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Reviews For High Noon
Reviewer: bltth26 (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2020 09:43 PM · On: Epilogue

I enjoyed this! Thanks 

Reviewer: Pams (Signed) · Date: April 30, 2018 12:49 AM · On: Epilogue

Loved this story  Was expecting Ian to tell Rob that he would be leaving but would return and then for Leah to tell him she was pregnant   I only read and watched the Twilight saga last year (thought it was teen nonsense but was quite surprised) I am a grandma but read just about anything from kids books to the classics so long as its an entertaining story and yours was just that  Thankyou for writing it

Reviewer: Karmabites76 (Signed) · Date: October 01, 2015 01:02 AM · On: Epilogue

A fantastic story! Love it!

Reviewer: Phb4367 (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2015 11:53 PM · On: Epilogue

Really enjoyed the story

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2015 04:48 AM · On: Epilogue

  Short and sweet.

  'The extended Cullen family had lived on QuilCullen, and in Sweden, New Zealand, Argentina, and Canada but they were finally returning to Forks. For Edward and Bella, Forks would always be the place they thought of as home. After all, it was where their life had truly begun.'        Of course.        ^_^

  'Over on the reservation the Quileute wolves were excited to have Jacob's pack nearby again. These days it consisted of Seth, Embry, and Jake with Jake's sons Hank and Billy.(...)        All of Jake and Ness's sons who phased had been sent to train with Sam. Three more of Jake's sons and five of his grandsons were training with him when their family moved back to Forks.(...) Hank and Billy had both imprinted on girls they met while in Washington and had since married, starting families of their own. It was their sons who were Sam's newest trainees.'        Nice this thing of keeping the bond between packs. 

  It's obvious that Nessie and Jake's kids got the Wolf thing.  I just wonder if they have anything vampiric too.

  Also, about Hank and Billy...  Their wives are mortals, aren't they?  I wonder what will happen in the future.

  'Seth had imprinted on Ness and Jake's daughter Sarah Renee. They were married and had five children, two of whom were training in Sam's pack.'        HAH!!  Did Jake flip out when Seth imprinted on his little girl, just like Edward and Bella did?  Would be a little hypocryte on his part, but I can totally see him going berserk on poor Seth.        :-P

  Anyway, it's good to see his place in the family secured.

  And, since you mentioned Embry is still around, but said nothing about a wife, I imagine he's still the eternal (literally) bachelor.

  Leah, Rob, Charlie, Billy, Renee, Sue...  *sigh*  They will be missed.  Guess not everybody is cut out for immortality, in the end.  About Leah, was she right about the no children?  Good thing Rob didn't mind, if it was the case.

  Nice glimpse into their future, O2.  It's a bright picture.  I assume things are (relatively) in peace in the vampire world, with the new supervisors?

  Thank you for the action, the family moments, the surprises...  for everything, O2.  It was a good ride.        ^_^

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2015 03:43 AM · On: Chapter 21

  'In the end, Marcus went with him, but Aro knew that the hold Chelsea had placed on Marcus was weakening. Before long, Marcus would leave Volterra. Aro sighed. He would be the last of the Volturi. Then his thoughts brightened. He could begin again… and create a new Guard. They must be talented, of course, but he could see to that by finding just the right humans to turn. This time there would be no mistakes – he would rule alone.'        *tsk*        Completely delusional...

  "My name is Robert McKay and I knew your secret long before meeting any of these people."        "Well," Aro huffed. "Who told you? That is against our most basic law."        "My spirit companion told me when I was a child."        "Bah! There is no such thing!"        Carlisle disagreed, "Actually, there is. Esme and I were visited by Irina's spirit during the evening following our last meeting with you."(...)                "I have a message for the two of you," said Rob. "My spirit companion, Ian, has made a new friend who knows you. The message is from her. I assume you both remember Didyme…"        The end.  You won't be missed, Aro.  Well...  Except, maybe, for Sulpicia.

  Kind of sad, what happened with Marcus.  But there wasn't really another path for him, I guess, being immortal.  And, since he and Didyme are back together... 

  "We would like to ask you to stay with us as a more immediate part of our family than in the past. Denali is gone and, while you could rebuild, it would never be the same.(...)  I'm sure you'll want to talk about it, but please consider it! We would love to have you live with us."(...)        "We would be honored. Since our lifestyle is an anomaly in our world, it's perhaps better for us to actually be considered one family."        Sweet!  And it will make any upstart to think thrice before messing with them.  And I see what you meant about the change in the castle floorplans.        ^_^

  Looks like they covered everything about the new supervision of the vampire world.  And made it more light-handed.  Good.

  'When she pulled away, she grinned again. "I have to tell you something."        "Yeah?" He kissed her again.        "Jake, pay attention. You're going to be a father." Ness watched his face carefully and was delighted to see the stunned look change to one of joy and wonder.'        Woohoo!  And what a perfect perfect timing.

  Charlie continues to keep himself sadly in the dark (or at least pretend he does), but looks like life will be a lot better from now on.        ;)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2015 11:28 AM · On: Chapter 20

  '"Stay safe, Bells. This whole thing your family has going feels to me like you're hiding out… which means there's something to hide from. I'm not asking what it is (...) … so promise me that you'll do your best to stay safe and keep Ness safe."        "I will, Dad," Bella promised him. For all Charlie's efforts to keep his blinders firmly in place, there were times when his perception astounded her.'        Bella doesn't come after just Renee, it seems.      :)

  "They've fought newborn armies for years. How could they emulate the very behavior they've punished?"        "Because it works," answered Jasper. "It wouldn't be the first thing that's changed. The Volturi used to be a force for justice in the vampire world. Now they trump up excuses to destroy lives."        "I hate to break this to you, Jasper, but when I was with the Guard, I thought I was helping to bring justice. Only recently did I discover, looking back, that the Volturi were never about anything but power."        I didn't think anyone still had any illusions about that.  But I guess it's a comforting idea, hard to drop.

