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Night and Day - Twilight Saga - Jacob and Renesmee by bonzkelly

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The drizzling rain never stopped. It seemed like it never did in La Push. But that’s what made it different from the rest of the world. No city lights. No congestion or traffic. Just the evergreen trees with their branches dangling heavily with the weight of each rain droplet that continuingly fell on it. The refreshing salty air filled my lungs.

Though it was early fall, I could smell the fresh pine needles of each tree. This was what I have come to love. What I have loved to drench myself in when I wanted some time alone. It was not hard for me to stop thinking about La Push and what I have inherited with it.

It has been a little over seven years since I realized my destiny as a werewolf as some would call us, but in actuality, we were shift shapers. A legend that we were told as kids but we never thought anything of it except as a way to scare us away from the deep green forests.

Those tales never seemed to scare any of us away from playing in the evergreen forest. It was our scapegoat from the reality of life. The reality of life. Who would have ever thought my life would change so drastically in one evening? I remember it all too clearly.

At that moment, I was filled with anger that escalated deep within my gut. A wave of heat consumed me uncontrollably. I almost wished I was dying instead of feeling that pain again. It all happened so quickly, and I could see my fingers transforming drastically into a dark hideous hairy sharp object. Suddenly, I was surrounded by a thick red coat of fur.

I had to stop and think and try to wake up from this nightmare.

Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice.

“Jacob, calm down. It’ll only make it worse if you try to fight it.”

Fight it? I thought to myself. I just wanted to die and let this torture consume me.

“Jacob, I said calm down!”

Okay, I would try to calm down. This is how people wake up from their nightmares, right? Just breathe and calm down. What seemed like an eternity was only a minute.

 I was lying on the floor. Staring at the shadow, but once he spoke again, I realized it was Sam.

“Jacob, I’ll make this simple for you, but we have to hurry and go back.”

Go back? Where was I? I remember being in my bed sleeping, but now I was in the deep forest with the rain falling on my face.       

Swiftly, Sam’s shadow shifted and came towards me and it was growing larger. It didn’t look human. It looked like a huge animal was coming towards me. I jumped up as fast as I could, but lost my footing and fell. I couldn’t seem to stand up straight. Actually, I wasn’t standing straight. I was on all fours.

Jacob, it’s just me. Sam.

Was that Sam’s voice in my head I was hearing? Boy, this was a weird dream.

What? You can hear me? I can hear you? Did you just read my mind? I must have eaten something wrong, remember to stay away from fry fish late in the evenings.

I know there’s a lot going through your mind, but let me explain. We have to go to the elders first.

What? That’s all I could think.

Your transformation came earlier than expected. We didn’t know it was going to be you next, so we were not prepared for this. I apologize for this.

We? You mean someone else knows about this, I thought to myself.

Yes, the elders all know including your father. Jacob, we’re wolves. We can all hear each other’s thoughts, but only as wolves and not while in human form.

Whoa. That’s pretty cool but wait. Wolves? I assumed it was only urban legends. I’d never thought I’d live to see a legend or yet alone, be in one.

Hurry, we must head back to the elders. They await us.

Sam and I rushed back that evening on all fours. The speed we were going was unexpectedly fast. It was definitely faster than any sports car. I happened to know exactly when to maneuver around the trees or branches. As if I saw it coming at me at a slow motion speed and was able to dodge it in time.

 During our run back, Sam explained everything to me. He explained how fortunate I was to have him there when I transformed. Sam was unlucky and had no one beside him when it happened. He was scared and went into hiding for two weeks. He was ashamed of himself and didn’t know how to explain to his family and girlfriend, Leah, at that time.

Over time, he managed to deal with it and used this gift as a way to protect our land, our people, and humans.

Once we arrived, the elders were already waiting around the bonfire. They all glared at us. They each were amazed at our size and pleased that the lineage did not die as they had thought.

I saw my father, Billy. He was sitting in his wheelchair and conversing with another elder. He seemed proud and was glorified with my new transformation.

That evening everything was explained to me. I listened carefully to every detail for the first time, not like when I was a kid. I let it all sink in my brain. It was hard to accept this new fate that was destined for me. There was so much still to learn.

We were no longer just normal humans, but protectors of humans as well. Most importantly, we were enemies of the cold blood. The thought of the cold blood made me think of the Cullens. Bella. How could I explain myself to Bella? What would she think of me? Would she accept me as this monstrous werewolf? I had to let her know, but how? We were forbidden to speak about our true selves. Breaking the treaty would mean, the Cullens would be free to take human lives. Take Bella’s life. I couldn’t allow that. I wouldn’t.

I told myself I would have to wait for the right time.

I hated to keep secrets from her. I didn’t want her to think I would ignore her, not after all she’s been through especially when she was finally letting me in her life.

I loved her.

I didn’t want this to separate us. Soon enough, when the time was right, I would explain to her. Sam would understand. He was the Alpha and once I explained everything, she and I would be able to be together.



