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Reviews For Solstice
Reviewer: snowwolf (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2009 08:36 PM · On: Premonition

how can i describe this chapter...AMAZING! i could picture every event happening in this one as it went along. it seemed as though i felt every one of their emotions and actions as they did them this chapter.

way to go woot!

Author's Response:

Thanks!!! This chapter took a while to write, I kept having to stop and think about how to convey the strong emotions that everyone was feeling. Bella fell back to Edward for comfort and of course Rosalie resorted to a physical release. I'm glad it felt genuine and believable to the reader.
Thank you so much for your continued reviews!! It means more than you know!

Reviewer: sick_masochistic_lion (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2009 08:09 PM · On: Premonition

WOW- i dont even know what else to say but simply wow. i know i always say how well written every chapter is and how you convey feelings like a godess would, but this was just out of control amazing. you seriosuly had me crying for a good 3 quarters of the chapter. now my eyes are red like lilys. When i read this i just felt that pang of emotion every time lily refused the cullens to fight and it was heart wrenching. the way that lily loves bella is just admiration and i hate to see them having to be torn apart like this. it is really just flipping lilys life upside down and she just got settled down with the cullen who love her so dearly. when i think about marcus being lilys father i am honestly disgusted. i would never ever want to see lily living with the volturi being so close to aro and jane and alec. although i really do respect lilys decision - she is so selfless and i love that she would do anything to make surethat the cullens are safe but i just want her to be at home where she belongs with edward bella and rose. they need to fight for her she needs to stay with them! i really pity rose- if lily leaves her life will be torn up like she even said she would just be looking at the bacck window doing nothing. the differnce between rose before getting to know lily being stuck up and self absorbed but now she would do anything, and i mean anything for lily and the thought of her loosing her life for lack of a better term would be like her losing emmett. she truly believes tht lily is hers and i just dont want to see her go back to being the old rose. and daniel i feel like he doesnt know what to do here he is trying to understand what lily is doing and ofcourse he will go with her to the volturi. but i feel like he doesnt truly understand what leacving the cullens will do to lily. until the dream and they he feels exactly what leaving will infact do to her the immense loss that she feels for rose and bella. of course i want nothing more then for lily to stay with the cullens for the rest of eternity but if worst comes to worst and she ends up going with the volturi i hope her idea with she splitting the time works i really hope that marcus will be able to see his daughter happy and that be what he sares about like charlie and bella and let her to continue living her life to the fullest, with the cullens!!! it is so sad to see her hurting so bad that she even thinks about trying to kill herself she needs bella and rose and edward and everyone else so much! this chapter is just oozing feeling and love and suspence and i cant wait to see what comes next with the volturi but with the lead in from this chapter it can only be extrodanary- great great great great x1000000 you are just so talented to be able to come up with this and it astounds me every single time!  and now i need to go fish around for a tissue blow my nose!

Author's Response:

This was a hard chapter to write. And even now when I go back and read it, I still get teary eyed. Very hard on everyone to have to let her go, even if it is only for a little while... Marcus is fair will agree to Lily's 'joint custody' idea.
But just when Lily's finally happy, she's being torn away. I don't know who's hurting worse, Lily or Rosalie. Obvioulsy Bella is hurting but she has Renesmee to consider. Daniel is just at a loss as to how to comfort Lily, there's not really anything he can do except be there for her and let her know that he's there, and that's the only thing keeping Lily together at this point.
I'm glad I was able to convey just how devestated everyone is over her leaving.
Thank you for the review... as always!!

Reviewer: snowwolf (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2009 07:49 PM · On: Trevor and Jack

...woot to some action in there! likey likey.

Reviewer: sick_masochistic_lion (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2009 03:39 PM · On: Trevor and Jack

Im thrilled that there was no real fight between Trevor, Jack and the Cullens because i feel like they were just little obstacles in the grand scheme of things and thats why their appearence had little impact on the chapter. I was truly scared for a secodn there when Rose was lying motionless on the ground. I was worried that something would happen to her and that would be BAD! I absolutley love when Lily and Bella talk i feel like besides the fact that Bella is Lily's mother for all intents and purposes-that they are best friends too and can openly talk about anything. Though i am a little confused on why Lily is struggling with her relashionship with Daniel- the not enough, but to much idea- but im sure that it will all be explained in the future becuase thats what u do best- get your point out! The Volturi!!! NOOO i hate when they come and disrupt the peace but i know that it must be down =( Cant wait to see how that story line plays out! great, fabulous, outstanding, amazing and all other positive encourging adjectives out there work! cant wait to see what twists and turn you have up your sleeves for us next chapter but ill be here waiting just like always!

