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Lessons in Attention Getting by miyabita

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Story Notes:

Twilighted Beta: qjmom

Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: Twilight and all its characters (including Edward and Bella) belong to Stephenie Meyer, not me.  No profit is being made from this whatsoever.


Warnings: None.  No spoilers, unless you have no idea what Edward is.


Author's Note:  Written for my Kisses claim of Edward/Bella on the LiveJournal community 30_kisses.  Comments are always welcomed.

She was ignoring him again.




If there was one thing that fascinated him about Bella Swan – besides the inability to read her mind and the oh-so-intoxicating scent of her blood – it was her incredible stubbornness.  Really, what was the girl’s problem?  All the other girls at Forks High had absolutely no problem throwing themselves at him, but the one girl he wanted – simply needed – to talk to wouldn’t give him the time of day!




From two classrooms over, Alice snickered.




Edward frowned again, debating whether talking to this creature was worth the effort.  Part of him said he was being stupid, wasting his time talking to a human who would probably forget him in a few years time.  Another part of him – the petty, hormone-driven teenage part – really hated the way she had smiled at Newton in the cafeteria earlier that day and was determined to have her notice him.




He chose to go with the hormone-driven teenager.




Now that he had that figured out, the next part was a little more complicated; how exactly did one go about getting the attention of one Isabella Swan anyway?  His mind conjured up various situations.  He could kick her stool… which was childish and stupid and would lead to a whole mess of problems if he underestimated the force behind his “kick”.  He could pass her a note.  But then he’d have to write something in it, and he didn’t have a legitimate reason for talking to her… he just wanted her attention.  And he couldn’t very well write that in a note, so that option was most definitely out. 




He suppressed the urge to sigh.




Asking to borrow a pencil was out, since his was sitting in plain sight before him… although he could always snap it underneath the desk.  But then he’d have to come up with an explanation as to how his pencil wandered off his desk and conveniently broke itself in two.  He could always accidentally brush her hand.  No, that would definitely raise too many questions, since his skin was so cold. 




This “talking to girls” thing was rather difficult.  He wondered why he’d never noticed it before.




And so the hour passed on, as Edward sat in silence, mentally debating various scenarios and ideas of how to garner his lab partner’s attention.  He grew frustrated as each scenario became less and less plausible, until he was thinking about crazy things like throwing her on top of their table and kissing her senseless until she’d have to gasp for air and acknowledge him.  He smirked at the thought.  At least that idea would get her attention. 




And the attention of everyone else in the room… so that idea was definitely out as well.




He frowned at that.  Was he scratching the idea out because it was too public?  Shouldn’t he be crossing it off his list because it was so ridiculously absurd?




He shook his head.  Obviously, he’d been thinking about this much too long.  Perhaps he should just kick her stool after all… he could always write it off as an acci—




“You know, Edward, if you have a problem with me, I’d rather you just say it instead of stare at me for an hour.”




Edward blinked, coming back to reality.  He was staring?  Wait, what time was it?  And who was suddenly talking to hi—




“I mean, really, I’ve tried to be nice about it, but we have to put up with each other for the year, so could you at least contain your dislike for me for an hour?”




Bella!  Bella was talking to him!  Finally!  He smiled.




“I should’ve known someone like you would find this funny.  Look, I don’t know what I did to make you so angry and… and… uncivil, but—“




Uncivil?  That wasn’t right… Bella’s words began to sink into his muddled brain, still thinking about kissing her in public.  But now was not the time to think about kissing the girl before him (which was a very odd thing for him to be thinking about anyway since he had no intention of becoming attached to her)… now was the time to figure out why Bella was suddenly talking to him… in an angry tone, at that.




Though she was kind of cute when she was huffy.




Focus.  He needed to focus.  Bella was angry.  Most likely at him.  And he… he was acting like…








Had he been staring at her while lost in thought?  Was that why she was so appalled with his behavior?  He chuckled; she really was amusing.




“—you’re the most infuriating person I’ve ever met!  It’s not my fault that Mr. Banner had me sit next to you, you know?  Could you at least try to stop acting like a such a jerk?”




Angry no longer described her tone.  Livid.  Livid was a good descriptor.  He really should say something to make her sound… well, less livid.




He opened his mouth to speak and was cut off by the bell.  Bella, who had been packing up her books during her mini-tirade, stormed out of the classroom before he could say a word.  Well, that wasn’t good.  She wasn’t supposed to leave the classroom angry and wishing to ignore him more and…  Wait, did she say he had been acting like a jerk?




He frowned, grabbing his textbooks and heading out the door.  He hadn’t thought his behavior was that atrocious.  He hadn’t kicked her stool or put chewing gum in her hair (another scenario which failed because, alas, he had no gum) or thrown her across the table before kissing her desperately…




Why he suddenly cared about her emotions and wanted to kiss her was puzzling, though.  He’d have to ponder on that later.




Anyway, wasn’t the goal of the hour to get her to speak to him?  Well, she had done that all on her own!  After all of his careful plotting and planning, all he’d had to do was stare at her for an hour.  Apparently, this roused her more than a kick to the chair or anything else he could think of.  His mother always had pointed out that staring at people was rude… which was probably why Bella thought he was such a jerk.




But she had talked to him.




He walked to class with a grin on his face.

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