in. This really takes me back to high school, only this time we are in a healthy relationship. We get to the door and see that Alice also walked Jasper here. We all exchange smiles and then promptly go back in to our own little worlds. Edward leans in. My breath catches. There is that special grin that’s just for me. Then he kisses me. I melt into him and his grip tightens making me meld to him even more. The kiss deepens. Snickering brings us back to the Academy. That blush that hid for over 50 years comes back in flaming form. Edward just looks into my eyes. His eyes are smoldering. This though would have to wait until we get home.


            I turn to go into the classroom. Jasper and I share a more embarrassed grin with each other. That’s when it hit me. He and Alice were similarly occupied when that group of students walked by. I can’t hold in a chuckle at that. Jasper elbows me lightly and we head to the front of the room. Jasper and I are really close friends this time around. We also work well together. Come to think of it, the entire Cullen family and I get along much better now. Rosalie and I even get along. I am not talking just toleration. The two of us are known to do stuff by ourselves.


            “Alright, as you may have noticed, we are having a joint class today,” I announce once the start time came by.


            “We will start by giving you a demonstration and then you will all pair off and practice the basic move before we go around and demonstrate more moves,” Jasper adds in.


            “That means that you only practice the move we tell you too. This is the first lesson and we would like to hold off on any real injuries until at least halfway through the unit. If I see anyone just fooling around trying to show off, I will make sure that that all those involved in any way will regret it. They will regret it a lot,” I eye every student as I say.


            “On that note, please observe. This is a simple attack, but it does get a lot of miles,” Jasper transitions into the lesson.


            The students make a circle to see. Jasper leans low and launches himself at me. I easily jump over him and land lightly behind him. We both straighten up.


            “Um, excuse me but what if we can’t do that?” a small voice rings out.


            “Every immortal has the ability to jump like that, stupid,” a boy with a permanent sneer replied.


            “That is enough Robbie,” Jasper chastises the boy.


            “Now, you will need to practice this move, but you will have the ability to pull it off, if not the confidence,” I answer the tiny siren that asked the question.


            The students pair off and start attempting to mimic the maneuver. More than a few fall on their butts or faces. I head over to the timid siren. She is hesitant, but working through the jump much better than most of the other students. I give her an encouraging smile and move on. Jasper patiently shows a couple of students how to land better. The class period flies by.


            Jasper and I gather our materials and head back to our normal classrooms. I pass Edward on my way. He winks at me. I respond by pinching his ass and giggling as he jumps. I speed away before Edward can retaliate. I can hear his chuckle as he heads towards his own classroom. I might have to pay for that later, but it was completely worth it.


            Lunch rolls around and I meet up with my friends in the lounge. Members of the  Cullen family do not eat now, of course. Jen and Eliot share homemade pasta and sauce. Dakota and Nathaniel have gone vegan for some reason, but I can’t hold that against them. I eat a sandwich that Edward made for me before I got up. He is just thoughtful that way. We all chat and laugh like kids. All too soon lunch has ended and we all head off again.


            Sarah is due to come back from her sabbatical in another week. Sarah, Eli, and Jamie are the music department. This is their last tour. Despite any wishes from their fans, retirement is what they all want. Eli wants to stay close to Leah at all times because, surprise of surprises, the wolf is pregnant. With a litter, actually. They are expecting triplets.

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