Author's Response:

Lily would not have taken it very well if Rosalie had been hurt.
And the thing with Daniel? He's still on probation, remember. They aren't 'supposed' to be together yet but Lily wants to so bad and she's afraid of angering Bella. Lily is just so torn between being with him and not upsetting Bella that it's very hard for her. She finally gave in to her feelings and it only made her feel guilty and cling to Bella. That's the struggle Lily is having with Daniel.
And yes, the Volturi brings trouble, but probably not the way you're expecting... *big grin* In the next chapter, Alice sees them coming and why...
Thanks so much for your reviews... Love, love, love reading them!! (;


Reviewer: twilightdawns (Signed) · Date: May 18, 2009 01:08 AM · On: One of the Family

OOhh My Gosh great so want to read the next chapter plz plz hurry up

Reviewer: freckles9399 (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2009 07:35 PM · On: One of the Family

oh man i was really getting into this and now a freakin cliff hanger !!!! just my luck ,ok i will be patient ...hurry up beta !! hugs =)

Reviewer: freckles9399 (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2009 06:46 PM · On: Surprise!

i absolutley love how they brought Daniel back to her so awesome ,i love how you had him being changed in the past it really brings her some peace and happiness to her life well done now lets see...what will happen when his makers get to forks shall we ???

Reviewer: freckles9399 (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2009 09:07 AM · On: First Impressions (Part 1)

 I started with Liliy Honeycutt and now im reading solstice. I love the story it is amazing I was reading "Lily" so fast i didnt think to stop and leave a review ,so i am now =) thanks for writing. I love it so much.

Author's Response:

So glad you are enjoying the story. Lots of twists, turns, tears and surprises to come... Enjoy!

Reviewer: Blackcatwitchgirl (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2009 10:46 PM · On: One of the Family

I absolutly adore this story!

I can't wait for Trevor and Jack to arrive, and the scene with the old employee man was one of my favorites. I love the whole family dynamic you have created, and how Lilly is finaly getting to be cared for like she should have been from the beginning. Rose's personality change is amazing and I love that Lilly can sort of give her the child she wants so bad. Please please please keep up with the awesome updates. Preferably soon, but anytime is great!


Author's Response:

Yeah, the old guy was such a skeez, I almost had Rose go back but that would've upset Lily so I just let it go. Rosalie is still the bitch that she always has been, Lily has just been able to crack her hard exterior so we can see how soft and kind Rose can be. Lily was able to bring out her softer side, but Rose still has that hard chisled edge to her. If anyone were to hurt Lily, it would come out with a vengeance. (hint hint)
So glad you're enjoying the story. I had a blast writing it! And the story is complete, 20 chapters, only a matter of posting and validating. So no worries! There will be more, promise! Enjoy! ;)

Reviewer: sick_masochistic_lion (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2009 07:08 PM · On: One of the Family


 A very nice relaxing way to start up again. I just really love how you express what each character feels in their dialouge. i feel like you just simply hit it irectly on target and it impresses me mucho amounts. Lily and Rose are just so cute together i wan to squeeze their cheeks. I enjoy that they can bond while working on cars together. I cant wait for big Ems take down of Trevor and Jack- waiting anxiously to see whats next!

great work as always- truly amazing

Author's Response:

They can't all be "I never saw that coming!" chapters! :) A little down time, a little relax time before things get really going again. Thanks for mentioning the dialouge, I struggled with their convsersations a lot, trying to convey just how they felt. I'm glad to hear that I pulled it off. ;)
Up next, 'Trevor and Jack' then back to the "I never saw that coming!" chapters! :) Enjoy!!
As always, thanks for your continued reviews!

Reviewer: snowwolf (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2009 03:56 PM · On: One of the Family

once again. i bow down to your greatness.