    "It's time to notify everyone. And we have to go back to Forks. That's where Caius will be heading in ten days. He has no other trail and is on a destructive tear. Forks and La Push will both need to be protected."        I should have seen that coming, given their current blindness, but I admit I didn't.        :-/

  'Jasper and Alice sought his friends, Peter and Charlotte, who were operating a costume shop in New Orleans.'        A shop?  Those two?  Given their lifestyle, I'm surprised.

  "I plan to kill Caius. I don't care what happens to me, but I have to be the one to kill him."(...)        "Almost seven years ago he destroyed Irina out of spite. She had committed no capital crime.(...) And then he took our home away from us. Denali is gone… after hundreds of years. I can't just let it stand, Kate. His death must be by my hand."        "I'll agree, Tanya. But he has wronged so many people that it's only fair that others may also choose to take a part."        "As long as I get to begin the attack on him, I can accept the involvement of others."        "Good choice," said Garrett. He clapped Henri on the back. "With that attitude we may still have a thousand years, or more, together."        And thank you very much for doing it so.  By the way, considering Caius' trauma with werewolves, it was a nice touch to let Jacob finish him.        *evil grin again*        X-)

  'They knew that Aro would come, with or without another force. He had to.'        He had to?  What?  Commit suicide?  But I guess this is about his power driven mindset, right?  To give it up simply isn't on him.  But all I can see him trying is to deceive them with words, or maybe a vengeful murder of someone significant, as a last act.  Maybe Carlisle.

  As far as foolish moves go, Caius got the 1st place trophy (well, they may put his ashes into it, at least).  Just one more (main) pest to go.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2015 04:03 AM · On: Chapter 19

  "Call Denali. Tell them to get out and come here. Now!"        Edward pulled out his cell phone and called Eleazar. "Alice says to get out now! Come here immediately!"        And...  it begins!

  "To think that, after all these years, we would be running from the Volturi in fear for our lives!"        Her husband responded somberly, "A few years ago I would never have believed it if someone told me they would do this. I believed in them, Carmen. I was so sure that they were a positive force in our world. All that time I thought that their actions, while often regrettable, were necessary."        Poor Eleazar!  Imagine the guilt; all the years he loyally served those thugs.        :(

  'Caius arrived with his force after the Denalis had received warning, but before their plane left Anchorage.'        You startled me here.  I just calmed after I saw they flew from Anchorage without being intercepted.  Ah, relieved breath!

  "So Denali was destroyed because of our relationship with you?" Henri queried.        Jasper nodded. "Mostly."(...)        "The Volturi don't understand our way of life, not as vegetarians nor as family.(...) For both our families to be so large and committed to one another is not only something completely outside their understanding but something they see as an aberration and one that is dangerous to their own power. Especially if they thought we might have merged into one group."        Yeah, I remember Marcus silly assessment of the likelihood of such a large coven sticking together.  A coven, perhaps. But a family...        :-T

  And roll the drums of war!  Esme's question, however, is pertinent.  I can't see the Culllens being the enforcers, applying death penalties as necessary.  I also wonder what kind of law the new "government" will establish...

  "Did you know Didyme?" Rob asked.        Startled, Carlisle asked, "You're sure that's her name?"(...)        "She says her brother killed her."(...)        As usual, Marcus preferred to be left alone. His memories were his only company, just as much as they had been in the days of glory. In them, Didyme still lived and life had much to offer. The deteriorating power base around him meant nothing; it never had.'        Ian is gold!  As for Marcus, well, I can't see him taking this new bit graciously.        :-|

  That's it!  The confrontation we were all expecting.  Let's see how the Volturi feel when they are the ones facing some tough justice.        *evil grin*

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2015 07:07 AM · On: Chapter 18

  "Why are we going so soon? They just barely moved there. Let them settle in."        "I would. But this isn't just for a visit. We've been invited to a wedding."        "Tell them no."         "If it was almost anyone else I would. But not in this case. I have to be there. Leah is getting married."        "No, she's not…" He turned around and stared at her, incredulous.        "It seems that she is."(...)        "She had to have just met him. Tell her it's too soon to marry him," Charlie advised. He turned back to the television and picked up the remote.(...)        "I suppose I could go without you. You don't have to go. Billy's going to perform the ceremony. We can travel together. The Cullens are providing first class airline tickets."        "Perfect. Just great." Charlie hunched his shoulders and returned his attention to the game.        Sue watched him with a slight smile. Finally she asked, "Does that mean you're going?"        The answer was another growl. "Yes."        Heheh!!  Charlie is grumpy funny.  Hmm...  Am I mixing my vibes, or did I really get a note of jealousy towards Billy?        P-)

  '"The way I see it, vampires are simply humans transformed to another level.(...) I've been told that your family has chosen to drink from animals rather than humans. Since I believe that's true, there is nothing to concern me and only a group of fascinating people that I'll attempt to befriend." His widened grin was ingenuous enough to prompt Jasper to return a smile.(...)        "Another preconceived notion shattered by someone who refuses to be a stereotype… or to acknowledge them."        "It's enough to give you a new perspective on the individual, isn't it?" Carlisle mused. "We've been on earth for so long that we tend to think in the generalities of groups instead of looking at each person as unique. It's a good lesson." He smiled at Jasper, who nodded thoughtfully back at him.'        Cool.        ^_^

  '"Just be sure you get dressed in your parents' room so Charlie can take you down the stairs."(...)        "Seth and Mom are giving me away." She glanced at Bella and Ness apologetically. "Charlie is a nice guy, but he's not my dad."(...)        Leah hadn't expected to find the process relaxing but, to her surprise, she found she was enjoying herself. Alice was much nicer than she had given her credit for being. They might even be able to be friends… if she could get used to the smell.'        Apologizing to two vampires, eyeing Alice as a potential friend, the hug she gave her later, plus other small marks...  Who is this girl and where did she stash Leah?        :-P

  Waaaaay better to watch post-Rob Leah.  Good chapter, O2.  Really!

