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Reviews For Conundrum
Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2016 02:00 PM · On: Epilogue (psymom)

Too bad I didn’t accomplish my mission.”        “Which mission are we talking about?”        “The one that I was created for,” I tell him, searching his eyes for judgment.        “Well, the Volturi will surely still reign, but something is bound to change. They are not quite the strongest coven in existence now, are they?” my wolf boy replies straightforwardly.(...)        “You know, I don’t know if I’m willing to believe that. Believing such a thought might weaken me. I mean, who knows what they can throw at me if I let my guard down?”        Understandable, her worry.  But, for now at least, they achieved some respite.  For now, Aro have nothing that can beat Samantha.        B-)

Do you want to hear something delightful?”        “Of course.”        “This is just a theory though, but the elders say as long as you’re around, I won’t age a day.”(...)        “You see, they believe that the Quileutes shapeshifters sense the presence of vampires. They perceive that as danger and this triggers phasing. They will continue to be able to phase as long as that perceived danger is around. Well, since you are a ‘Cold One’ and I’m with you all the time…”        Eternity.  Cool!!        ^_^

I guess I could't hope for a better ending.  I just hope the Packs and the elders will really give Sammy a chance, that they will try to know her instead of just rejecting the "Cold One".

Thank you, Dea, for this story!  I will keep an eye open for more.  And, yes, it will be good to see Sammy and Seth again, even if they are not the main characters.  Till next!        ;)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2016 10:01 AM · On: Chapter 25 (psymom)

'He lunges first but I get the first bite. I dig deep, crushing his hard shoulder blade as he lets out a short painful yelp.(...)        He attacks at me again, leaping on top of me and bite my neck. I see his move this time, courtesy of Edward’s mind-reading power, so I avoid him easily and instead bite his other shoulder blade and break his left arm, dislocating it to the back.(...)        I howl and was tempted to finish him off before I hear a friendly voice I know better than my own calling my name.        “Sammy…” I turn around to see his young face, his brown eyes are kind and gentle.        “Don’t,” he says when he meets my eyes.'        Heheheheh!!  Victory!  And compassion.  Nice!

'By the time both his hands close in and grip my right palm, the shifts are complete and I am in control of his power.(...)        Bella’s haze abruptly retreats, resulting in Aro being able to access my mind. However, all he can see now is his own thoughts and those minds he has accessed throughout his vampire life.(...)        His milky eyes search mine, hoping to find a grounded base to fall back in. He wishes for a truth to hold on to but he fails to find one.(...)  He hungers for something he knows he can never have: power over me.'        Roudn Two!  K.O for Aro!  HAHAHAHAH!!        X-D

That’s the thing, Aro. With all due respect, I have never been nor would I ever be interested in a coven. I want a family, and I have one right here with me, vampires and wolves alike. I will never ask for anything more than what I have now.”        ^_^

I can't say how happy I am that this ended without a bloody fight.  Good thing the Volturi want to stick to their "white hats" as the Romanians put it, huh?  Of course, with Sammy's command of Alec's power, most likely THEY would have been slaughtered, which is why Aro didn't fish for an excuse to acquire Samantha by force.        P-)

I hope her role in resolving this crisis will smooth things for Samantha with the Pack.

And I bet Dragos will not be happy in the least with this peaceful ending.        :-P

Well done, Dea.  I will wait for the epilogue.  And, maybe, the sequel?        ;)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: April 17, 2016 11:48 AM · On: Chapter 24 (psymom)

I’m a little scared too, Sammy. It’s okay to feel afraid. It keeps your senses alert,” Seth suddenly whispers.        “I’m more scared of what will happen if they decide to attack and I can’t protect us. Protect you.”        He frowns and says, “You shouldn’t worry that much about us. We’re a powerful pack. And you should stop underestimating your own power. They have nothing on you.”        Well said, Seth, well said.        ^_^

'“You have a new interesting addition to your little coven, I see. Can I meet her?”        “Of course. Her name is Samantha,” Carlisle says and motions me to come forward. I let go off Seth and stops beside Carlisle. I look at him and he nods. I know I have to walk alone to Aro.'        Son of a ...  I confess I was scared at this point.  Affraid they would grab Sammy or something.

