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Life Unexpected by LoveLaughTaylor

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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. Additionally, it has been about five years since I actually read the Twilight books, so there may be a couple minor inaccuracies, just go with it. 

Bella's POV-


It's been a little over a hundred years since he left-A hundred years since he left me stranded alone in the middle of the forest with a broken heart. Despite the fact that it has been over a century, it still pains me to even speak his name... Edward Cullen, the man I once thought had been the love of my life...The one who felt it appropriate to play with my heart and leave once our relationship became too inconvenient for him. He tried to justify his abandonment with excuses such as myself being too fragile for his dangerous lifestyle, and when that didn't have me convinced, he admitted that I had never meant anything to him and didn't want me to be a part of his forever. I only wish that I had known of his true feelings before giving in to my naïve teenage desires a week before my eighteenth birthday, two weeks before he disappeared.


There I sat in the middle of the forest for about three hours broken by the news I had just received when I had the sharpest pain I had ever experienced in my lower abdomen. I felt as if I had been shot, but I had heard no sound nor was there anyone else around. As much as I wanted to sit and just cry in the middle of the forest for the next fifty years, I knew that what I was feeling couldn't be normal so I began trying to navigate my way back to my house. After about thirty minutes of wandering around, I felt the pain again, but this time it was accompanied by a wave of nausea and dizziness. I sat down on the forest floor for what seemed to be a minute and before I knew it, I was unconscious.


The next few days were a blur, but I remember waking up at home not knowing how I got there. For days, I constantly felt sick and got terrible pains in the same place on my lower abdomen. I dismissed everything as being side-effects of being broken hearted. It wasn't until I noticed a small bump on my stomach that it registered that I may be pregnant. I quickly gathered everything that I could carry with me and left. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I had to leave. I regret never being able to say goodbye to my father. For all he knew, I could have been kidnapped or killed.


The only people that I wanted to see were gone now and I was all alone. How was I, Isabella Marie Swan, a human "too fragile" to be in a relationship with a vampire going to raise one on my own? As I was driving as far away from Forks as possible, a thought occurred to me. They had once mentioned a group of vampires called the Volturi who were considered to be the royalty of the vampire kind. I had heard stories of their great power and knowledge from Carlisle and...him. I realized that, as dangerous as it may be, they would know the most about my condition. I also realized that I would likely be killed in the process of trying to seek their help, but figured that if they didn't kill me, the partially vampire baby inside me would.


I successfully made my way to Italy and was able to located them to explain my situation. They had never heard of anything similar to my situation and immediately wrote it off as unacceptable. I was nearly killed before they discovered that my mind wasn't susceptible to their powers. This greatly intrigued at least one of their leaders, Aro, who decided that my life would be spared, at least for the time being, so he may learn more about my mental abilities and the unborn child that I was carrying.


For the next month, I was kept under close watch but was never treated poorly, much to my surprise based off of my first impression of the clan. They made sure that I was healthy and supplied me with blood which made the sickness I was feeling go away. I became quite fond of the Volturi, despite the fact that I knew that they were not vegetarians like they were, and surprisingly, they became quite fond of me. A month later, I had my little bundle of joy and Aro decided to change me.


As it turned out, I was blessed with the ability to shield my own thoughts as well as others of my choosing, and my daughter was granted the ability to show her thoughts through touch (as well as the unofficial ability to make everyone she met adore her). We were accepted with open arms into the Volturi, and Aro even decided to take me under his wing, often referring to me as his daughter. I was still heartbroken by the absence of my love, but I was thankful to have a new family and precious baby girl.



Chapter End Notes:

This is my first story on my new account, so first and foremost thank you so much for reading! Secondly, I would like to confirm that this is a Bella/Edward, Nessie/Cullens story, which may be confusing for now, but I promise you will see what I mean later on if you choose to keep reading. Lastly, I would LOVE to hear what you thought about it so far, so please take a few seconds to leave a review.

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