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Story Notes:

I am not Stephenie Meyer, these are her characters and I don't own them, I just borrow them to play around with (nicely).

Twilighted Beta: Admittedly Obsessed

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is it. Hope you like it, keep in mind it is my first fanfiction ever. Please review if you can spare a minute.

I walked over to the window and gazed outside. Edward would be here soon and I couldn’t wait. Ever since he'd come back, we'd been inseparable. When he had to leave to go hunting, it was like he was leaving me again. I never let him know this of course; it would only hurt him. When I saw his shiny silver Volvo whizz into the drive, I ran to the door to greet him. He beat me to it and opened the door before I got there.

I jumped into his waiting arms and he wrapped them around me. We hugged for what felt like an eternity. I missed him so much. I looked up at him, his lips shaped into that lovely crooked smile of his and his eyes liquid gold. His hair was tousled, as always, and had little crystals sparkling because of the rain.

“Hello,” he whispered into my hair with his soft velvet voice. I didn’t get a chance to answer because as soon as he said that he leaned down to kiss me. His ice cold lips moved against mine in mind-swirling ways. I could feel sparks in the air around us, running like a current in the air.

As usual, my human hormones got the better of me and my arms wound around his neck and my hands ran through his hair. I pressed my body tighter against him, and he pulled away just like I thought he would. We didn’t let go of each other as we walked into the kitchen. He sat down on a chair and pulled me onto his lap.

“How was it?” I asked him as he began playing with a piece of my hair.

“I didn’t enjoy myself much,” he sighed. I pulled away from him, worried.


He looked like he was amused but sorrowful. “I was too worried about you. Who knows what would happen if I weren’t here to protect you from your bad luck? You could have tripped on the stairs and gotten a concussion.”

I glared at him and he smiled deviously. I knew I had terrible bad luck but, honestly, it was his excuse for everything.

“I can’t help it. Besides, you should enjoy yourself or I’ll have Emmett to deal with.” His smile told me something was up. “What?” I asked.

“Nothing, just that I don’t think Emmett will be teasing you or me for that fact, any longer.” He smiled again, and I saw a glint of humor in his eyes.

“What have you done…?”

“Well... Emmett happened to let something slip about his past that he doesn’t want Rosalie to know.” He grinned and looked into the distance like he was remembering a funny memory.

“I’m guessing Emmett didn’t say this voluntarily…” Knowing Edward, he probably said something that caused Emmett to think of it.

“You guess correctly.” And with that, he stood up, cradled me against him and walked out to the Volvo. We were going to pay a visit to Alice; maybe she could see something funny relating to Emmett and his future antics against Edward and me.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed that little scene. I enjoyed writing it.

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