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Story Notes:

I am Team Switzerland :)

Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks to my AWESOME Beta - Reader Krugness, without her my story would be too rubbish for this site and would be rotting away on my hard drive!

Also, thanks to the awesome NoMoreThanUsual for Validating and helping me with the teething problems getting everything sorted that was needed :) Seriously, check out her stories; they're awesome!

and thanks to you, for checking this story out! this is my first fan fic so I hope you'll be kind :)

Disclaimer: - I own nothing Twilight, that is the property of one Stephenie Meyer. I just had a bit fun with her characters and read her books. no copyright infringement is intended :)


twilighted supervisory beta:  Blondie

twilighted validation beta: NoMoreThanUsual




      It was two years to the date since Edward left me. Jacob had been my Salvation, my much better half since the cliff dive. We were inseparable. He wasn’t Edward, but he was mine, and he adored me. There was the implication of him imprinting one day, but we’d always be best friends, even if that did happen. Now I needed Jake like oxygen. My Alpha, he had taken over from Sam a few months ago when he’d stopped phasing to settle down with Emily. He had chosen Leah as Beta, as he was unable to choose between Quil and Embry. So, he fairly chose the only female wolf. He also chose Leah to give her a sense of purpose and to make her welcome. That, and her being my best female friend, I’d managed to bully Jake into it. Not much of a challenge there, he and Leah had always been close.  Visiting my Mom in sunny Jacksonville allowed me to escape the painful memory of Edward leaving me. His name was so easy to say in my head since the day in the meadow, but even so, I now had Jacob to protect me from crumbling.



Chapter one: - Unexpected Meetings


     “No, Mom, I’m a big girl now, I can go through to the departures lounge by myself!”

     I’d just finished visiting Renee for spring break of my first year at college. She’d just asked me if I wanted her to wait in departures with me.

     I’d had a brilliant time but it was overshadowed for two reasons. I couldn’t help but remember almost two years ago when I was supposed to be going to Jacksonville with Edward. I winced inwardly as the remnants of the hole in my chest stung slightly at the sound of his name. Also, Jacob hadn’t come. He’d refused to leave the pack for a whole week, although Leah was a more than capable Beta. Still, he wouldn’t listen. Giving my Mom one last wave I turned into the departures lounge.

     As I wandered through departures I had an awful feeling something bad was going to happen. I took a deep breath, glad the hole was slightly smaller, repaired enough so I could breathe even when Jacob wasn’t around. My flight was announced for boarding and I made my way to the gate.

     Thankfully, I was one of the first on the plane. I was able to find my seat without too much trouble. I settled down with my bag on my lap and turned towards the window where I could stare out of the window, looking at the flat expanse of the airport.

      As I always did on the anniversary of when he left, I thought about Edward more than usual. I was still irrevocably in love with him. I knew I always would be. We were soul mates, destined to be together, but Edward decided we weren’t. I was angry at him, but not massively. Perhaps miffed would be more accurate. I was annoyed he was keeping us apart and secretly hoped he’d come back soon when he realised that we were meant to be together.

      Yeah right, Bella, I thought to myself. Come down from that dream cloud. He’s gone and never coming back. Stop this now!  You have Jacob, and that’s more than enough. I let myself go into an unthinking stupor after that, waiting for the plane to take off to the leafy wet forests of home.

      I’d been on the plane for a while when I realized it was time for take off. I wondered why the air hostesses were looking worried. Then, just as I turned away, out of my peripheral vision I thought I saw them look, well, dazzled.

     “Don’t be stupid” I muttered to myself, exceptionally glad the seat next to mine was empty.

     I heard the plane doors close and sighed in relief. Then I tensed. Someone had sat next to me and frozen at the exact time as I had. NO! I thought. This can’t be happening. I knew that scent and recognise the coldness rolling off the skin of my neighbour.  I knew if I reached out and touched them their skin would be hard as rock. They could run miles in minutes and hear the frantic thudding of my heart.

     I turned my head to the right at the same time he turned his, and gasped as I lost myself staring straight into the liquid topaz of Edward’s eyes.


Edwards POV.


      For the first year of my separation from my love I’d wandered aimlessly.  Getting my feelings under control, I rejoined my family when I had finally come to accept Alice was right; I needed to be back with Bella so I was returning to her side to beg for forgiveness.


     I had nearly returned to Bella so many times.  I’d asked my family to stop me from returning as I knew I’d regret going back when I realised how much of her human world and humanity she was missing out on.  But I had come to realise I couldn’t live without her and would be with her for as long as she’d want me; and to try to keep her from the danger being in my world presented.


      We’d been in Russia to heal as Ithaca hadn’t been far enough, so I had to get a flight to Florida then to Seattle; Jacksonville to be specific.


      Arriving a little late into Jacksonville, I had to risk using vampire speed to get the connecting flight, to see Bella at the time I had planned to, based on the time my flight was due into Seattle.


      I just made it, running at human speed, through the tunnel from departures. I could see the hostesses worry turn to relief when they saw me. Then their heart rates increased and they looked dazzled. Using my love's word was painless; my body sensed she was coming nearer. One brief glance told me I was not to be alone on my journey.  I had a brunette sitting on my left. I allowed my mind to wander, thinking about Bella, inspired by the hair of my neighbour. Not really paying attention to anything around me, I started to imagine I had Bella with me.  Her exquisite scent enveloping me, with scorching heat on my icy skin as she sat next to me, kissed me, her hyperactive heart reacting to my presence and touch.


      Sitting down I froze. I realised the smell and heat hadn’t been imagined, but they were stronger now I was sat next to her. Her heart stuttered frantically.


      Feeling dazed, I turned to confirm what I already, instinctively, knew. I noticed vaguely that she had frozen at the exact same moment as I had.


      Turning my head to my left in the same instant as she, I lost myself in the intense stare if the chocolate brown eyes of my Bella.

Chapter End Notes:

Well, hope you enjoyed that! Please review and leave constructive critisim :) I do love them :) and I hope you stay with this story :)

Sorry for the cliffie but I think they are awesome :) Next chapter coming soon, I hope :)

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