'I can tell, and feel, that Jane is trying her hardest and giving me her worst dose. She pants a little when it is over, and I can hear her growl when she realizes it doesn’t work. I smile and return the favor.(...)        A loud, ear-splitting scream comes immediately from her childlike, angelic face. She falls on the ground, writhing in pain as her brother, Alec, tries to get her up.'        BWAHAHAHAHAAAAHH!!!  BIS, BIS!!!        X-D

'“Now, isn’t that something? You really are quite the creature, aren’t you, Miss Samantha?”        “I’m glad you’re impressed.”        “I am more than just impressed. But I wonder…” he glances towards a large, bulky guard I recognize as Felix and motions him to come forward.        He’s the strongest one amongst the guard when it comes to physical and brute strength. Be very careful of your moves, Samantha. I suggest you shift into a more… intimidating form.        Oh, I’m planning to, Edward, I’m planning to.'        Ooohh, this will be good!        P-)

Usually, a vampire and a Quileute Wolf are a match in raw power and speed, but the Quileutes are at some disadvantage on a one to one fight because they need to breathe and heavy injuries can kill them.  But let's see how well Felix will go against a vampire version of a Quileute.  I can't wait!        X-)

Reviewer: Debbie1870 (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2016 03:49 AM · On: Chapter 24 (psymom)

Good Cliffy!  keep it coming.  Nice that Sammy has all the backup from Bella, Jasper, Edward and the wolves and Alice.  Bring it on!!!

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2016 08:55 AM · On: Chapter 23 (psymom)

'I ended up being able to project up to three powers at the same time. For the rest of the day yesterday and since morning today, I smoothened my ability so I didn’t have to concentrate too hard or focus too long before those abilities manifested in me. Jasper and Edward were more than pleased to see such progress.'        Nice progress.  Speaking of the training, Edward and Jasper can be two very annoying brothers when they want, can't they?        X-] 

What?” I look up at him, missing the joke.        “Nothing, it’s just… It will be fun to see.”        “What will be fun to see?”        “Jane, getting a taste of her own medicine.”        “You don’t like her, do you?”        Seth grimaces a little and says, “Not a fan of her. I saw what she did to that poor little girl. Granted, she did come to get Bella, but she didn’t exactly know what she was doing. That poor girl surrendered but Jane kept torturing her anyway. She likes her power and what it does to others.”        Bree.  Yeah, I didn't like that a bit either.  I second Seth on that.

'Seth then looks at me and suddenly kisses me long and hard and as passionately burning as ever. When we break off the kiss, my eyes widened. “What was that for?”        “For being the coolest, most awesome girlfriend anyone could ever ask for.”        I laugh at that. “You’re not so bad yourself, Wolf Boy.”        “You don’t deny it,” he pauses, his friendly brown eyes searching into my blazing crimson ones.        “Deny what?”(...)        “Deny being my… um… girlfriend,” he lowers his voice for the last word he says.(...)        “We haven’t officially said it out in the open, but… I guess I really don’t mind being one. I kind of consider myself as one.”(...)        “Let’s make it official then! Samantha Levis, will you be my girlfriend?”'        Heheh!  And she made his day.        ;)       

'When my senses are back, I see the Olympic forest that I have come to know so well within the past few weeks. I see unfamiliar footsteps, light and lithe, gliding through a familiar opening that is covered with dry leaves and fallen branches.(...) I see an intricate-looking golden brooch on someone’s chest; it had ruby adornments, symbols that resembled hawks and trees, and a large V that contained the rest of the piece. Then, I see dark cloaks, combing through the forest'        Oh, man, the coffee break is over.  It's all or nothing now!

Please, let it be all!  Let it be all!        X-{

Reviewer: Mark Westcott Cullen (Signed) · Date: March 31, 2016 12:48 PM · On: Chapter 23 (psymom)

Great story.  Seems what's coming next is the final showdown.  Thanks for sharing your talent and muse.

Reviewer: Mark Westcott Cullen (Signed) · Date: March 31, 2016 12:48 PM · On: Chapter 23 (psymom)

Great story.  Seems what's coming next is the final showdown.  Thanks for sharing your talent and muse.

