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Leah in Love by LaRosada
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There is a forum titled Leah in Love (the series) that exists in almost all fan-fiction categories. For updates on the series, please visit the forum. Also, any authors with stories within the series are welcome to post any updates here. :-)



Leah seems to get the short end of the stick in the Twilight Saga, at least where love is concerned. This series welcomes stories that are Leah-centric and involve her either imprinting or falling in love. Finally.



LaRosada, author of Love Phase, is the creator of the series. Please enjoy.



Categories: Pre-Twilight, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Post-Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Post-Breaking Dawn, AU
Characters: Leah
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Love Phase by LaRosada Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 163]


Leah Clearwater has lost the love of her life and her humanity due to the existence of vampires, werewolves and the magic of imprinting. She doesn't mean to be jealous of her friends, family and immortal "acquaintances", but when everyone else is paired off she can't help feeling bitter. When she finally imprints it should be a blessing, a chance for her to finally start over and live a happy life.


But apparently Edward and Bella aren't the only star-crossed lovers in Forks...


He stared at me then. Half confused, half furious. But not as furious as I was, as I stared back into his beautiful, blazing, blood red eyes.

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Aro, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Embry, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jared, Jasper, Leah, Other Character, Paul, Quil, Renesmee, Rosalie, Sam, Seth
Series: Leah in Love
Chapters: 10 Completed: No Word count: 62127
[Report This] Published: November 06, 2009 Updated: November 15, 2011

Latent Prints by Cerena Rated: R starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 50]


Six-year-old Nessie has led a life so sheltered that her first day of high school is cause for giddiness, her rapid aging so far having kept her confined to her family circle. But just when she's starting to worry that her strangeness will keep her cloistered up forever, she witnesses a tragic event and starts to accumulate life experience fast. The event forces Leah to come home from a stint as a ranger up in the Yukon, and she and Nessie click as freaks who wish they could be more normal. Their mutual understanding quickly starts evolving into something more, but the problem is that each considers Jake to be her best and oldest friend. Nessie knows that Jake is powerfully attached to her, though she doesn't know just how powerfully, and neither she nor Leah knows how to keep him from getting badly hurt. 


Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Angela, Bella, Edward, Jacob, Leah, Nessie, Renesmee
Series: Leah in Love
Chapters: 18 Completed: Yes Word count: 82995
[Report This] Published: February 15, 2010 Updated: October 25, 2010


Part of the Imprinting: The Mating Imperative Series, this is the imprint story that will rock the pack AND you!

If you have not yet read Wolf Girls 101, then you really need to do that. Like, now.

If you are familiar with the series, then this is the story that had you, my wonderful readers, sending me !!!!s galore.

New banner by evieeden!

Excerpt from Chapter Four:

To my surprise, Bella Call chuckled and claimed one of her children from Embry's arms. "You are so gonna need my help, Leah. Are you going to phase for him?"


What was it with everyone trying to get me naked and furry in front of Charlie Swan?


Categories: AU Characters: Leah
Series: Imprinting: The Mating Imperative, Leah in Love
Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes Word count: 25451
[Report This] Published: April 10, 2010 Updated: July 01, 2010


dEFYINGdESTINY-TWO1-1.jpg picture by shaybevans

"An elder once told me never to question one's journey until you've walked a mile in their shoes. I was only fourteen years old then. Who knew that the love of my life would betray me- coldheartedly? Now, I am judged...and ridiculed for the feelings I hold about my past. My journey hasn't been easy and nor had I expected it to be, but I can't refrain from asking the typical question..."Why me?" Yes, they're getting married! Yes, I agreed to be in their dumb ass wedding! Do I have to like it? Hell No!"

Come with me on a journey back to the Quileute Reservation and meet Miss Leah Clearwater, the only female shape-shifter. Leah has snagged a job at the Seattle Times just to get a break from the reservation. She has found herself dreaming about her high school sweetheart, Sam Uley. However, Sam and Emily, her second cousin, are in the final planning stages of their wedding; a wedding that, although she wants no part of, she must participate in to support her cousin. How will Leah cope? Whom will she turn to for solace? What does the future hold for Leah?


Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Billy, Brady, Claire, Collin, Embry, Emily, Jacob, Jared, Kim, Leah, Other Character
Series: The Dirty, Horny Girls Chronicles, Leah in Love
Chapters: 4 Completed: No Word count: 26828
[Report This] Published: August 25, 2009 Updated: December 19, 2009



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