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Author's Chapter Notes:

So the story continues... don't forget to let me know what you think! ;)

Thank you to my beta content1 for taking a quick stop in your day to pay attention to me :)

I own nothing but the dreams and voices in my head.





Chapter 2


            I was walking back to my dorm room after my last final of my second semester in college. I was feeling pretty good about it, it was English Lit after all. Stepping into the room, I noticed it was unusually quiet. Tanya hadn't gotten back from whatever it was that she had been doing, which was fine by me. Tanya and I were complete opposites.  She was tall, had long strawberry blonde waves of hair, bright baby blue eyes, and always looked immaculate. I, on the other hand, was a t shirt and jeans kind of girl, with my straight boring brown hair and big brown eyes. I was just ordinary.

            I looked around the room and decided that I wasn't going to miss this place. I was excited to be in my own room next semester. Edward had even been excited when I told him; I'm pretty sure he was more comfortable when Tanya wasn't around him. She had a secret crush, that wasn't so secret. Honestly, I couldn't blame her. Edward was tall, lean and had a soccer player's body. His hair was always a mess of shocking bronze color, and bright, expressive green eyes. Okay, so he was the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on.

            I had gotten to know Edward Cullen my first semester here. We were lab partners in Biology II class, as we'd both received college credit in high school. We got to know each other really well. We shared a love for soccer, we both played for the school, until I got hurt. He was there for me during my recovery. He shared the pain with me, and I ended up going to the rest of his games. He was going to be something special; he was incredibly talented.

             We started studying all the time, and not just for the class we shared. We would talk about anything from family to favorite books we loved to the best kind of music. I honestly could say that he had turned into my best friend. It surprised me at how much time we had spent together. Don't get me wrong, I loved hanging out with him, it's just, he could be doing so many other things. He was always invited to parties, and girls where always trying to get close to him. I was just some ordinary girl. I didn't understand why he would want to spend time with me, but apparently he did so I tried not to question it too much. I did have a slight problem though. Somewhere down the line, I had fallen for Edward Cullen, hard. It was difficult to believe that he could ever feel the same way; we weren't in the same league. We would forever be... just friends. I had to be okay with that, even though it's hard, I would take anytime I had with him I could get. Jeeze I sounded so pathetic.

            I was packing up my room when Tanya finally walked in. "Hey Bella."

            "Hi Tanya."

            " Are you packing to leave?"

            "Yep." What did it look like I was doing? I turned to look at her. She had this sly grin on her face. I wasn't sure what that was for, I didn't really want to know anyway, it was probably because she had a quickie in the bathroom or something. Gross.

            "Well I thought you should know that Edward stopped by a little bit ago."

            "Oh he did?" I was going to see if he wanted a bite to eat before we left for break.

            "Yeah, he told me to tell you that he was leaving."

            "Oh dang! I wanted to catch him before he left!" I dropped my shirt that I was folding and started towards the door. I had to see if I could catch him.

            "No Bella, I mean he's gone. Like as in not coming back." Ok now I was confused. Not coming back? He never told me this. Why would he just leave like that? I was about to leave and go to his room, which was up a few floors. I had to see if I could catch him before he was gone. "Bella, wait. He also told me to tell you that he didn't want to see you again. He didn't want to talk to you anymore." I couldn't believe what she was saying! It didn't make sense. She tried to hide the smile from her face, but I could still see the corners of her mouth twitching. This didn't make any sense at all. Had I done something? Said something? I had to hear this for myself. I took off running for the elevator. Well it was more like speed walking; my leg would still hurt on occasion.

            I made it to the seventh floor and walked to Edward's room. I knocked and waited. Ben Cheney, Edward's roommate, opened the door. "Hey Bella! What's up?"

            "Did Edward leave already? I need to talk to him." I wasn't going to cry. If he was gone already, I wasn't going to cry.

            "You just missed him actually, he left." Ben's smile faded. "Are you alright, Bella?" I wasn't sure what emotion was on my face, I didn't understand.

            "He isn't coming back next semester." It wasn't a question. I just knew. Why didn't he come to me?

            "No he isn't. A scout saw him play this year and he got a scholarship deal to play soccer. He didn't tell you? He is going to..." Ben was talking but I stopped listening. I couldn't believe he didn't come to me. I thought we were at least friends. Did he really not want to see me or talk to me again? I started walking back to the elevator. When I got back to my floor I pulled my phone out. In my last ditch effort I tried his number. It didn't even ring and went straight to voicemail. This couldn't be happening. He really didn't want to see or talk to me again....



Whose voice was that? I looked around the hallway... nobody was there...