Reviewer: Mark Westcott Cullen (Signed) · Date: March 31, 2016 12:48 PM · On: Chapter 23 (psymom)

Great story.  Seems what's coming next is the final showdown.  Thanks for sharing your talent and muse.

Reviewer: Debbie1870 (Signed) · Date: March 20, 2016 05:27 PM · On: Chapter 22 (psymom)

glad to see you back.  love the story.  keep writing.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: March 09, 2016 08:44 AM · On: Chapter 22 (psymom)

Hey, Jack!!  Look who is back!        :-P

I can't wait to see how Jacob will react when he learns Samantha is literally family.  And the other Quileutes on a lesser scale.  I wonder if it will make them more accepting...

First of all… The book seems authentic. Several reports sound too far ahead into the future but the data suggests, even proves, that everything written on the notebook is possible. So all the things it said was done on you… Most likely, it is true”        Too far ahead into the future?  What does Carlisle mean?  Plans Dragos have for the times to come?  Schedules?

'“You said she would be here for me to see. You were sure she would be perfectly contained in that glassed cage of yours. You lied,” the black-haired leader, whom I identified as Aro, bellowed.        “No, no… I didn’t mean it to happen, I… The glass was impenetrable. She shouldn’t have been able to escape. We installed secure lock with alarm systems… I don’t know how she escaped,” Dr. Thornn, who rarely showed any form of expression, stuttered. He looked terrified.(...)        The large vampire stepped in closer to the doctor who could no longer form coherent words other than the word ‘please’. Felix placed his left hand on Dr. Thornn’s back and bent him down while his right hand was on the doctor’s head, grabbing his hair. Then, he yanked the doctor’s head back, causing him to die without blood spill. It was a clean murder.'        Doctor Thornn...  I will not mourn his passing, the world will be better without the likes of him.  At least it was quick.

I'm just possibly sorry for the guy who helped Sammy escape.  The way he easily fell under her influence, who knows?  Maybe some of those thoughts were really his.

So, let me get this straight. Are you saying that we are in a slight advantage, because they don’t know what they’re dealing with?”(...)        “I don’t want them to come and ruin what we have here. Carlisle… Esme, Alice, Jasper… I want to practice my power again. If they will come with a calvary, then I will have to be ready to project it on a bigger scale. I will have to outpower them”        Woo-Hoo!  That is my girl (easy, Seth, easy)!  I will like to see it.

Just wonder how long do they have.  But, if Aro is coming to Forks, of all places, he will bring reinforcements.  Not good.

So, Dea, it's wrapping up?  *sigh*  Well, I'm all for the sequel idea.  Hope the Muses will inspire you.        ;)

Till next.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: November 22, 2015 07:27 AM · On: Chapter 21 (psymom)

What, for me?  Why, thank you, Dea!          ^_^

'This book belongs to Dragos Luca          “The Volturi’s reign will end.”(...)          Sogard Genomics Research Center (SGRC)          Entiat, Washington          Since 1936          Cannot contact Stefan or Vladimir. Demetri is keeping track.'          Here he is again.  Dragos!  It HAS to be the guy who gave her the book.  Especially if he knows the Romanians.  And look at that.  Sogard... Dragos backward.  He isn't just a benefactor, a client, like Doctor Thornn suggested, he is the owner of their business!  And 1936?  Another evidence he is a vamp!

'Carbon VVB – a carbon based fluid that will bond with venom-based cells. This substance will lubricate hard cells and give vampire skin cells the ability to stretch and bend. It will facilitate a subject’s shapeshifting ability.(...)           Subject 124. Samantha Levis.(...)          Subject is the descendant of Joanna Black and has a recessive shapeshifting gene.(...)          Chromosome: Altered – 24 pairs. Chromosome responsible for unalterable granite-like skin of vampires is eliminated. Subject accepts Carbon VVB as replacement of skin cells information.(...)          1.   Heat Tolerance: Subject’s skin can retain heat up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit – virtually cannot be killed with fire.          Strength: Refined Chromosome 24 – Causing subject’s own blood to circulate in low quantity in her system instead of reduced to nonexistence. Side effect – everlasting crimson eyes.'          Samantha is a Quileute??  And a Black, to top (hello, cousin Jacob)?  Wow.  But she is mixed with non-indian, isn't she?  I mean, she didn't even know that, and no one looked to her and said:  'Hmm, you look native american.  Are you?'  I don't remember exactly how you described her, but I always thought of her as having 'pale-face' features.