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2015 06:49 AM · On: Chapter 12

  'Jacob swallowed hard. He wished he knew what her parents would say because they were his best friends and he didn't want them to be upset with him about Ness.'       He said they.  Not just Bella.  I really love when authors remember that, in the end of the books, Jake and Edward were beginning to be, or maybe were already full fledged, friends.       ^_^

  'Maggie came in from her greenhouse with her hands full of vegetables.(...) "What?!" Maggie said. "I'm sure you know what they are."         "Yes," said Alice, wrinkling her nose. "What we're wondering is why…."         "Gives us an income that looks normal and lets us scent out persons of interest"'       Persons of interest...  Is it how they call it now?       P-]

  'Alice watched them leave and made sure they were well out of hearing range before turning to Ness. "Well played," she approved.        Ness grinned at her aunt. "You should know, since you taught me and I only learn from the best."'        Wow.  Machiavellian.  But I choose to believe Jake isn't dumb enough to really fall for that.  He just wanted her to have her way.       ;)

  "They weren't ever supposed to have a relationship"         Her daughter raised her brown eyes to Bella's and said softly, "I think that's just mean. It was a while before I even knew I still had a Grandma. If I hadn't noticed her in your wedding photos and asked about her, I might never have known!"         "Ness, you know our lives aren't like normal human lives. You've always known that! Grandpa and I decided long ago that Renee was too fragile to handle this kind of unusual relationship"        Too fragile to handle...  Reminds anyone of something?  If it is how Edward handled Bella for quite a good part of the books, this is what I thought too.  One could think she would know better than to repeat the same mistake.  Assuming something without even considering the alternative, probing it, I mean.  But I guess she can be just as overprotective as her other half.

  You know, O2, when you told me, in the response to last chapter's review, that there would be only one awkward guest in the wedding, and that it would have been invited, my money was on Nahuel.  But I guess this trumps that with ease.  My hope is that Bella will owe some apologies, in the end.       :-]

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2015 06:38 AM · On: Chapter 11

  "They're perfect! I like the classical look to each figure, too. These aren't Disney versions. They look real."       Bella stood closely following the story of Cinderella before turning to answer Alice. "Maybe they are."       Esme looked startled. "What do you mean?"       "Look. These stories are generally known. Stories about vampires are known too. Few people have any idea that we exist. Or that the Quileutes could turn into giant wolves – most of their own people don't know it even though, again, they know the stories."       Ness followed her reasoning(...) "So it's possible that fairy tales happen too… somewhere."       Intriguing idea.  What, are you planning to make a crossover with Once Upon a Time?       :-P

  "I have a lot to do in that month," Alice said gaily. "I have a wedding to plan before we leave for QuilCullen."       "We're not getting married again yet," Rosalie said absently.(...)       "No," said Ness. "I am."       Ah, I was wondering about that.  After all, Esme made a room for the two of them; thinking about after her birthday, I suppose.  I can't see Edward very accepting of such arrangement otherwise.     ;)

  Thoughtful of Ness to plan it to happen before their move, as far as the part of the family that will stay in America is concerned.  Personally, I think the beach would have been a lovely place, but I imagine that, in this case, the Denali wouldn't be allowed in.  And certainly not their other friends, the (irk!) more traditional vampires.       :-T

  All in all, looks like QuilCullen will be a good place to live.  And I'm happy with Nessie and Jake "tying the knot".  Just hope there aren't unwanted guests in the wedding.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2015 06:31 AM · On: Chapter 10

  "She's only doing it to insult us, you know. It's her way of saying we smell too badly to ride with the windows closed."        "That's okay," Edward assured her. "I feel the same way about them. Don't you?"        "Actually I don't mind Seth's scent; he's always reminded me of Jake and I guess I've just gotten used to them. You're right about Leah though."        Interesting.  Affinity is everything, right?        :)


  'A completely new aura prevailed at the Volturi lair in Volterra – panic. It was subdued and never mentioned directly but it seemed incredible that a coven that made a point of avoiding human blood and blending into human society peacefully could be decimating the Volturi Guard.'        Oh, yeah!  Stop while you can, pals.  But, seriously, I have a hard time seeing Aro and Caius admiting defeat.  Their loss.  Literally.        :-P


  "These people have relationships that are too deep and too intense to be easily broken. It isn't just the mated pairs who have strong bonds. Siblings and friends are just as close. I don't know what it is about their strange lifestyle that fosters those ties, but they are unbreakable."        Well, guess this answers my question from last chapter's review.


  'Chelsea had been gone a month and, while her influence kept the twins loyal, they were no longer unquestioning when everything they knew was becoming increasingly unstable.'        Interesting, if these two are questioning, I imagine what's happening with the rest of the guard.  I guess Chelsea would have worked harder on their greater assets.


