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Unusual by Delta_Skelta
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Summary: "You can come with us, Blair. You're one of a kind, a facinating creature. So much can be learned from you, and you'd be so much stronger, if only you'd give it the chance."I folded my arms. "But so many of you dream of being human. Why would I willingly give that away?""You wouldn't! You'd still be the same girl as the one standing before me now; blonde-haired, hazel eyed as ever, only then you'd be immortal.""My human blood is too strong. You know and I know that I can never be immortal in this rnform.""Blair...""You say that I could change that at any time I wanted, and live as a human again. If I'm trying to experience a vampire life, isn't that cheating? No other vampire would get that choice. Besides, why would I want to change my mind after living your life? It would be on my mind for my whole life, knowing how many lives I'd have taken.""Then don't give it up! Stay as one forever! Or as close to forever as you can get. It would be worth it."I hesitated, seeing his reasons and considering his offer. Maybe he was right...When Blair Harare discovers a frightening thing about herself, she has a choice to make; live the normal, happy life she always wanted, or bend towards her diluted, but still strongly dominent vampire part, and live as her great-grandfather and her grandfather do, feeding off blood, and always being strong, while she aged so slowly that she might as well be immortal in that prospect. Both hold their appeals, and have their advantages and disadvantages, so it comes down to what she thinks is best for herself. What is she going to do?
Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn
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