The tech info is interesting too.  So, she IS newborn strong. Figures.

But that eliminated chromosome...  Does it mean her skin is frailer (not against fire, obviously) than a normal vampire, or does the Carbon VVB covers that too, somehow?

So many shifters sacrificed...  Those scientists are really monsters.  As much as Dragos for finacing this.  I bet the guys will see into that, either within or after the story.

'“Well, I will have to confirm a few things before I can tell you what I find out from this notebook. There are things that I suspect… I’ll let you know as soon as I can,” Carlisle replies cryptically.'          Cryptic indeed.  I wonder what he will make of it.

Can't argue with Dragos about the goal of ending the Volturi, but his methods are just as horrible as them.  If he will be part of the new order, no good will come out of this.

That was enlightening.  Thank you, Dea, and bring on the next!          :)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: November 02, 2015 07:58 AM · On: Chapter 20 (psymom)

Seth, you little punk!” I am surprised to see Leah there in the Cullens’ home, standing right next to Jacob, both looking sleepy and restless, but relieved at the same time.(...)          “I was so afraid that something might… I’m glad you’re okay,” she says to him.          When she lets him go, she glances at me. It isn’t a glare, which is very different than my last encounter with her. She pulls her lip a little to form the tiniest of smile and says, “You too.”          Ah, the little miracles a bit of stress can work.          :)

'“Did you find out about your ancestor?” Jacob then asks.'          Ancestor?  Does he mean her sire?  Wonder if it was the guy who gave her the leather bound book...  Still curious about it's contents, you know?

'“You need to hunt,” Esme suddenly speaks up, just a moment after she looks at me. My eyes may not turn to black when I’m hungry, but the dark circles under my eyes give that away.'          I've been thinking about this since Doctor Thornn's explanation.  How she have shifter blood alongside with venom in her.  This is why her eyes never go black, neither change from the newborn hue, right?  Because her body produces a certain amount of human (kind of) blood, making it always present?

I don't remember if it was mentioned before...  Is she newborn strong, or just normal vampire strong? 

Alice… I um… Did you get a vision about me? You know, while I was gone?”          Her face darkens. “Yes. I know something is up when you didn’t come home with Seth after midnight. So I kept a track of you. That’s when I saw you being handed over to the Volturi. I saw you become one of them."          Because that is what Thornn was going to do, until she found a way to escape.  Of course.

By the way, I think Carlisle assumption was stupid.  That she would simply vanish and join the Volturi of her own accord, without a word to them.  They should have looked for her and confirmed it in person, at the very least.          B-T 

'“Oh, I… You should know that I would never have decided on joining the Volturi,” I told them.          “Not on your own terms, maybe. But the Volturi is smart. They can use something, or someone, that you love to make you do what they want,” Edward tells me.(...)           I hope it will never have to come to that but…          I would join the Volturi if Seth’s life depended on it.'          Oh, and I bet Aro would love nothing more than to gain a "guard dog" as a bonus.

Just to state the obvious:  BAD PLAN, BAD PLAN!!!!          X-O

Reviewer: Debbie1870 (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2015 05:10 PM · On: Chapter 20 (psymom)

I'm surprised they did not put a tracking device into her.  Keep writing.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 25, 2015 09:24 AM · On: Chapter 19 (psymom)

'She will be ready for the Volturi tomorrow. I just hope she doesn’t escape like last time. If everything goes according to plan, not even Dragos can tell me what to do anymore. He won’t be able to achieve his lifelong dream, but I will be safe from him.'          A tiny piece of the puzzle, but it's something.

Dra-gos...  To my ears, sounds like a perfect name for a vampire.  Presumig he is, it would explain how this bunch of human scientists put their hands on a vampire and messed with her genetics; and how the Volturi found out.  Dragos didn't conceal his trail as well as he hoped.  I wonder what they plan to do with these creeps in the end...