  A pity Aro wouldn't let Jane follow with her plan.  Cause it was stupid!  In her arrogance, she's disregarding the "Bella factor".        P-)


  "If it's an island, where would we go to school?"        "I think you'll like the answer to that. You won't… unless you want to attend a university or college somewhere in Europe. No more high school. It is an unnecessary part of the human charade as I've planned it."        Ah, that must be refreshing!  I imagine the island isn't inhabited by anyone else.


  "I love seeing Grandpa, but I'm glad I can go back to eating normally! I hate human food!"        Bella laughed. "You're probably healthier for it. Jake and the other boys eat way too much junk food!"        Ness made a face. "Chips are nasty!"        Heheh!


  So, Scotland, huh?  Must be interesting.  I imagine they will spend a lot in plane tickets for family visits between the island and Washington.  Just hope it doesn't make them more vulnerable...

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: April 22, 2015 10:55 AM · On: Chapter 17

  '"Sorry to keep you waitin', Leah! We thought you'd be back yesterday and then, when you weren't, we had to scramble a bit when you called." He grinned. "Raced Edward for the chopper and yours truly arrived first."        Leah chuckled at the mental image and missed the quick, startled look Jasper sent her way. It was the first time any of the Cullens had ever heard her laugh. Jasper smiled. It was nice to see and hear.'        I see what you meant about Leah before and after Rob.  I'm with Jasper; it's nice to see.

  But if he won Edward in a race, he must have cheated.        :-P

  "What is this all about, Edward?"        "Leah has a new friend she needs to tell us about."        Jacob stepped forward. "I think she needs to tell us about it first. She's ours, after all, and we'll be the ones to deal with it."        "Really?" Edward asked. "How will you be doing that?"        "I'm her Alpha," Jacob said with a frown thrown her way. "I'll order her not to see her new friend again."        WHOA!!  Order her?!  And that even before knowing the spicy details?  Tyrannical much?        :-/

  "This fellow is either an incredible optimist or a bit mad… and he doesn't seem mad.(...) He really does have contact with some kind of entity; I could hear their thoughts as they communicated… which is something I've never experienced previously. His feeling for Leah is genuine. So is his interest in the Quileutes and us. I don't sense any kind of animosity or any desire to exploit any of us. Rather a buoyant outlook all together."        Well, looks like he convinced paranoid Edward.  No small feat.

  '"Leah, I love you and I want to marry you. Would you mind if I made my home here with you for as long as necessary? You see, no one here is comfortable with what I know except you. If I stayed here it would help to calm their concerns.(...) I want to be with you more than I want anything else. Will you marry me? Now? As soon as possible?"        "Yes," she surprised herself by answering without hesitation.'        Hey, hey!  That was fast.  Would be even for an imprint.  Hmm, are you sure it wasn't an imprint?        P-)

  Other than Jake's despotic tendencies, this was a lovely chapter indeed.  Welcome to the family, Rob!

  As for the floor plans...  Yeah, it would be interesting.  I would like to receive them.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2015 04:42 AM · On: Chapter 16

  "So we're being segregated again. Figures."(...)        "It's not funny!" Leah insisted. "It's in our blood to destroy their kind. We aren't meant to be friends with them… to marry among them."(...)        "Leah, you will only be as happy as you decide to be. I could have let my life be over when your father died. But he left responsibilities – you, Seth, the tribe. Billy and Charlie were there for me and included me in their lives. Eventually I learned to be more open and to love again. But I had to make that choice. And so do you."        It pains me to see Leah being so negative about the closeness they achieved throughout the years.  AND her insistence in being so... down!  Which makes me appreciate Sue a lot.  If Leah would just listen...

  '"Normally she didn't pay much attention to strangers and she wouldn't have noticed the man sitting at the same table if it wasn't for the stack of books he was referencing. Titles on ghosts, vampires, and werewolves made her look at the man himself.(...)        Leah eyed him sharply, wondering, at first, if he might be one of them but he lacked the distinctive odor that they all had. He must have felt her stare because he looked up and she found herself being observed by the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. The eyes had a smile in them.        "Hello."        "Hello," Leah said and looked down at the book in front of her, her cheeks burning.'        Hmmm!  Is he who I think he is?        *wiggle brows*

  "Let me introduce myself. I'm Robert McKay."        "Look, Mr. McKay…"        "Rob."        "Mr. McKay…"        "If I'm going to marry you, I might as well begin as Rob."        HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!  Good line.  I'm liking this guy!        X-D

  "Does your er, um, friend know why I'm in Edinburgh?" Leah ventured.        "Sure." He didn't hesitate. "You're seeing if you like the school here because you don't like the people you live with."(...)        "Leah," he said earnestly, "I always knew people like you existed. It seemed likely there were vampires, too, but I never dreamed there were vampires who were… What did he call it?... Vegetarian. Incredible! Of course, since Ian has been with me all my life, I knew about ghosts. And I always knew the woman I'd love would be a unique person that I'd recognize immediately. When I looked up in the library I knew she was you."        WHOOOAAA!!  I wasn't expecting something like that!  He isn't a vampire, but you can't say he isn't supernatural either.  That was a cool touch, O2!        ^_^

  '"What if I can't have children?"        "Can't you?"        "I don't know."        "Well, I don't care. Either way is fine. But you are the girl for me." He smiled and Leah flew back into his arms. She planted a passionate kiss on his lips.'        Awwww...  Heh!  That was a fast change of heart.  Are you sure she didn't imprint on him?  All that was left was that sensation of gravity shifting.        8-P

  I see you did put some thought on Rob, O2.  Loved this first taste!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the gang will make of him.        *Not a meal, of course.        :-P*

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2015 06:34 AM · On: Chapter 15