"Bella? Wake up sleepy girl!"

Wait. I knew that shriek.

Alice. I opened my eyes slowly and looked straight into big icy blue eyes. "Have a nice nap?" Her brow furrowed. "Are you alright, Bella?" I must have looked like a mess, I felt all sweaty and gross. My lovely nap had turned into a nightmare.

            "I made need a shower..." I took in my surroundings just to reassure myself that it was just a dream. It was. But it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Jeeze, it'd been a year, and I still can't let go.

            "That's alright! I made sure to wake you up so that we can do everything we need to, to get you ready!" Oh yeah. The party. I sighed and got off the bed, grab my toiletries and started walking to the bathroom. "Don't worry Bella, I'll get everything set up in here, and Rosalie will be in to help when you get out of the shower! All you have to do is stand there and look pretty, and we will do the rest." I looked at Alice, she was beaming from ear to ear. I was never one to pay that close attention to the clothes that I wore, or how I looked but if this would make her happy, I would do it, even if it was slight torture.

            The bathroom that I would be sharing was the biggest one I had ever seen. It had two sinks and a shower bigger than my room at Charlie's house. I may have been in heaven when I stepped into the shower and felt the pressure of the jets on my body. I used my favorite strawberry shampoo and that seemed to calm me from the nightmare that I had. Once I stepped out of the shower, I grabbed my towel and dried off, taking the towel to my hair before wrapping it around my chest. When it was secure, I walked to my room.

            Rosalie and Alice had set up my side of the room like a beauty salon. With a look of shock on my face I walked into the center of the room. "You guys really didn't need to go all out like this! It's just a house party!"

Rosalie turned around at the sound of my voice. She was incredibly tall, with long blonde hair that flowed every time she moved. She had aquamarine eyes and a straight nose with full lips. She had the body of a supermodel. I suddenly felt self-conscious in just my towel. They both looked gorgeous. Rosalie was in a pale pink dress that was skin tight and knee length with spaghetti straps and silver strappy heels. Alice was in a strapless light yellow knee length dress with several pieces of fabric flaring out in an asymmetrical shape with gray pumps to match her nail polish.

            "Bella! I'm Rosalie Hale. Alice's parties are never just parties. Practically everyone from the school is invited. I'm not sure how she does it, but they always turn out spectacular." She nudged Alice, who almost fell over.

            "Hey!" We all laughed. "Alright Bella, let's get started. Your dress is hanging up right in front of your closet door; do you like it? I wanted it to be practical with the warm weather. So it's made of a really light fabric, and you've got a summer glow going on already, so white will be perfect!" Alice was bouncing up and down while I looked at the dress from across the room. It was white form-fitted and sleeveless with cutouts on both sides of the waist. It was gorgeous. And short.

            "Alice I really do love it! Do you think it's a little short though?" It looked like it would fall just above my knee. I usually don't wear clothes that short, that show off my scar like that. It makes me uncomfortable. When I run, it's a little different. I'm always moving so nobody has enough time to stare at me like that."

            "Bella, I know what you're thinking and stop right there. You are beautiful. Nobody is going to look at your knee. And even if they do, nobody deserves your attention if they are going to say something negative about it! And if anyone does, I'll smack ‘em upside the head!" Alice had a determined look in her eyes.

            "And I will kick 'em in the balls if any of them are going to be like that," Rosalie chimed in.

            "What if they don't have balls, Rose? What if they're girls?" I almost started laughing when Alice said that.

            "A punch in the boob then." We all burst out laughing. I slipped into the dress after Alice handed me what could only pass as floss. I raised one eyebrow at her.

            "It's so you don't see any panty lines! Just trust me!" Alice said as she came at me with loads of make-up.

            "Alright I do. Just make me look recognizable, alright? I don't want to look like a clown."

            "Oh, ye of little faith." Alice muttered as she worked her magic.

Rosalie started to curl my hair while Alice put the finishing touches on my face. There was constant conversation flowing between the three of us. Rosalie finished telling us a story about how while Emmett was taking a nap she managed to put whipped cream all over his face, but then he farted and woke himself up and ruined her whole prank! We couldn't stop laughing.

Then Alice shouted, "Alright enough! Don't make Bella cry from laughter, her make-up isn't waterproof! Anyway it's time for the finishing touch!" From behind her, she brought into view a shoebox. As soon as I realized what it was, I stood up from my seat on my bed.

            "Alice! You really shouldn't have. This, all of this," as I gestured to myself, "is just too much. You didn't have to do any of this."

            "Well, this doesn't even count because Rosalie got you these." Alice shot Rose a bright smile, while I gave them both the evil eye.