'I try to focus on Jasper. Ransacking through my memory and remember how his brain works.(...)          Then, I see a young man in his lab coat, the one that is thinking about Harvard.(...) I smile at him as sadly as I can, while trying to let him feel what I feel. He stops and frowns.          It should be a crime to experiment on a creature as beautiful as her, even if she isn’t human.(...)          No one is there at the moment so he uses his card and enters the room. Still looking like he is in a daze, he types on a keyboard there and presses a big black button. Suddenly, the glass confinement that I am in opens. I look at him and thank him silently.'          Go Sammy, go Sammy, go!!          X-D

Reading this, I couldn't help think if this will awaken the guys conscience, of if he already had doubts about what they were doing.  Long shot, I know.  Most likely, when he shrugs it off, he will go all "WHAT DID I DO???"          :-]

'I need to drink! I feel my throat burning. I groan, trying so hard to hold the thirst in.          When I think I can’t think straight anymore, I see Seth’s face in my head. My heart longs for him, much stronger than my thirst. I have to see him. I have to free him.'          Good girl!  Not that it would be a great loss if she had, for instance, Doctor Thornn for dinner, but it would be bad for her abstinence.  And, if I got Sammy right, she have the heart of a veggie.

'With panic in my eyes, I turn frantically to see another vampire. His eyes are clouded in some sort of a milky film. I see his hand and notice how his skin looks really fragile although his grip on me says otherwise.(...)          “You will fulfill the purpose of your existence. You will end the Volturi’s reign,” he says while hastily gives me a leather covered notebook.'          Who the heck...?  Is this Dragos?  Would fit.  Obviously, one of those ancients that stayed still for too long.

Looks like there is more to Samantha's story than I expected.  Ok, you got me curious.  And you were right, Dea.  I liked this one.          ;)

Reviewer: Christian Michaels (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2015 03:00 PM · On: Chapter 19 (psymom)

:D This is completely different from chapter 18 the pace is much better maybe not perfect (but then who is?) or maybe I just like it so much that I feel I just need more details.. Need to know how she feels, whats she's thinking, what she see's just everything but there has to be a balance you cant have to much detail or the story drags its feet and you cant have too little or its becomes too fast and perhaps some what confusing to read. Note.. I may not have been around from the first chapters posting however, I have read all the chapters upto date. 

I say this because.. From the beginning of the story like I mentioned in my earlier review that the story was moving along too quickly and as its come along its started to slow down which is great :) just take note and reread your chapters and ask your self if its going to slow or fast and whether it needs to be like it is in this particular part. Take this chapter for example it flowed quiet well from the begining to the end and even though it has more details in it about whats going on you still feel the sense of emergency that sammy is feeling and that is what you want . You want the audience to take your reading accept it, and identify with it you want them to feel her emotions as shes feeling them get them really engaged get them feeling like this is all happening right now and things are moving in a good relative pace for the required situation.


I hope in my rambling I made sence and said what I meant whish is keep up the good work but love your story and nurture it to become more amazing then it already is :)


Reviewer: Debbie1870 (Signed) · Date: October 20, 2015 09:37 PM · On: Chapter 19 (psymom)

I so wished this was a longer chapter - thanks for posting so fast.

Reviewer: Christian Michaels (Signed) · Date: October 20, 2015 03:19 PM · On: Chapter 18 (psymom)

Please note this is based only from my reading your story and being an avid reader nto a writer so its a personal opinon not gospel, nor do I think that everyone will agree with me. Despite that I feel your story so far is great and I'm loving it, however I feel like it might benifit from an editor whether someone here or a someone you know, and perhaps if some more descriptions were added for instance... Setting the scene for your important locations like what the "testing lab" looks like or even what the La push beach looks like ect. Also noting and expressing how the characters are feeling their and thinking with a bit more detail might also help the reader identify with the characters a bit more and feel imersed in the stroy as a whole. Something else that you might like to add is a bit more development to of Samanthas power/ abilitys through time. Give your self more time in between the escape and recapturing so as to fit the decription and feeling of story plot development into your story rather then rushing through

like I said I'm loving this idea and feel personaly if the above mentioned changes were made you could potentionaly write and maybe proffesionally publish this book for everyone to enjoy


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 17, 2015 01:04 PM · On: Chapter 18 (psymom)

   'One face in particular stands out. It is of a middle-aged man, still in his signature light blue shirt with white stripes worn underneath his clean white lab coat.(...)          He looks cold.          He is cold.(...)          I know him simply as Dr. Thornn.'          Just the description made me not like him already.