  'Once outside, they found that they had lingered long enough to be just in time for the late sunset.(...) As soon as it was behind the peaks he gathered Ness into his arms and kissed her passionately. She returned the favor and her fingers stroked the outside of his ear.(...)         Their tongues danced together as their hands explored tentatively in areas they had never been. Ness pulled away from him and took her top off, laying it on the side of the tub.'       WOOHOO!!  Warning:  happy times ahead!       ^_^

  "Nothing is threatening at the moment. Things are changing in Volterra though. Chelsea's demise has changed the balance of things there… maybe permanently. Their sense of solidarity is fading because those once thoroughly loyal because of Chelsea's gift are no longer so faithful since that quality was not because of anything the individuals actually felt."(...)        "Part of what I need to watch for is attacks from any of the Guard.(...)  Jane has, for instance, been threatening to do so for some time. She seems to think that, despite Bella's immunity, she is invincible."        HAH!  Take that, Aro!  Bad move to send your greatest asset so carelessly.  And I really hope Jane and Alec try something.  If they are dispatched, Aro will likely spontaneously crumble, like a sandcastle against the waves.        ;-]

  "Marcus was married long ago to Aro's sister Didyme. She was murdered. Her killer was never found."        Right, they don't know!  Man, I wonder what Marcus would do if he found out about his "brother".  Things would go ugly, to say the least.

  Very good chapter, O2.  Loved the peek at Nessie and Jacob's honeymoon.  Let's see what comes next.  You told me Leah is the next in the spotlight.  Wonder what's your plot for her.       :)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: April 02, 2015 03:55 AM · On: Chapter 14

  'Charlie, Phil, and Billy were also skipping the bachelor festivities and wanted to go back to their hotel. Edward had volunteered to drive them. Afterward he'd join the bachelor festivities in progress since his brothers could advise him where they were at any time.'        The bride's father in the bachelor party?  I can see it not going well in some scenarios...       P-)

  "We have a suite and lots of time this coming winter. We won't be company or have company. I'll have you all to myself and, my love, I plan to spend as much time as possible with you. Just you. In bed." She kissed him passionately.        Edward lowered his forehead to hers. "Maybe I should just make the hotel run and forget the party"       Heheheh!

  'Renee asked, "Where did you find those vows? They were beautiful, but I've never heard a wedding just like it."        "We wanted it that way. After all, they were our vows… so we wrote them. Billy memorized his part while we memorized all of it"'       And you did a good job with that, O2.  It was an awesome ceremony, very fitting for those involved.

  '"I hope it doesn't offend you that I'm not very traditional."       "Not at all," Renee smiled at her. "It's more important for you to be you! And you're right. A lot of wedding traditions should be obsolete for all the sense they make."       Jake reached over to hug Renee briefly. "I'm going to like having this lady for a Grandma!"       Renee blushed, "Thank you, Jake!"       "Told you she'd be worth knowing," Ness murmured.'       Yep.  Bella definitely owes a lot of apologies.       ^_^

  'Rosalie hugged her again, holding tight for another moment. "You're my only baby, sweetheart. I love you!"         "With any luck, Jake and I'll give you more babies to love."         Rosalie paused, a look of wonder on her face as she realized that hadn't occurred to her. Then she said, "That will be something to look forward to."'       HAH!  She was so riveted by the idea of new babies to care for.  It didn't even come to her that they will be little mutts.  She will have a hard time finding reasons to hate Jake, then.  Fortunatelly...

  "I think we all… "Carlisle caught sight of Rosalie. "Er, most of us are glad she married Jake."         Rosalie heard him and came over. "I don't have to love him and I won't be living with him. Personally I don't know how she stands the stench. But he's growing on me."       Nice.  Can you imagine those two at each other's throath for the rest of eternity?  Good thing they have two things in common to bond over:  Ness and cars.  And maybe babies later.       :-]

  "Alice, do you know something that you haven't shared?" he asked cautiously.         Alice looked around. "It's not immediate, Carlisle. We've had all the effort of the wedding and the move. There hasn't been any need to address it right away."        *sniff, sniff*       There's a stench in the air...  Volturi!   Well, well, let's see what they are up to this time.  I wonder how they are going these days, without Chelsea to force everybody's loyalty...

  Well done, O2.  One of the small things that tickled me was Paul, of all people, being the first wanting to visit QuilCullen.  Another proof of the new era.       X-)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: March 29, 2015 07:52 AM · On: Chapter 13

  'Renee hugged Bella and looked her over carefully. "Oh… you have contacts now! They must not be a very good quality, honey. They simply ruin the beautiful color of your eyes! So pale, too… but what can you expect with no sun?"'(...)        "I called Charlie to tell him about Ness, but it turned out he already knew about her. He wouldn't talk about her, though, and practically hung up on me. When did I get voted out of your family, Bella?"(...)        "This must be my granddaughter…" she reached her hand out to Ness and unexpectedly found herself looking into eyes that were just like Bella's used to be. Her bronze curls were a match for Edward's. She was beautiful. Renee nodded and swallowed. "Ness?"'

  "She can get in more trouble asking all these questions… especially if she asks the wrong people or mentions something to them." She appealed to Alice. "Isn't that true?"        "Ness is right. There is a point where curiosity is more dangerous than knowledge. I think that line has been crossed."(...)        "I'm a hybrid… both human and vampire." Ness sighed. "I was an accident. My parents had no idea such a thing was even possible. If Edward hadn't been prepared when I was born, my birth would have killed Bella. He did the only thing he could and transformed her."        "So," Renee said to Bella, "that's the reason you changed?" She sounded skeptical.        "No, Mom," Bella admitted. "You know me well enough to know that I would want to be with Edward… as he is. Ness just changed our timetable. I always planned to change."