Author's Response:


Reviewer: Wolf_Lover (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2009 12:05 PM · On: One of the Family

yay i can't wait?! i hope Emmett lies the "Smackdown" on them i love Emmett and Jacob!?!?!?! please continue writing !!?

peace out


Author's Response:

Ah, will there be roasted vampire? Unfortunately, Jacob sits out the 'smackdown'. Edward and Bella thought it was best for him to take Renesmee to the Res for the day. But Leah gets her teeth in the action! ;)
No worries! The story is completely written. There are 20 chapters and it's just a matter of getting the chapters posted and validated. Apparently there are lots and lots of stories being posted and only so many betas to keep up with the influx... But be patient, the whole story will be posted, I promise!!
Thanks for reading and reviewing! I love to hear everyone's reaction, it keeps me writting more stories!

Reviewer: inlove22 (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2009 04:39 AM · On: One of the Family

finally they are coming:)

Reviewer: sick_masochistic_lion (Signed) · Date: May 11, 2009 03:08 PM · On: The Game

yay! your beta comes home tomorrow=)

Author's Response:

I know, woohoo! And I'm really hoping she's in a 'validating' mood!! :)

Reviewer: amberlady22 (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2009 11:52 AM · On: The Game

more...please...i'm dying!

Reviewer: amberlady22 (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2009 10:23 AM · On: Surprise!

i'm loving this story...this series..great work!

Reviewer: snowwolf (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:38 PM · On: The Game

Again, such a heart warming chapter! I like how your adding chapters that do not deal with any huge plot or drama, but just daily life.


great chapter!

Reviewer: sick_masochistic_lion (Signed) · Date: May 05, 2009 03:11 PM · On: The Game

Im happy your beta was able to get this chapter out before she left. GO BETA!


I like this chapter alot. Especially that is is just a calm fun chapter. It makes it seem that the Cullen can have a normal (well as normal as vampires get) life once in a while. I like that you took the baseball scene which was such a life altering event in the book and made it a fun experience for everyone. I feel like that was kind of a welcome to the family game for Daniel. I love reading about how differnt Rose is around Lily because it makes me feel that Lily is Rose's purpose for this life her way to be a mother if you will, or at least a protector. urgh! at least one week with no update will be painful but im sure there will be something juicy when it returns!! great job as always your work is literally perfection and i dont know how the hell you do it, but you do and you do it well!

Author's Response:

I thought it was time to slow things down and give the impression that the Cullen family can be a regular family. It only proved to strengthen the bonds between everyone. They'll need it later... ;)
This chapter and the next chapter slow down a little but two chapters away Trevor and Jack show up and the action starts again. Then the Volturi make good on thier promise for a follow up visit and everything just goes awry... in both good ways and bad...
I hate I have to wait over a week for more reviews! But I guess even betas are allowed to go on vacation... sigh ((((I'm pouting))))
And as always, that's so much for your continued reviews!

Reviewer: Wolf_Lover (Signed) · Date: May 05, 2009 02:44 PM · On: The Game

great i can't wait for the visits from volturi and daniels makers i know they will be great!?!?

Reviewer: TyreeThomas (Signed) · Date: May 04, 2009 06:24 PM · On: Boundaries

More!  More!  More!

Reviewer: monkeylover95 (Signed) · Date: May 04, 2009 03:51 PM · On: Boundaries

i love it exspeacly whene edwared let damial stay over i hope hell trst danalil and i hope that danail never herts her but i dont think he would

Reviewer: snowwolf (Signed) · Date: May 04, 2009 03:34 PM · On: Boundaries

I LOVE IT!!! haha theres the review..


the end.




totally kidding. there was so much to this chapter and i loved every second of it. i feel like there is more to do with rose that we dont know yet.

why would lily draw a picture of her mother (when emmett pointed it out) that looked exactly like rose in the first story?


does that make sense?

Author's Response:

There is more to Rosalie... :) Maybe not what everyone expects (or maybe 'exactly' what everyone expects), but there is more there. Lots more story with twists, turns and tears to come!

Reviewer: sick_masochistic_lion (Signed) · Date: May 04, 2009 02:58 PM · On: Boundaries

dont worry! im here! i would never just skip reviewing a chapter bc i got a lot to say!!

first off MAY 12! i know its not really that far away and thanks in advance for that information but i hate not knowing whats happening with Lily. i'm like becoming attached to her, is that weird? im sure it is but who cares, right?!

