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This chapter we see Aro's POV start things. We find out what Aro has been doing for the past four years first.

Chapter 1



Four Years Ago~

Sitting in my room at the castle, I wondered how I would be able to use their talents. I wanted Alice, Edward, and Bella here at Volterra with me, but I knew they would not come willingly. Nor would they come if I pulled another stunt similar to the last one a few months ago. They would assemble their friends and those shape shifters to fight us. I didn't want to lose any of the talent I already had and certainly, didn't want to lose my own life. Lost in my thoughts, I heard a knock at my door.


"Yes, Jane."

"We have a captive that needs to be handled."

"Gather the others,” I said, smiling; happy to finally have something to take my mind off those Cullens.

"Yes, Master."

Jane left. I wondered if the prisoner had any talents that would be useful against the Cullens. I could have simply touched Jane to see his story, but I waited.

Once in the turret, I sat on my throne, awaiting this new arrival. I had Chelsea on standby beside me, in case I needed her talents. Jane led the vampire in, and I saw nothing from his outward appearances that suggested something momentous. He was dark haired, tall, thin and had the usual red eyes. I was so glad to see that he certainly lived up to his nature as a vampire and feed from humans. I can't tolerate humans and can't stand those vegetarians either.

"Welcome to Volterra,” Marcus said from beside me.

“Whom do we owe this pleasure?" Caius asked.

"Ashton Jones, he was caught in the middle of town feeding on a child," Felix stated.

"Well, well you do realize that you have called attention to the vampires in this world with your actions," I said while making my way over to him. I held my hand out to him, wanting to know his story and to see if he had a talent.

Depending on what I saw in his mind, I might be able to save him from death, but only if he had a talent I could use.

"You do know that for this crime the punishment is death. The only way you will be able to avoid punishment is if you can prove that no one saw your actions."

As he placed his hand in mine, I saw what I needed. He had a talent that I just might be able to use.

"Today is your lucky day, child ,for now you have a decision to make. Join the guard or suffer your punishment of death for your transgressions."

"I’ll join the guard,” he said, quickly.

I always appreciated when a vampire with talent came willingly into the guard. It was a pity to see talent go to waste.

"Very well. Felix, show Ashton to a room."

Once Ashton was removed from the turret I retired to my room to plan how I was going to use him on the Cullens. I remembered Alice’s talent and stopped planning. I needed to be careful in case she was still looking at our futures. I could not put an acceptable plan into action without making decisions. I needed something or someone who could block out her visions.

When I held her hand, I knew that the hybrid had caused her some distress in her visions. With a renewed passion, I increased the search to locate Joham and his family; looking for themwould cover my tracks. Everyone would expect for us to be looking for them, especially now. Renesmee and Nahuel were extraordinary cases that needed to be understood. Alice would more than likely to think I needed to punish him for his experiments with humans or study his hybrids.

“Demetri, Jane, Alex, and Felix I have a job for you. You’re to locate Joham and his family. Bring them here to answer questions about their existence."

"Yes, Master."

The first phase of my plan was set in motion, and Alice wouldn’t see the true reasons behind my thoughts as long as I didn’t decide. Now, it was a matter of getting Joham here.

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