  Oh my, I just LOVED this chapter!  Looks like you know me a bit already, O2; you were right about that.  Bella have who to come after in regards her perceptiveness and determination to solve mysteries, and I'm not talking about Charlie!  To see Renee being included in their inner circle...  That was awesome!  Compensates Charlie's choice of being blind to the truth.        ^_^

  I also like how you remembered that Bella planned to be a vampire even before Nessie.  It always annoys me when, in other stories, they explain she becoming a vampire as a result of her pregnancy, and not of her own desire.

  One of my favorite chapters so far.        ;)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2015 03:54 AM · On: Chapter 9

  "His name is Jacob Black.(...) He has had a close relationship with the family since before Edward married Bella(…) Anyway, now he is considered a member of the family since his engagement to Renesmee and his pack has gone with them. The alliance with all the shape shifters is stronger than ever."(...)       "I think that we need to send our Afton back with his lovely mate. Chelsea will dissolve the bonds between this immense coven for us… and the shape shifters also."        Well, damn!  They didn't even need a excuse this time, did they?  It would have been covert ops, pure and simple.

  It was interesting to see Marcus trying to be the voice of reason there.  Even if I think he was wrong about "such a huge coven crumbling under it's own weight".  He doesn't understand family very well, does he?

  'Chelsea sent her unlinking charm out as they were in the process of shifting to wolf form. It struck just before they phased. One wolf, finding himself with no mind link and no pack, looked at the others, then ran away into the woods.(...)       "It validates my theory about Chelsea's ability. Usually covens are small and only last as long as good relations and good hunting prevail… with the exception of true mates(...) In this case, Jake is mated to Ness. As far as the Volturi knew, that should have meant only one wolf was still part of our group. They did not count on the love Leah and her brother have for one another. But the real lynchpin here was the deep affection Seth has, not only for his sister, but for Jacob and for the Cullens too."'        In fewer words:  Seth saved the day.        ^_^

  I'm surprised, though, that she was able to break Embry's bond with the Pack.  O2, in your conception, would Chelsea be able to dissolve the bonds within the family?  Every couple going their separate ways?

  Anyway, I'm glad Embry became himself again.  AND...  The Volturi lost freaking CHELSEA, for crying out loud!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Now they will fall apart, having lost their lynchpin.       B-)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: February 17, 2015 11:17 PM · On: Chapter 8

  "Garrett! Your eyes are gold! You've gone vegetarian like the rest of us."        "And don't think it was easy! Well, you know, Jasper! But I couldn't live with Katie here and stay a monster that preyed on humans, now could I?"        "No," Jasper laughed shortly. "I know exactly what you mean." His arm was around Alice and he looked down at her. "When you live with an angel you have to rise above bein' a monster."        ^_^

    '"Why didn't we go in and get them settled as Katie said?"        "Do they smell pleasant to you?" Edward asked.        "No. But they're good people so I try not to let that bother me," Garrett replied frankly.'        And THIS is the essence of their friendship.  To see the person beyond all that "natural enemy" crap.

  "Where is Tanya? She disappeared right after letting us in."        "Oh, that's a surprise. She will be back in a few minutes."        Tanya entered the room a few minutes later, towing a tall handsome man by the hand. He, too, had gold eyes. Tanya eagerly introduced him, "This is Henri Montblanc… my husband."        Wow, cool!  Tanya was one of those left without a happy ending in the books.  That's awesome.

  So, Mr. Montblanc was one of her trysts, which developed into something more, eh?  Nice.  You know, I think it leaves only Leah to be taken care of.        *sideways glance to the author*

  "When I think of what my life would have been these days, I am so thankful for you! Even if Royce hadn't been a monster, he never loved me(...) You love me more than anyone in my life ever has, Em, and you love me as I really am, in spite of my tantrums and general bitchiness, for more than seventy years.(...) You said you aren't good enough for me… I'm coming, right now, to the conclusion that I'm the one who doesn't deserve you!"        Which leads us to: being a vampire isn't so bad, right?        ;)

  'Carlisle hesitated, and took Esme's hand. "Something – someone – I never expected to see. A spirit visited Esme and me. We both saw and heard her. It was Irina."'        *slaps forehead*        Damn, I forgot it completely!  Man, that will be some talk...

  Good job bringing the Denali crew into the story, O2.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: February 15, 2015 11:12 PM · On: Chapter 7

  "You're okay with this, aren't you, Grandpa? I always thought you'd kind of like having Jake as a member of the family."        Charlie hugged her. "I already consider Jake to be family, sweetheart. Somehow I just hadn't pictured you getting married so soon. You know, your parents got married early too and I guess I just haven't gotten used to it, even now. You know you are only six, don't you?"        Hmm, that went smoother than I thought.        :-]

  "I know you've been here longer than I had thought you would. You could have left for school sooner, but you stayed here and I got to see Nessie grow up." He laughed shakily. "Really fast… and I don't want to know how, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything."        You know, I was a bit disappointed when Charlie asked about Nessie's rapid growth, and that was all he was told.  But I get it.  You are sticking to the character, right?  Doesn't want to know and all that...

  '"College!" Ness said. "We get to go to college?"        "Yes," Edward told her with a smile.        Leah looked more excited than usual before remembering to look noncommittal. Seth met her eyes and saw the yearning in them.'        Heheh!  Yeah, she have a reputation as a bitch to keep.        :-}

  "No one else I know has your gift for hospitality."        Rosalie, elegant in black, was passing by and overheard the last part of their conversation. "Just think, Alice… If you were still human and married to anyone important you would have become a brilliant society hostess!"        Alice smiled across the room at Jasper, who blew her a kiss. "I may not be human, but I am married to someone important." She looked at Rose, Edward, and Bella and her black brows arched. "And I am a brilliant society hostess…. I just have a smaller society to entertain."        Heheh!  Small, but of the finest sort.