  “I need you to know that you are, by far, the greatest achievement of my life,” he begins.(...)            “You’re genetically designed. We want you to be what you are.”(...)          He smiles a malicious one and says, “It will take a long time for me to explain and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t understand half of it. So, I’ll give it to you simply. You have both vampire venom and shapeshifter blood in you. Some alterations were made, of course, to allow both substance to coexist, but you get the idea.”(...)          “Why did you create me? What did you get from creating me?”          “For me personally, it is satisfied curiosity. For our generous… donator? That’s for him to know.”          If there's something I hate, it is the soulless scientist type, who thinks everything is valid in the pursuit of knowledge; he probably enjoys the massage in his ego too.  Ah, how I want to see him in a cage instead of Samantha.  Just to see if he would be a good sport about that.          P-(

  But the information about what they did to her is interesting.  So, she has shapeshifter in her, huh?  I imagine it's the explanation for her being able to change her body, even being a vampire?

  'I hate pleading to my captor but I am running out of ideas. Maybe, if he can see how much Seth means to me, he’ll let him go. He is a human after all. A human should be capable of being humane, right?          Who are you kidding, Samantha? I think you know they’re not going to let him go. If anything, they’ll use him to make you do things for them. My mind retorts.(...)          When I say the last two sentences, the man looks up to meet me in the eyes. He evaluates my face with a slight puzzled look on his own. Before he leaves, I hear him mutters, “That’s interesting.”'          Point to Sammy's mind.  Unfortunately.  Hah!!  I bet "feelings" is an alien concept for that idiot.  Samantha probably just saw things when she saw regret in his eyes.

  Damn!!!  All I can do now is to hope the cavalry arrives.  Or that Samantha have a genius idea to escape with Seth from that hellhole.  Maybe Seth himself?  I will take anything.

  On a brighter note, congratulations for the new banner.  It's beautiful!  Whoever made it did a good job, Dea.          ^_^

Reviewer: Debbie1870 (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2015 05:50 PM · On: Chapter 18 (psymom)

Wow!  A cliffie!  Good story.  Whatever vampire walks into the control room next I hope they have a really powerful gift that Sammy will be able to get a handle on.  Yikes.  How are the Cullens going to find them?  She must have been part Indian before she was changed?  That would account for the imprint.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2015 07:28 AM · On: Chapter 17 (psymom)

  *Sigh*  The chapter began so well, with them playing and bantering and teasing.  And then...

  'I have this strange feeling that I should start running. Why?          I inhale the air around me. There it is again. It’s a human scent. It’s not very familiar. I would have easily identified it. It’s not of my victims. It’s not of someone from around here. It’s not of my captors…          It is!(...)          I can hear low whispers of humans but it’s strange how I can’t detect their scent. I should be able to locate them, but I can’t. I can’t even think straight. I feel very disoriented, something I haven’t felt since I left that prison.'          What the hell did they do to her? 

  'I start running forward to where I last sense him and before I can see where I’m going, I hit a hard glass. It doesn’t break but my head hurts really badly. I touch the glass and recognize it instantly.(...)          The glass used to build my prison.(...)          I cry out with no result before the glass start moving. A few meters away from me, in the dark, also in a glass cage, was Seth looking scared in his wolf form. Our eyes meet before a huge black sheet cover each of our glass cage.'          Crap, crap,CRAP!!! Holy freaking cliffie!  What now?          <8-O

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 11, 2015 10:05 AM · On: Chapter 16 (psymom)

'On his back and being that close, I can hear his quickened heartbeat. I wonder if I can talk to him telephatically with him being a wolf and me not phasing.(...)          It’s a little faded, but I can see La Push beach in my head. I am not thinking it, but I’m guessing someone around me is.(...)          Seth, is that you? I ask in my head, wishing they could hear me.          Samantha? As Jacob runs, he looks at me for a second before returning his eyes on the road.(...)          Sammy? Did you just read Jake’s mind? Seth’s voice now echoes in my mind.          I was trying to talk to you. I didn’t know if I could, with me not phasing.          Apparently you can, Jacob says, still in disbelief.'          Cool!  Just not sure how she did that, since so far she could only connect with Seth.  Did she refine her copy of Seth?  Or just copied Jake?  Anyway, making a partial copy of their power, just the telepathy...  Versatile.  Impressive.

