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Twilighted Beta: Tima83

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Charlie's POV

It was an unusually hot summer day in Forks, Washington. My twelve year old daughter Bella was spending the summer here with me and we were hanging out at my best friend Billy's house. Isabella and Billy's ten year old son Jacob were in the back yard playing; they were acting out "Westside Story" and Bella was singing "I Feel Pretty" while standing on a tin tub that was turned upside down.

Billy and I were watching them through the kitchen window when Billy started to chuckle and said, "I bet you five dollars that Bella won't make it half way through the song before she falls off that tub." I knew Bella was my daughter, and I shouldn't laugh, but I did because, unfortunately, my daughter was the clumsiest child on this earth, and it was known by everyone that she was even capable of falling over lint that was on the ground.

"You're on. She’ll make it through the song but I think she will fall off when she stops singing." We shook hands and continued to look out the window. I wondered if I was a terrible dad for betting that my daughter was going to fall.

Jacob and Bella were a funny sight to see. Bella was holding a wooden spoon and was singing at the top of her lungs, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty," and while Bella sang, Jacob jumped and danced around the tub. Bella arched her back as she attempted to sing a high note and fell backward off of the tub.

At that same moment, in what seemed like in slow motion Jacob was behind her and he caught her before she hit the ground. What I saw next almost made me pee in my pants. Ten year old Jacob was holding my twelve year old daughter by the waist. Bella's arms were dangling at her side, but she was looking up at Jacob and Jacob was looking down at her. There was a glow around them.

I stood there silently with my mouth slightly open. There was a yellowish light coming from the inside of them outward. Billy was sitting next to me in total silence but suddenly, he said something in his native language that I didn’t understand. Billy’s voice shook me back into action and I walked toward the back door. Billy and I had to get the kids away from whatever was out there before it hurt them. I heard Billy wheeling after me and he said, "Charlie wait, don't go out there. They are safe and you and I need to talk."

I didn’t remember how Bella and I made it home; it was midnight and Bella had been sleeping for hours. I was in her room sitting in her rocking chair staring blankly at the wall in front of me. I was scared to go to sleep. I was scared to have Bella out of my sight. I was scared that I had lost my mind.

According to Billy there was a mystical world out there that I’d been a part of for all of my life. Vampires and werewolves were real; they existed in Forks, in La Push, all over this world.

What really scared me more than anything else was not that I knew about them, but Bella would be a part of that world for the rest of her life; she was going to devote her life to a werewolf; she was going to fall in love, marry, and spend the rest of her life with a monster that I thought only existed in horror movies and books. I was having a very hard time wrapping my mind around what I saw and was told today.

My best friend was a part of a world that I never knew existed. How was he able to keep this from me all of these years? How was a whole town able to keep such a big secret? How could creatures roam around this earth and go undetected by anyone?

Please God, let this just be a horrible dream that I’ll wake up from.

I was sure when the sun rose in a couple of hours and I looked in the bathroom mirror I would have aged at least twenty years.


Billy POV  bella

Jacob had always loved my best friend's daughter, Isabella. From the first time he ever saw her, when he was four years old, he followed her everywhere she went and worshipped the ground she walked on. I remembered when it was time for Charlie and Bella to go home; Jacob had the biggest tantrum we’d ever seen. He didn’t want her to go. He cried and cried and no matter what we tried, he wouldn’t calm down.

The next morning he refused to eat anything. He would not play or talk. Jacob just stayed in his room. We thought it was cute at first but this behavior continued on into the next day and Jacob's mom and I started to really worry about him. I’d given Charlie a call and asked him if Bella could come and play with Jacob for a while. He'd agreed and said they would be over in an hour.

As soon as Jacob saw Bella, he came back to life. He ate, played and was the happy four year old that we knew and loved. I was worried about how he’d handle it when she had to go home again, but all Jacob wanted to know was if Bella would come back to see him again. When he was assured that she would, he seemed fine, the next year my wife was killed in a horrible car accident that also left me in a wheel chair. Jacob took his mother’s death very hard. He was very attached to his mom and was only five at the time. He needed his mother so much. It hurt me to see just a shell of him walk around the house.

When summer time came and Charlie brought Bella over once again, I started to see the life come back into my son. I should have made the connection then; I guessed since the werewolf gene had skipped my generation, I’d thought that those days were over. I was wrong thinking that vampires were no longer a threat to my people.

The rules for an Alpha were a bit different than the other wolves in the pack. They could imprint before they went through the transformation, it just got more intensified once they made eye contact after they phased for the first time. It was more than a little disturbing to me that this was happening now; that this had been going on since Jacob was four. He was just a child; all of the legends from the past told of packs being formed when the males were already in their twenties. What did this mean? My son was only ten; surely he was not about to become a werewolf now.

Also, as much as I cared about Charlie and Bella, I thought that imprints could only be people of our decent. Bella was as pale faced as you could get. But it was undeniable. Charlie and I both witnessed the glow that transpired when Jacob and Bella locked eyes with each other. He was about to freak out so I had to tell him everything .When I was done Charlie grabbed Bella, told her it was time to go, and ran out the door dragging her with him. Charlie was horrified and I guessed that he was going to try and avoid me now but that was a whole other issue.

I wheeled my chair over to the phone and started to dial a number; after three rings a male voice answered the phone,

"Hello, Clearwater residence."

"Hey, Harry, this is Billy."

"Oh, hey, Billy, what can I do for you?"

"I need you to gather all of the council members together; we need to have a meeting today within the next hour. Something serious has come up and we need to deal with it immediately."


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