  'There were wolf calls and applause. Everyone smiled and many kisses were exchanged. Champagne was drunk. And, in the autumn woods, an unseen emissary in a grey cloak watched silently.'        Oh, boy!  Afton!  I almost forgot him.

  Another good chapter, O2.  And, while I know he probably has been doing it for several years now, the mention of Afton makes me think the standoff is about to end.        :-|

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: February 12, 2015 04:00 AM · On: Chapter 6

  'How could he not have seen that coming? The bloodsuckers – it was so long since he had thought of the Cullens that way – probably wanted Nessie to marry one of their own or at least someone like her.(...)        Jacob felt guilty for his assumption that the vampires preferred a union with Nahuel. Maybe his own agenda wasn't as unacceptable as he'd feared. He still had a chance!'       That was fun to watch; I mean, because I knew it would be rapidly settled.  Man, looks like he felt insecure about his place in the family, huh?       :)

  "Good! He's jealous. That should make him start to notice me…."       "It won't work, Renesmee. It might have, once upon a time. But Jake has been burned by love."(...)      "Don't make him jealous, Ness. I know you love him and he adores you. But he has had more than his fill of jealousy and won't stay around to deal with it again. It would kill him to leave you, but he figures he'd die anyway if he saw you with – or even longing for – anyone other than him."       It was nice to see Edward looking out for Jake.  Oh, how times have changed...

  "As of this moment, you are officially engaged. But please wait to get married until after her seventh birthday. After that you'll have forever together."       "Sounds good to me," Emmett said, charging out of the house like a cheerful bulldozer, the rest of the family stepping down onto the porch after him. He clapped Jacob on the shoulder. "Related to a wolf! What's next?"       "You think that's bad?" Jake teased back. "My in-laws will all be vampires!"       LOL!!  Good one.

  I ask myself if Nessie knows about Imprint already.  My guess, based on her reactions to Nahuel's proposal, would be a no.

  'Sam mused, "Maybe in Canada, Alaska, or northern Europe. I can't say I see wolves fitting in many other places."'      In fact, I doubt they would fit anywhere.  They are gigantic wolves the size of HORSES, for crying out loud!       :-p

  "Are you here for my advice?"       "Yes, I told Jake I couldn't make a decision until I'd talked to you first."       "Then my advice is that you should go. Give the Cullens more of a chance. They are decent people even if they are vampires. See more of the world and what you want from it. Who knows? Maybe even give love a chance."      Leah in love?  Now that is a thought.  And I loved when Seth didn't let Leah boss him about staying.  I like the kid, would be disappointed if he was left behind.

  I knew Quil wouldn't be able to go, sadly.  Claire is what, eight?  No way he could take her with him.  At least Embry is going.  And I like when Leah moves on from her pain.  I hope Sue' words are prophetic.

  Good job, O2.  I just wonder what Charlie will make of his 6 year old granddaughter already being engaged.  In Bella's case, Edward, at least, was bullet proof at the time...        P-)

Author's Response:

LOVED your review, Costa! (In fact, I checked every day to see if you had written again.)


You are correct in assuming that Ness didn't  know about Imprint. The Cullens wanted her to choose her mate freely... without complications. She chose Jake because she loved and wanted him. She had no reason to feel that her choice was predestined.


I'm really glad that you seem to be enjoying my story. I do hope you continue to like what I did with these characters I love. 


I look forward to hearing from you again. And now you know that I especially watch for your reviews!

Thank you!!!

:) Patricia



Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2015 10:54 PM · On: Chapter 5

"It was an effort to come," Edward said, "and I wasn't sure we had enough security, but it was worth it."        Glad Edward is seeing security isn't the only important part of the equation.

  "I'll come right to the point. I – or I should say we – Edward, Bella, and I have received a legal document proposing marriage to Ness. The drawer of the proposal was obviously uncertain whether to address her parents or the head of her clan, so we are all addressed."       "Marriage!" Rosalie exclaimed first.        "But who…?" Bella followed that up.        Edward and Alice simultaneously came up with the answer, "Nahuel."        Talk about cultural shock.  But since, I assume, he's living in isolation in the forest for the last 150 years...  At the time, even the "white man" society was based in arranged marriages, I guess.

  "Meanwhile," asked Jasper, "How are we goin' to respond to Nahuel?"        "We don't, without talking to Ness about it," Carlisle said. "These people may address parents and heads of clans. Our culture doesn't operate that way. The proposal is for the hand of Renesmee Carlie Cullen. It's her right to decide how she wants to answer Nahuel."        Edward asked, "Are you sure, Carlisle? She's mature for her age, but she is only six years old!"        Carlisle sighed. "Edward, she's almost grown, despite her brief span of years. It's her proposal and her life. You and Bella and I should discuss it with her tomorrow."        Great Carlisle!  For a moment, I thought they would dismiss her input on the matter.

  'Ness recoiled in horror at the idea. Even though she hadn't started picturing herself as married, there was only one person she could be with… only one that was hers.'        And I loved her reaction.        ^_^

  Lovely chapter, O2.  Just two points.  I just realized Leah is absent, and not mentioned, so far.  I wonder what's up with her.  The second point:  the Volturi's lack of activity is making me nervous.        :-}

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your detailed reviews of "High Noon"! A number of people have read it, but relatively few have reviewed it & none with the wonderful breakdown you have been kind enough to give me.

