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Kissing in Cars by spunkransom225

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Story Notes:

Twilighted beta:whynot

Author's Chapter Notes:

All recongnizable characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.


Jacob lay in his bed, wide awake. He should've been sleeping. God knew he was tired enough for it. The amount of patrols he'd run that week, though, didn't seem to matter. He just couldn't make his body relax. His mind was riled up, busy thinking about what had been waiting for him earlier.

A fucking wedding invitation. Cullen was one sick bastard. Jacob had half a mind to send a letter back saying Hey leech, you are cordially invited to watch me rip your bloodsucker family to shreds and then dance on their body parts. I'm sure you'll enjoy that just as much as I'll like seeing you marry the woman I love!

He'd just rubbed it in his face more at the end of that personal letter, as if the invitation itself hadn't already played its part in ripping what Bella had left of Jacob's heart to shreds. Thank you – for her – for everything.

Fuck you, Cullen.

His deep sigh echoed through his tiny bedroom. That's it; he had to get out of the house because sleep was definitely not coming anytime soon. He got up and threw some shorts over his boxers and walked out the front door. He figured there was no need to leave Billy a note or anything. He was always out in the middle of the night anyway and he could take care of himself.

Jacob spared a glance at the tree line and thought better of it. Embry, Jared and Paul were on patrol and at the moment he really wanted to keep his thoughts to himself. So he made his way to the beach, hands in his pockets as he walked.

He got to the cliffs and looked out. The water had always been calming to him. Watching it, being in it, listening to it hit the shore. It always helped to clear his mind, no matter what stubborn thought was busy gluing itself to his brains walls. Sometimes when he thought of his mom he could come to the beach and things would get a little better for him. Now, the only thing this place and the sound of the waves did was bring back every memory he ever had of Bella and him on this very beach.

The stupid ocean could rot in hell for all he cared.

He kicked a rock off the edge and cursed Edward Cullen under his breath. "I'd really appreciate it if you spread your teenage angst elsewhere. This is my spot."

Jacob turned to his left to see Leah sitting on the ground and leaning against a big rock, a large bottle in her hand. It was half empty. Or half full, depending on whether or not you were an optimist. It was easy to guess which one Jacob would pick based on his current mood.

He scoffed as he answered Leah. "Your spot? I don't see your name written anywhere over here. What are you doing out here anyway? Shouldn't you be at home crying over one of Sam's t-shirts?" He knew he shouldn't start anything with Leah but hell, everything else was going downhill already. Why not make more enemies?

"Shouldn't you be at home jacking off in your closet shrine of the chief's pale ass daughter?"

"Right after you write a fantasy story about your life with our alpha based on a picture of him and Emily where you taped your face over hers."

"Touché, jackass. It's gonna be a novel. Hits stores in a couple years. I'd ask you to edit it for me but you might be busy with your half white kids. Oh wait, she didn't pick you." She took a swig from her bottle and gave him an evil smirk.

"Fuck you, Leah."

"Thanks, but no. I don't have sex with children."

"Yeah whatever. I'd rock your world."

"Even without batteries my vibrator could do a better job than your virgin ass." Jacob bit his tongue. He wanted nothing more than to retaliate but it would probably lead to more hits to his pride. Instead of supplying a comeback, he took a seat beside Leah. She raised an eyebrow. "Nothing to say?"


"Pity, I was enjoying myself." She stuck her hand with the bottle in it towards him. "Want to share my therapist with me? Free of charge. Dr. Jack Daniels is good at soothing pain."

Jacob grabbed the bottle warily, having never had anything stronger than a sip of the beer he, Embry and Quil had shared from his father's refrigerator. He took a gulp, not wanting to look like a wimp and ended up choking from the burn in his throat. Leah smacked him on the back a couple of times while shaking her head. "Pathetic."

"God, that's strong."

"No shit. It's gotta be, with this stupid wolf metabolism." Leah took the bottle back from him and lifted it to her lips, taking two gulps – without choking, Jacob noted miserably – and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. She leaned her head against the boulder and sighed. Before Jacob's brain could tell his mouth not to, he asked. "Is this what you do when you miss Sam?" Leah's eyes snapped open and Jacob saw his life flash before his eyes. The words 'I'm sorry' were already on the tip of his tongue when Leah interrupted him.

"Do you like losing, Jacob?"

"Um what?"

She repeated it slower this time. "Do. You. Like. Being. A. Loser?

"I uh… is this a trick q–?

"Because it seems to me like you do."

"I don't know what you're getting at."

"You're a dumb ass."

"Leah, I–"

"Shut up." He kept his mouth shut. "Look Jacob, you're a smart kid. Well you're of average intelligence. Okay, you're not dumb."

"Could you get to the point?"

"Who said it wasn't my point to insult you?" She winked. "Anyway, like I was saying, you're pretty smart, so I can't figure out why you don't realize that you're throwing away your last chance at happiness by sitting around and moping."

"I've tried everything already," Jacob said hopelessly.

"Obviously you haven't tried everything, otherwise you'd already have her."

"But she's getting married, Leah."

This didn't phase her one bit. "What's your fucking point? Last time I checked, marriage has got nothing on imprinting. Unless there's some freaky shit that the leeches can do with their sparkles that binds people to them forever. Is there?"

Jacob shook his head. "Not that I know of."

"Well then get off your sad behind and go get your girl." Jacob glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "Are you… trying to look out for me?" he asked, shocked.

Leah drank down what was left in her bottle. "I couldn't do anything about Sam – imprinting is some tough shit to break – but you can do something about your love life. For some reason, you really like this Bella–"

"I love her."

"I was talking, ass."


She cleared her throat. "For some reason, you like that skinny, emo white girl so I say go for it. Don't tell anyone I'm inspiring you to follow your dreams or anything. If anything happens to my Bitchiest Girl on the Rez reputation, I'm killing you." She got up from the ground and brushed off her pants. She gave him a two finger salute and started to walk towards her home. Jacob scrambled to thank her in time. "Uh, thanks Leah!"

"Whatever, shit for brains!"

Despite the horrible start to his night, Jacob felt good enough to smile as he walked back to his house. Leah Clearwater was the last person Jacob expected to inspire him, but she had and tomorrow he would begin calculating his major plan to make Bella Swan his.

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