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Reviews For The Peppered Moth
Reviewer: WinniePony (Signed) · Date: September 13, 2009 12:24 AM · On: People and Things that went Before

Okay, but Alice knew she had a sister. Why didn't she find record of her brother until now? Other than that, though, these past two chapters have been good. I'm excited for more. =D

Author's Response:

  The reason Alice didn't know about her brother is something i will illuminate on later. There is a reason WHY she didn't know.

  The first she has heard about him is these certificates, but their parents hid his exisitance, just as they did Alice's, for a reason. That is why she doesn't know about him.

  I hope things will fall into place for you as the story continues. Please carry on letting me know what you think.

 Thanks for the review :)

Reviewer: wendeline (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2009 02:43 AM · On: People and Things that went Before

i love it.

Author's Response:

 Thank you for the review! I finally made 10 reviews! Theres another chapter waiting in the wings, so expect that early next week.

Reviewer: Daisy-Chain (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2009 09:01 PM · On: People and Things that went Before

This is really interesting. And well written. i love the structure of your writing, with succinct little lines here and there, and the back and forth of the actual story.

i enjoy Alice stories like this. They're always very clever in the way that they unfold and the way the pieces of her past fall into place. This is certainly no exception.

Well done.

i noticed that this isn't one of those stories that gets 30+ reviews per chapter, but it probably deserves it more than a lot of them. But that generally happens with anything that isn't all about Edward and Bella. i hope it doesn't deter you from completing this, as it really is a fantastic piece of writing.

Thank you.

Author's Response:


  You're right. This writing doesn't get many reviews and i've always put it down to the fact it's an Alice fanfic. Its a shame because i do crave reviews and its a little disappointing to come on and only find one or two reviews after i've put up a new chapter. But thanks for the encouragement - i'll make sure to carry on writing, and maybe i'll get more!

  I try to write in a style not dissimilar to Stephenie Meyer, as it makes it more believable and it could easier fit in with the Twilight style of writing.

  Hopefully there will be enough twists and turns throughout the story to keep you interested. Please keep me posted!

  Jo :)

Reviewer: ludo (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2009 11:16 PM · On: Race against Time

really loving it so far, great to read a story without any jacob/bella angst in it, getting sooooo over that. Yor writing flows beautifully, cant wait to read more

Author's Response:

Thanks. Yeah, i refuse to read any Jacob/Bella angst, but then i'm totally team Bellie! I always disliked Jacob for trying to be with Bella. I'm working on my style of writing so forgive me if it changes a bit.

The next update should come in the next day or two! Yay! I'm on a roll!

Reviewer: pnayz4life (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2009 09:54 PM · On: Race against Time

I really like your story and I am really interested to see where you take it. I haven't come across any Alice stories, such as your own, that have caught my attention. Yours seems the most believeable to have happened in relation to the Twilight series...

Keep the imaginaive juices flowing and updae soon!! ^_^

Author's Response:

 So glad you see my Alice story as different. That was what i wanted to do with it. Everyone always writes a predictable past for Alice, but i wanted to make it exciting. I mean, she can't remember anything about it - surely that makes for some interesting plot twists?!

 I am trying to focus on how Alice would have found all this out within believability. I don't think waking up and remembering it all is valid. Also it seems boring to churn out the story but finish with the clause 'but alice will never know any of this'.

  Oh yeah, my juices are flowing (in the non-dodgy sense, unless its for Edward), and the next chapter is already waiting to be approved. I sooooo hope you enjoy it. Let me know! ;p

Reviewer: Penny_Dreadful (Signed) · Date: June 29, 2009 07:41 PM · On: Past Unanswered

I love it!!!! :D please update asap x0x0x

Author's Response:

I have updated and am awaiting a new chapter to be approved. Please let me know what you think.

Reviewer: ac1984 (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2009 12:44 AM · On: Past Unanswered

please write more to this, i really enjoyed it.

Author's Response:

I have updated and am awaiting a new chapter to be approved. Please let me know what you think.

Reviewer: alwaysAvamp (Signed) · Date: April 01, 2009 12:53 AM · On: Past Unanswered

love this, i can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

I have updated and am awaiting a new chapter to be approved. Please let me know what you think.

Reviewer: WinniePony (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2009 04:00 PM · On: Past Unanswered

This is a really cute story. We know so little about Alice's past that you could really take this in any direction. Definitely interesting, can't wait to read more. =D

Author's Response:

I have updated and am awaiting a new chapter to be approved.

Oh, i have a pretty sure idea of where this story is going now. Just wait and see! *evil cackle*

Sorry its taken me so long to reply, but please review and let me know if its going in a interesting direction

Reviewer: jedishelly1 (Signed) · Date: February 21, 2009 01:54 PM · On: Prologue

A great start to what I'm certain will be a really wonderful story! I'm looking forward to reading more!  The way you describe Alice's thoughts/feelings about being locked up in the asylum seem really in-character and convincing.

Best of luck with the rest of the fic!


Author's Response:

 Aww. Thanks, i do try and get as much in character for the chapter im writing to get their feelings spot on. The Prologue was a pretty depressing one as you can imagine. I had to listen to alot of dark music, and shut myself away in my room.

  I hope you think this story is living up to what you imagine. Please let me know, i really love REVIEWS!

Reviewer: Jody (Signed) · Date: February 21, 2009 09:26 AM · On: Prologue

good job. I hope you update more I have always woundered more about alice's past

Author's Response:

Oooops! I may not have updated very quickly for the last few months, but i'm picking up the pace now.

 The fourth chapter is waiting to be approved and i'm already churning out the next.

 Have a quick read and let me know what you think of the newest chapters please

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