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Story Notes:

I don't own any of the characters or the story, but, hell, how I wish I did!

Long live Queen Stephenie!!


Twilighted Beta:  LisaDawn75

he loves me!



She loves me! Can you believe it? She loves me! Yesterday, in the park, I kissed her. And instead of hitting me, instead of rejecting me, she kissed me back! I’d thought that her kindness to me was a mere politeness, a simple, unimportant detail. There is no way that blonde beauty is meant for me. How can she, so magnificent, proud, and elegant, notice a common boy like me? Yes, we are biologically equals, both bloodsuckers, but, still, she seemed so far away... 


Rosalie, Rosalie, I’m so happy I could sing and dance for you, though nobody would like that. You’ve saved me yet once more. Thanks to you, I’m alive; and thanks to you, this new, never-ending life has a purpose: making you happy every single day. Rosalie, Rosalie, I’m so overjoyed I could run to the highest mountain and shout at the top of my voice I love her, I love her, I love her! And she loves me! She loves me!



She’s so beautiful, you’d never believe it. If you see her ,you will think you’ve just died and an angel is welcoming you to Heaven. Her voice is soft, and her walk is graceful; I’ve always feared to get caught while I stare at her, fascinated with her perfection. A few times, she did notice me, and I thought the emotion I saw in her eyes was anger, so intense, so penetrant was her look. But, today, after all, I know I was wrong, because she loves me! 


We will be so happy together. We’ll get a big house, as lovely as her, and I’ll invite everyone, so they can see the best woman in the world is in love with me. We’ll go for walks around the park, I’ll buy her tons of pretty dresses, and I will adore her every single day of forever. We might even adopt kids, so she can have the family she always dreamed of.


Dream. That’s exactly what this all feels like:  a wonderful, magnificent dream. But we vampires can’t sleep, so this must be true. Then she truly loves me!  


Now, I’m heading once more to the park. Next to the fountain there are some flowers I know she likes, so I’ll cut a bouquet and give it to her. I don’t care if it’s illegal to cut those flowers. Everything’s worth it to see that breathtaking smile on her perfect face. I love her so much!


Yesterday I was a gloomy man. I had no goals in life, and I hated my immortality. Right now, I can’t believe I was ever that man. I feel like there are two Emmetts, the depressed one, who was destroyed last night, and this new one, someone who lives in a perfect bubble of golden happiness. And do you know why I’ve changed? She loves me! 


Oh, I must go. She’s waiting for me. I just wanted to tell you this, I wanted you to know of my bliss. See ya!


P.S. : Have I told you that she loves me?

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