It seemed like that evening wasn’t too long ago, but it was seven years ago and so much has changed since then.

Bella and Edward were together just like she wanted. Though I had despised Edward for taking Bella back into his life, I knew he loved her. Bella transformed into a vampire, and I couldn’t protect her anymore. Then there was Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s daughter. A creation of both vampire and human. It was a rarity, and fortunately, the Volturi were fine with it since it was proven Nessie would be no harm. Nessie.

My life changed when Nessie came into our lives. I never believed I could love anyone more than I loved Bella, but the moment I had met Nessie, my life changed. She was my imprint and my one reason for living to love.

One day we would be together, but dammit, I wanted a normal life as humanly as possible. I didn’t want to force Nessie. I wanted her to fall in love with me naturally. As much as I wanted to just take her away, I knew I wanted so much more from her.

I knew I had to wait patiently for her, and Nessie finally stopped her growth after seven years. She was a woman now, though she was no ordinary woman. She was exquisite and unique in her own way. She looked just like Bella except she was more beautiful. Her hair color was the same dark and red color as Bella’s, but she had gold streaks like Edward. Her skin was pale like the cold ones, but her cheeks would blush a warm red when she would laugh. She’d also blushed when she told a lie which was hard for her to do since her father was able to read her mind so easily.

Her skin was still as soft as it was when she was first born. I could never forget that horrid day that brought her to life. We all had thought Bella was going to die, that Nessie had sucked the life out of Bella. Initially, I had wanted to hurt her for making Bella suffer. However, the moment we all saw Nessie, we’d fallen for her.

She was what brought the vampires and werewolves together. She bonded us in ways that she didn’t even know.

It wasn’t until she was just over a day old that I knew she was my imprint. At first, I felt rage. How could my destiny be with this baby, the life of Edward and Bella?

How would I explain this to Bella, the woman that I once wanted to love forever? I tried to convince myself that it was all nonsense, but each moment as I held Nessie, I couldn’t fight it.

Bella didn’t accept it at first and neither did Edward. He, however, took it more lightly than Bella did. She had attacked me the very moment she read my thought. She was outraged, as much as I was. But she knew that no one could love Nessie like I could.

It was Bella’s words that made me believe this was Bella and our fate to be together. Bella had said we belonged in each other’s lives. We were family. This was how it was supposed to be. Now we were bonded for life through Nessie.


For the past seven and a half years, I spent my time watching Nessie grow into a woman that could only be described as goddess-like. I made sure no harm came her way, though she never needed that protection.

She was a vampire by blood and aware of her surroundings. She hunted gracefully and knew when to attack her prey. Never did she leave a mess, no leaf unturned.

Somehow she always felt my presence, yet she never addressed me as if she wanted me to watch her hunt. She was a show off as a hunter and a good one. At times when she did speak to me, she always questioned my presence.

“Jacob, do you not trust that I will be safe in these woods?” speaking with her sharp tongue.

“I trust you’ll be able to take care of yourself, but I’m just making sure the treaty isn’t broken. You know the rules, Nessie. No humans.” I lied to her, I knew she was fully aware of the treaty but I was there just to be amazed by her.

“I can’t tell you how much it bothers me that you don’t trust me. Carlisle and my father have mentioned it to me many times, and yet, I’ve never let anyone doubt me, except you.” She was sharp just like her mother. “Tell me, what is it that I’ve done to make you follow me for so many years?”

“Nothing.” I lied again.

So she has noticed that I have been close by for so long. Every year I would make time to watch her. I felt the urge and need to protect her. I didn’t want to think that harm would ever find its way with her.

I was glad she was unable to read thoughts like Edward. She would never talk to me this long if she heard of all the thoughts I had of her. What I wanted from her and more.

She slowly came closer to me. I hated that feeling. She smelled of vampire, but she was a different smell. One that made you feel so weak in the knees and made you lose your thoughts.

Her eyes gazed at me, not once did she blink. As if she had already known how much power she had over me.

I wanted to grab her and just hold her in my arms. I didn’t want to let go of her, didn’t want to forget her sweet smell. I would be devastated. There were many times when I came close to telling her that my feelings for her were more than just an imprint, but of deep love.

Bella, Edward and I had agreed that we would never mention the imprint to Nessie. Bella had wanted her to have the opportunity to live her life first. Edward, however, was hoping that the imprint was all just a myth and maybe Nessie would one day find her own love.

I agreed. I didn’t want anyone uncomfortable. It was bad enough I felt horrid.

In the beginning, I tried to stay away from her. But I felt her presence wanting to pull me closer to her each day. I began to watch near the Cullen’s but keeping my distance. I was just close enough to hear her and smell her. 

Soon enough I said. I would wait for Nessie to grow into a woman.

And now, here she stood before me. I would be doomed if I couldn’t have her.


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