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Author's Chapter Notes:

I hope you enjoy my telling of the events following Rosalie's change.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Rosalie Hale let out a sigh of gratitude as the fire in her chest ceased to burn. To whichever God that stopped the internal fire, she was extremely grateful.

Perhaps, she thought, God has chosen to spare me because of my beauty. Its value is quite high.

An irritated snort interrupted her thoughts, and her eyes flew open. Next to the bed she lay on was a handsome fellow, with copper coloured hair and an arrogant smirk on his face. Since when did angels smirk?

Rosalie growled angrily, aware that the look was directed towards her. Mid growl, she paused. Her eyes widened, and her lips curved into an O.

Since when have I ever growled? I'm certain that such a thing is unacceptable in Heaven!

Next to her, the man chuckled humorlessly. "I do not know what damage the change has caused your head, but you are not in-or anywhere near-Heaven, Miss Hale," he told her, coating her name with venom.

How did he know what she had been thinking?

Her curiosity was interrupted by the evidence to his claim, which appeared in the form of a painful burn in her throat. It wasn't nearly as painful as the fire she had experienced minutes before, but it still caused her excessive discomfort.

The entrance of a tall, blond man, in a pair of doctor's scrubs, diverted her thoughts from the ache in her throat.

"Edward," he greeted the young man beside Rosalie. "I apologize for not being back on time. I was under the impression she would not awake for another quarter of an hour."

The man named Edward nodded curtly in response.

The other man then turned to Rosalie and smiled carefully. "Hello, Rosalie. We have met before, but you may not remember me. I am Dr. Carlisle Cullen."

Her eyebrows furrowed at the thought of fuzzy memories from a few weeks previous. She remembered having been introduced to the doctor by her friend, Vera, whilst they had been taking a stroll in the park. She also recalled the jealousy she had felt when Vera told her-very honestly-afterward that the doctor and his family were more beautiful than Rosalie herself.

A jealous hiss escaped her lips at the memory. She clamped her hand to her mouth as she realized what sound she had made. She had just hissed, and minutes before, she had growled, as though she were a common savage. Worst of all, in front of a pair of gentlemen! Her mother would be so disappointed in her. (Although, Rosalie would beg to differ on Edward's status. He had not displayed very gentlemanly qualities, in her opinion.)

"You must be confused as to what has happened," Carlisle said gently.

Rosalie nodded in acquiescence with his statement.

"If I have not gone to Heaven, where am I?" she questioned. "And how long have I been without consciousness?"

Carlisle responded, with a small chuckle, "We are currently at my family's home, located just outside of Rochester, and you have been here, unconscious, for approximately three days."

Her eyes widened. "My family must be so worried! My wedding preparations must be in complete disarray without me there to tend to them! Royce will be so angry!" she exclaimed.

Edward let out a hiss at the mention of Royce's name, and Carlisle stared at her.

A feeling of dread flooded her stomach as the memories of her last conscious night flooded into her mind.

"No!" she screeched. "How could he? And how am I still alive after that!"

Carlisle cleared his throat. Slowly, he explained, "I was on my way home from a shift at the hospital when I smelled your blood. Wishing to provide assistance, I hurried to the source of the scent, and found you lying on the street, lifeless. I could not bear to leave you there to die; it would have been too much waste. In order to save you, I was forced to change you into what my family and I are: vampires."

"That is impossible! Vampires are things of books!" replied Rosalie in a slightly hysterical voice. "There is no such thing!"

He sighed. "I'm afraid it is true. As a result of the change, your appearance, senses, speed, and strength have been very much enhanced. They have become a thousand times better than any human's. You are now unable to give birth or cry. The burn you are most likely feeling in your throat is thirst...for blood."

The situation took its toll on Rosalie's emotions, and she began to sob drily. Now she would never be able to have a little Henry of her own. The only thing she ever truly wanted had been ripped away from her, all because she'd had the unfortunate luck to run into Royce on that horrible night.

On the stairs, she heard the quiet plodding of a pair of feet. Seconds later, a young woman with caramel coloured hair entered the room and wrapped her arms around Rosalie tightly.

"Do not cry, dear. All will be well soon enough."

Carlisle and Edward, who were about to caution the former, breathed quiet sighs of relief as Rosalie hugged her back.

"If you wish, you may stay here with Esme, Edward, and myself. We could teach you our lifestyle. We drink the blood of animals, as opposed to that of humans. Perhaps that might not be so repulsive to you," offered Carlisle after Rosalie had calmed down.

"That would be very kind of you. If it does not put you to too much trouble, I would like to accept your offer," responded Rosalie.

Esme's lips curved into a large smile at the prospect of a new family member.

"I am sure you wish to change out of those clothes. I have some things upstairs that I am sure will fit you. Then, Edward can take you on your first hunt."

Edward's protests were silenced by a glare from Esme as she exited the room with Rosalie. The two ladies went up to the third floor of the mansion, and into a spacious closet.

"Dress in whatever you want to wear, dear, and I will meet you downstairs." Esme then left the room.

Rosalie quickly selected a violet coloured dress with a modest square neckline and knee length skirt. She then turned to the only mirror in the room and gasped. Were she still human, the color of the dress she wore would have matched her eyes. Now, it contrasted greatly with the ruby tint of her irises.

Her attention was diverted from her reflection in the mirror by the mention of her name in a conversation below.

"She is such a beautiful girl, Edward!" Esme praised. "Are you sure you cannot give her a chance? I believe you two would be lovely together!"

Edward snorted. "There is no way I could ever love someone like her."

This remark caused Rosalie to sprint out of the closet, down the stairs, and to the room in which Esme and Edward stood. She looked at Edward with indignation and anger.

"Never love someone like me?" she spat, her voice canvassed with rage. "Any normal man would give his entire fortune to marry someone as beautiful as me."

He shook his head and looked at her condescendingly. "It all depends on your opinion of beauty. In my eyes, your vanity makes you one of the plainest creatures I have ever laid sight upon." He then turned to Esme. "I do not believe I will be able to take her hunting, as I need to go myself now." With that, he went to the main floor of the house, took his top hat from the coat closet, and left, slamming the front door lightly as he did.

With her ego bruised, Rosalie then decided that she never wished to marry Edward, anyway. He had to be the most disagreeable man she had ever met.


Chapter End Notes:

I thank you for taking the time to read, and hope you liked it. Feel free to leave your thoughts in a review. :)

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