That aside, I'm surprised they were allowed at First Beach after all the tension of yesterday.  Are the Elders really trying?  Only time will tell, I guess. 

'“Hey, something wrong?” Seth asks.          “Nope. This day is… perfect, that’s all.”          “And that’s a problem how?”          “It’s not. I just wonder how long it will last,” I lower my voice into a whisper.          “If it’s up to me, it will last as long as you want it to last,” he replies. I smile and look away, watching the waves crashing the rocks nearer to the sea.'                    It's a little heartbreaking to see her still so insecure.  Can't blame her, though.  The impending Volturi threath, the Quileutes' rejection of her...

'You know that I love you, don’t you? I hear Seth says. I just assume he says it out loud, so I reply, “I do.”          “You do what?”          I look at him, puzzled. “I know that you love me. I can feel it, Seth. And I do too.”          “I… I didn’t say that out loud,” he tells me, his face reddened a little.'          She obviously needs practice, but she is getting better at memorizing patterns.  Like Seth said, neat!          ;)

All in all, I'm happy to see the four of them having a good time.  Till next, Dea.          :-]

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 08, 2015 01:59 PM · On: Chapter 15 (psymom)

'I didn’t even know I could copy someone’s powers without them being around me, but I just did. I phased into a wolf without Seth being around. I did not realize how unbelievable that was until now.'          Yeah, it crossed my mind at the end of last chapter.  Looks like Edward's theory was spot on!

And why ain't I surprised that the first power, or brain pattern, she memorized was Seth's?          P-) 

 “Imprinting happens to ensure the passing of our bloodline. Taha Aki’s bloodline. What do you think will happen if you marry a vampire, kid?”(...)           “Seth, please. We are only trying to save you from a broken heart.”          “But I’m not going to have my heart broken, Mom. Not unless you separate me from Samantha. My whole world has been shifted and I have no power to put it back the way it was.”          Still stuck with that THEORY, huh?  Guess they need time to digest the evidence in contrary.  A lot of time, I guess.  As for Seth, I like to believe that, after knowing Samantha like he does, he wouldn't "put the world back" even if he could.          ^_^

I wonder who was the powerful voice.  Sam?

Looks like her scent copying trick worked.  That, or she was downwind.  Thank goodness!  Things would get ugly if they busted her.  They wouldn't kill her, I hope, but still...

'I see that Seth changes back to his human form too. That means, our minds stop connecting. Good, I think. I really can’t have him feeling what I feel and listening to what my mind has to say. It will not help what I need to do.(...)           “They were right, Seth. If that is what imprinting is, I can’t do you no good. We are too much of an opposite. We…”(...)          “Listen to me, Sammy. Imprinting is something personal. No one in this whole world could separate me from you. Except you…(...)          I flung my arms around him and pull him into a heart-crushing embrace.          “I love you, Sammy.”          “I… I love you, Seth Clearwater.”'          Holy...!  For a second I really thought she would...  Let's just say I really like how the chapter ended.  Whew!!

Good job, Dea!          :-]

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2015 10:55 AM · On: Chapter 14 (psymom)

'He then shifts me so that I’m under him and we start to kiss each other the only way we know how. Passionately.(...) I am enchanted, in an addicting trance, whenever he looks into my eyes. I can feel the strong feelings he has for me. I can feel the power of imprinting.'          And Leah wants them to give up that because she can't stand it?  No way!