            "Really Bella, we wanted to do this for you, welcome you here and just make you feel comfortable. And just from hanging out with you for a couple of hours, you are a pretty freakin' kick ass warrior. Overcoming what you did when you were injured! I can only imagine."

            "Well thanks you guys, but I didn't do it alone. I had a best friend at the time who helped we through a lot of it. But anyway, that's beside the point, let's see my present!" I said with a wink. On the inside I was starting to crumble. Why had I just brought that up? Fortunately, Alice and Rosalie just exchanged a look. Alice opened the box to reveal close-toed coral heels, with a hemp-like wedge. They were so pretty, but deadly looking. "Wow!..." How the heck was I supposed to walk in those things?

            "What is it Bella?" Alice asked.

            "I just," I looked at Alice and Rosalie, " am I supposed to walk in these?"

            "Have you ever walked in heels before?" Rosalie inquired.

            "Well yes, and that's why I'm asking. I don't fare well heels." I felt my face starting to pale.

            "Oh Bella, don't worry! Wedges are easier!" I looked at Alice as she took the shoes out of the box. "Just walk heel first. These are bigger than pumps, so there is less chance of falls." She winked at me. I put them on and stood up carefully. "Bella, you look beautiful."

Alice and Rosalie both beamed at me as I walked over to the full length mirror behind the door. I stared at my reflection in disbelief. Alice had made me glow, but I could still recognize myself. My smile was huge. Rosalie made my hair look like I had just woken up, but in the sexiest way possible. Loose waves in a ponytail with volume in the front. I was speechless. I coughed to get the lump out of my throat. This was the happiest I've felt in a long time.

            "You guys are amazing." I croaked and ran to them and gave them each a huge, tight hug. "Thank you. You guys are miracle workers. The fact that I didn't just fall running to you guys proves it!" We all laughed.

            "Okay, who's ready to party?" Rosalie asked with a sly smile.

            "I'm going to go put the music on; Emmett was in charge of the food. And people should be arriving very shortly! Hopefully, Jasper and Edward will get here soon with the rest of the drinks and ice!" Alice said as she strolled out of the room. I wasn't use to parties, let alone parties with alcohol. I must have looked nervous because Rosalie glanced at me.

            "What are you so nervous about? You look hot!"

            "Well, I've never been to a party before. Honestly, I'm not sure how to act around people drinking. I don't drink myself; I just don't want people to get too out of hand."

            "Bella, Bella." Rose shook her head. "I'm surprised Alice hasn't told you. She throws the biggest and baddest SOBER parties around. They really are the most popular. They may seem funny to other college students, but the fact is a lot of these students are athletes, as well as, scholars. Almost everyone takes the rules of no drinking seriously - especially during their respective seasons. These parties really ended up catching on and most don't drink at all now. Alice is really particular with this because she has seen alcoholism in her family. She doesn't want to be around it at all. If anyone shows up with any type of booze or drugs, she turns them away and makes sure they don't come back or ruin the party." The music started blaring at that point, some techno beat.

            "Wow. Alice is something else," I said with a smile. She really was a great person. It made me feel more and more comfortable here by the minute that I wasn't in some minority group of college students putting their studies first.

            "Yes, she is. Besides, if any guy puts a hand on you that you don't feel comfortable with, I'll make sure Emmett, Jasper, or Edward kicks their ass." She said with a wink. The music was incredibly loud now after all. "I'm going to head down now, you can come with me, or I'll give you a minute and then you can come down if you would like," Rosalie said as she started walking towards the door.

            "No, I'll come with you!"

I could hear people downstairs, and I was getting incredibly nervous now. The worst thing I could do is go down the stairs by myself and make some grand entrance. As we neared the second floor landing, you could hear that the party was coming alive. I couldn't tell how many people were already here, but it sounded like about twenty or so. The music was blaring the beginning notes of Too Close by Alex Clare as we descended down the last set of stairs. I did a mental fist pump and dance as I put my foot on the ground floor without any incident. Whilst in the middle of my mental celebration, I looked at Rosalie who just smiled and turned toward the front door as it opened. I followed suit to see who it was. The first man to walk in was tall and lean, with honey blonde hair that had a slight wave. His eyes were a light brown color, and they matched the plaid shirt he was wearing with green cargo shorts. He was carrying a few bags, which I assumed were the drinks Alice had mentioned. I wasn't sure if this was Jasper, or Edward, until I laid eyes on the man coming in behind him. The first one in the door was Jasper, because this, this one was Edward.

My Edward.





Chapter End Notes:

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