I loved the "Twilight" series but there were so many loose ends that I just had to try my hand at rectifying that. It's great when someone says they liked the result.

Don't worry about Leah. She plays a prominent role later in the story. I hope it meets with your favor when you get there.

Also, it goes without saying that the Volturi are up to something...

When I had Charlie reflect on Alice's "normality" that was, of course, from Charlie's perspecitive & included his lack of detailed knowledge about her.

I do hope you will continue to review in the vein you have begun... I want to know what you liked & what you didn't because I appreciate your obviously thorough approach. 

Thank you again!

:) Patricia (O2Shea)


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2015 02:22 AM · On: Chapter 4

  "This time, because it's your birthday, we decided to let you go… especially since your relatives have been so kind as to figure out a solution. It won't happen again. If Momma and I make a decision about you, we won't change it. If I ever see you start using people like that again you will be in trouble."        Key word: using, manipulating.

  I'm glad that they are making her straight about it.  But, in her defense, they kind of forced her to follow that path.  I mean, material aside, she's deprived of too much.  She can't make friends her age, she never leaves the property, she never sees anyone different.  I know Disneyland, in the end, wasn't all that, but she would never know without trying, right?  It's good she have some good childhood memories.

  '"Where did Edward and Bella go?"        Jacob looked embarrassed and slapped the back of Seth's head. "Mind your own business…"        (...)        "Okay, okay!" Seth responded. "I just didn't see them leave."        "They're vampires," Jacob reminded him. "They move fast."        Quil muttered, "I'll say!" He shook his head and was quiet when Jake threw him a quelling look.'        *snickers*        X-}

  'Nessie bought a pillow with Goofy as a fisherman for Charlie. Shopping for Sue, Carlisle, and Esme took a little longer. She finally settled on ceramic jewelry boxes with Disney princesses on them for the ladies and a bookmark with Mickey Mouse reading for Carlisle.'        I have a hard time seeing Carlisle using a Mickey Mouse bookmark.        P-)

  'Nodding and smiling back at her, Charlie reflected again that, of all Bella's in-laws, Alice was easily his favorite. Other than being so beautiful, she was just the most normal.'        Debatable.        :-P

  And the Volturi missed a chance of being a pain.  I'm happy everything worked out in the end, and with the fun stuff you included, O2.  Good job.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: January 09, 2015 01:34 AM · On: Chapter 3

  'The Volturi were a threat but Nessie dismissed them immediately. There had been no threats of attack for a long time and Alice would see them coming.'        I just hope it continues that way.

  'As Nessie's third birthday approached, instead of her normal excitement over the coming celebration, she got exceptionally quiet. Edward's reaction was exactly as she had predicted to herself. He was conservative and overprotective.(...)        Usually Nessie shrieked and laughed when he pushed her, but she was quiet and Jacob grew more concerned by her silence. He stopped the swing in horror when she turned her head briefly and, on her profile, he saw tears silently rolling down her cheek.(...)        He put her down and kneeled in front of her. "What's wrong, sweetie? You can tell me."        Nessie looked over his shoulder and shook her head while her tears continued. A sob shook her small frame.'        Wow.  She planned all that with Jake?  What a player.        :-T

  "You don't understand…" she began.        "Save it, Bella." He was more abrupt than usual. "I couldn't give you everything you wanted, but if you can't even give that child the special things I gave you…. Well, you might as well stop pretending to be human." He winced as he turned away.        She gasped and he turned back to hug her. "I'm sorry, Bells. Didn't mean to say that… Just… do what you can for our baby. OK?"        First, I should say that I agree with Nessie going to Disney, in principle.  The magic of the place have more to do with childhood; princes, princess and giant smiling mouses won't have the same appeal after she's grown up.  So, this is why Charlie is my hero here.

  That said, I just hope they make a tight security scheme here, because the Volturi will use this opportunity, if they can.        :-|

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2015 02:36 AM · On: Chapter 2

  '"Nothing is too much when it comes to thanking you for saving my girls." Edward's gold eyes were totally sincere.        Jacob glanced at Nessie's bronze curls and Bella's beautiful profile. He didn't say it aloud but thought, almost defiantly, 'In a way, they're both my girls too.'        Edward nodded and said quietly, "That's true."        Jacob's dark eyes shot to meet Edward's gold ones. He meant it.'        You didn't forget that, by the end of Breaking Dawn, they were definitely more friends than anything else.  Some authors ignore it.  I like it.        ^_^

  'Caius snarled, "They wouldn't dare. No one harms an emissary from the Volturi!"'        LOL!!  Could he be more ridiculous?

  'Caius was curious. "Why did you tell him to avoid the Cullens?"        "I was just thinking about dear Alice's gift. It's possible that she will stay unaware of this little expedition so long as her family is neither threatened nor involved," explained Aro.(...)        Jake and Emmett had agreed that both of them wanted a share of Felix. Jacob stood by long enough to let Emmett get a good start on Felix before nudging him out of the way and finishing Felix off himself. As predicted, it was over in minutes. Everyone gathered the pieces of the Volturi vampires.'        Good guys 2, Volturi 0!!  LOL!  Piece of cake.  Well, good guys 3, if you consider BD.  Good thing Alice was actively watching for their decisions, or Aro's strategy could have worked, yes?

  And seeing the Quileutes acknowledging friendship with the Cullens wasn't bad either.

  "Well, my friend, what news from the archives?"        "There was very little there, Master. You see, there are no vampires there. There haven't been for over a thousand years… maybe twice that… or more."        A thousand years or more.  I imagine this is when you place Taha-Aki and his sons, right?

  So far, so good.  Enjoyed to see them all having a good time together at the end.  Good chapter, Shea.        :)

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