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Story Notes:

Short. Hopefully funny. :)

Twilighted Beta: jakeward

Author's Chapter Notes:

I would never have posted this if jakeward hadn't asked me to do so.  Thank you. :)


I hope you all get a nice chuckle out of this, too. :)

He approached her deliberately, but slowly. His arms wrapped lovingly around her waist, his palms rubbed soothing circles over her lower back. His eyes adored her while they hoped to gain her assent. Even his honeyed tone of voice was an attempt to persuade her. He knew that she would recognize these actions, but he still had to try.




"No," she told him good-naturedly, but firmly.


What?" he asked, surprised at her quick refusal.


"No," she repeated with a shake of her head.




"Not right now," she confirmed with a smile.


"You don't even know what I was going to say." His tone was light and teasing.


"Yes, I do." It almost came out singsong; her tone matched his.


The barest hint of a chuckle escaped him as he spoke. "No, you don't."


"You just got off the phone with Tom for the third time today. I know exactly what you were going to say." She continued to smile at him.


He quickly tried to school his expression, but not before she saw his nostrils flair, his eyebrows shift, and the grin break across his face.


"Busted." She laughed.


"Well,--" he began before he broke off and sighed heavily, "it's not fair!" he lamented.


She pulled back in his arms as she regarded him. "Are you gonna have the kid? Carry it around for nine months? Do all of the stuff that you read about in that book you've been carting around?" She hadn't told him, but she found it adorable the way he had been so keenly focused on absorbing information on the subject.


"You know I would if I could." It was a ridiculous notion, but he really would do that for her.


"You're so maternal, Rob," she joked with him.


To which he growled, exasperated that he still couldn't sway her on the whole idea.


Kristen continued. "Do you really want to have a kid because Tom is-wait, don't bother, I already know your answer." She shook her head a little as she looked down while gathering her thoughts. "We will," she reassured him. "Just not right now-the timing isn't right; we're both so busy. And I'm gonna marry you first."


"You're so old-fashioned," he teased her. His eyes glowed with happiness hearing her mention marrying him. It wasn't the first time she'd said it, either.


She smiled wryly at him; his remark was true to some extent. "Gee, I wonder where I get it from?" she teased back in a goofy voice.


He played innocent, his eyes going wide. "I have no idea."


She laughed outright.


His laughter joined hers for a spell until he stopped abruptly and looked at her. He paused as he tried to read her eyes, then broke out with, "Please?"


"You just can't let the joke go, can you?" she murmured.


For indeed, it was a joke. Sort of. He did want them to start a family-and for that matter, so did she, but they did want to be married first, and they were incredibly busy with work. Still, he loved to tease her about it-she secretly loved that he teased her about it-and Tom had just provided a wealth of opportunities for their on-going discussion.


In reply, Rob just grinned, kissed her forehead, then squeezed her ass before he walked to the other room.


Kristen stared after him. She shook her head and muttered, "I'm never gonna hear the end of this. Thanks, Tom." She chuckled at the good news.


Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for reading. :)

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