Okay so, this chapter was great, even though there wasnt like an 'OH WOW' moment it was still just as captivating as all the others! Im liking how your making Daniel a good boy, wouldnt want to defy big bad Edward with his probational rules. Although i might be more scared of Rosalie in this case. Its like the teenage hormones are going off and i like that Lily gives into them becuase it makes it seem more realistic then to just have your soul mate chillin downstairs while you can't sleep so cuddos for that one. Also another fabulous idea was that whole blood drawing scene-AWESOME. I wasnt expecting Edward to cave so easily becasue hes always so overprotective but he saw no other way for Daniel to be trusted around Lily becuase at some point in eternity there is bound to be blood, thats at least how i interpreted it. I think that it is sooooo cute that even after a day like Emmett said they still are head over heels like theve been together for hundreds of years. That bring me to a question! How old is Daniel physiclly? becuase it said they were togetherfor 5 years and they met when he was 15 so does that mean that he is 20 or so years old?  Anyway i was hoping for Emmett sake that he could have a little fun with Travis and Jack because its always fun to read about an Emmett ass kicking. I am truly curious about why the Volturi are coming, I HATE THEM! I wonder what they are going to try and take from the Cullens perfect life now. But i hope that Alice can forsee if there is going to be a battle that is going to break out. Also, Lilys little talk with Bella was perfect. it was the exact conversation that they needed to have at that point and you created a great dialouge between them. I would have only hoped that Lily wouldnt leave them becuase they are so close its like they werent even sepearted for those other 80 years of Lilys life. Daniel being Daniel of course wouldnt make her leave with him. I think that he is going to show a lot more Edward like characteristics as the story goes on. I like though that Lily said that just to get it off her chest because honesty is the best policy. Im also wondering that if while Lilys sleeping Mommy Daddy and Boyfriend are going to have a little chit-chat!

Like i always say again and again and again YOUR AMAZING!!!! but like i mean it every time becuase every chapter is formulated to the T and they always have such a mixture of feelings and problems that all tie together in some sort of magical way to make the stroy work, which of course it does. so keep doing what your doing becuase im behind you all the way!!!!

(ill try to be paitent this time, i really, really will!)

Author's Response:

I know... May 12th. I have another chapter already in the queue but it's very unlikely it will be validated before she leaves. BUMMER!!! And don't feel bad, I'm extremely attached to Lily too! (And I know how the story ends ;)
Well, they can't all be Surprise! chapters. I do try to give every chapter a main focus and this one was about learning how far she can go, with Edward, Bella, Rosalie and even Daniel. And I'm with you, I'd be a lot more scared of Rose than Edward.
I love the blood drawing scene too, just the was Lily handled it. No one expected any of it! Lily thought that Rose would never go for it and Rose thought Edward would never go for it then Daniel proved them all wrong.
Daniel is very much like Edward, he has his dark side (he killed his mom), but unlike Edward, Daniel knows he could never hurt Lily in any capacity no matter what. Daniel is physically 19 or 20.
The Volturi is coming for a follow-up visit. Emmett does get to have fun with Trevor and Jack. And I had to make sure that Daniel knew that Lily is staying with her family of vampires. Only Bella could've started that conversation because it's always mommy who fears her baby leaving the nest.
Can't do the chit-chat with Mommy, Daddy and Boyfriend because it's 'first person', if Lily doesn't see it or hear it, she doesn't know it happened. I thought about that and relaying it through Renesmee back to Lily, but Renesmee sleeps at night too. Everything that needs to be said is eventually said though! :)
Again, thank you sooooo much for loving the story and for your awesome reviews!!
And... Patience grasshoppa!! I know it sucks but it will be worth the wait!
ToN ;)

Reviewer: Silm3ria (Signed) · Date: May 04, 2009 02:46 PM · On: Boundaries

I'm So loving the Lily stories!! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much!!! I've gotten way attached to Lily too! Lots more to come...

Reviewer: Wolf_Lover (Signed) · Date: May 04, 2009 12:08 PM · On: Boundaries

awwww that was absolutely fantabulous© i can't wait till after may 12 when your beta comes back because that was utterly amazing!?!?!


peace out


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