'“Jake says that the tribe elders want to meet with Seth. Leah threw a fit last night and then they found out about Seth and him imprinting,” Bella informs me.(...)          “He’s going at it alone, and most, if not all, of the problems he is in right now is because of me. If I hadn’t come here…”          “He might not be in trouble, but he won’t be as happy as he is now,” Bella speaks up.          “Why not?”          “That’s what Jacob told me. He believes that there is only one person in the whole world that a Quileute wolf can imprint on. So if you never met, Seth would have never imprinted. Ever,” Renesmee explained.(...)          “The point is, Samantha, Seth is not better off without you.(...) I’m sure the tribe elders will listen to them. They of all people know what imprinting is,” Bella adds.'          Yes, Samantha, please don't play an "Edward" on us, ok?  And, if the Elders don't listen, this is still between the two of them.  This is what I think.          :-]

'“Besides, like Dad says, vampires can’t step in their territory. It’ll be against the law.”          “No, you’re right. Vampires aren’t allowed to be there,” I say to no one in particular.(...)          “I won’t come as a vampire,” I say before sprinting outside, quickly taking off my clothes and focus on Seth. In no time, I turn into a white, smooth-coated werewolf.(...) I look at them for a split second, bidding my silent goodbye, and start running towards the Quileute land.'          Oh, my, that was brilliant!  That girl has some guts.  I just hope the other Wolves will be good sports about the joke.  And that they keep Leah off her, because she sure wont!          X-D 

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2015 09:53 AM · On: Chapter 13 (psymom)

'Seth had told me that Leah wasn’t a big fan of vampires and the whole imprinting thing had left her a scar.(...) She had wished to be able to imprint on someone, anyone really, but the tribe leaders believed that imprinting ensured the passing of wolf genes and since a female werewolf couldn’t conceive a child, they couldn’t imprint.'           At least, this is what they suppose.  I mean, about both subjects.  If Seth can imprint on a vampire, why wouldn't Leah be able to?  And, about pregnancy,  who knows?

'Her brother, the one blood-related person that fully understands what she is going through, has imprinted… with none other than a vampire. It’s like a double strike and we have tried stay away from her.(...)          “Leah, come on!”          “You can’t find some decent human girl to imprint on, can you? You have to find yourself a vampire! She is a leech, Seth. How can you do fall for her?”(...)          Leah makes a move first but Seth jumps at her just before she can reach me and rolls on the ground. They make their stand and attack each other again. It sounds horrifying and it looks like they’re in it for each other’s throat.'          Man, that woman have serious rage control issues!  That was awful, poor Seth.  And Samantha too, she doesn't deserve that.          :-[

'He seems to want to argue, but I guess he feels the exhaustion in him so he lies down, with his head on one of the pillows. I am still sitting down, so I look down on him and I can’t resist the urge to kiss him again. So I do.(..)          I lay myself down next to him, continuing to watch him sleep. I can do this forever.(...)          Maybe, just maybe, Seth Clearwater… I have imprinted on you too…'          ^_^

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2015 09:02 AM · On: Chapter 12 (psymom)

'I can now control whose power I want to replicate and when I want it to happen.(...) Yesterday, I succeeded in switching from Bella’s power to Edward’s and Jasper’s within seconds.(...)         The Cullens couldn’t understand why my eyes didn’t turn to gold like theirs, or at least darken. Up until now, they are still blazing red, the way a newborn’s are.'         Good that she's getting the hang of her power.  And I imagined that her odd eye color wouldn't fade away.  Looks like whatever they did to her made it permanent.  Makes me wonder if she have other singularities...

'As he turns sideways, I can see the yellowish light outlining his boyish features without missing anything. I am taken aback by how much I like seeing what I’m seeing.         “What?”         “Nothing, it’s just… You… I mean, whoever created you, must have put a lot of thoughts into what they were doing.”         I hear Seth chuckles. “If they put a lot of thoughts into me, they must have spent decades perfecting their concept of you.”         I laugh. What he says sounds so corny yet so delightful to hear at the same time.(...) I gaze at the water that is flowing down the mountain we climbed and realize just how strongly my feelings are towards him now.'         Awww...  Things are evolving.

'He moves in closer to me, his face is barely an inch from mine. I decide that I don’t care about the history of vampires and werewolves.(...)  Just like that first day, the feeling in me is stronger than ever. All I want is him.         So, I eliminate that remaining distance between us and touch my lips to his.(...) Before I know it, I’m burning. Burning with the desire of wanting him. Needing him. I moan slightly and Seth’s tongue explores my mouth. His hand got tangled in my hair, pulling me backwards a little to give him better access to my lips and face.'         Oh, yeah, evolving definitely!         *Geez, is it getting hot here or what?*

Sweet!         ^_^

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