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Reviews For Spinal Cord
Reviewer: One way (Signed) · Date: April 29, 2017 04:30 PM · On: Glitter and Guns

That's really cool, I thought of different vampire traps on the breaking dawn battlefield!


Reviewer: One way (Signed) · Date: April 29, 2017 05:30 AM · On: Goodbye

 Finished chapter 9 very disappointed that the last review was almost 2 years ago clearly indicating that you're not going to finish the story  or at least have not at this time   Extremely sad for this great loss the story really is fantastic please reconsider thank you

Reviewer: CHIMERAREVENANT (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2014 02:03 PM · On: Then The Phone Rang

Sorry to say first time reviewing but I have to do it!!! please this is an amazing story please finish it!!! I feel like I need to see what happens! again your an amazing story teller and should finish this baby up.


Hope your real life is going well and will let you break away to keep this world going. Again great job and keep it up.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2014 08:45 PM · On: Nearing the Edge

  Harper's spy act blindsided me.  He seemed to fit so well with Jasper and the others.  And that without mentioning Camebria.        *tsk*

  As for Joseph...  I definitely don't buy the humble act he pulled in front of the rest of the Tribunal.  We all know he is behind the vampires in leather vests and the zombies.  Whatever he's up to, it won't be pretty.        B-(

  Speaking of his victims...  I was really hopeful that feeding from animals would work for Mr. Daniels.  All that is left is for animal blood not work against the bite Emmett received.        *glares at the author*

Reviewer: msnettie (Signed) · Date: May 13, 2014 09:22 PM · On: Nearing the Edge

Oh! Poor Emmett!  Get him some blood fast!

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2014 11:14 PM · On: Surfacing Truth

  "We're alone. Now answer the question." He shoved Jasper in the chest repeatedly, punctuating his words. "What did you do to her—my wife, your sister—the one I trusted you with?"        Jasper's careless shrug angered his brother. "She and I had a difference of opinion."        A difference of opinion...  That's a way to put it.  A totally bland and it-doesn't-cover-the-half-of-it way to put it.        :-/

  "Where's Lumberjack?"        Silence drifted through everyone, giving Diane her answer.        "He saved me." Camebria clutched Harper's hand, her voice breaking. "Once the army split up, Lumberjack told me he'd look after me since…" Her eyes flickered to Harper. "When we got jumped, one of those things had me down and Lumberjack pulled it off me. Next thing I know, three of them pounced on him. He told me to run, so I did."        Who would say?  The brute wasn't a lost cause, after all.  I confess I didn't expect any heroics from him.

  'His bloodlust was rising, but not out of control. In an unexpected turn of events, he hadn't been struggling as much since leaving the arsenal.'        Interesting.  The "bull" having the chance to "flex his muscles", I imagine?

  'Locked together by their telepathy, the pace of their conversation began to race.(...)        Harper's hands went to his head and he let out a shaky breath, not sure of what was happening.(...)        Before any of the Cullens could yell out or ask him to wait, the Major had his hands around Harper's throat.        "Traitor!"'        Those of you who read No Way Back know what happened here.  If you didn't, just wait till next chapter.        ;)

Reviewer: samkj30 (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2014 08:06 AM · On: Cost of War

What a fantastic story! Is it stopping here or is there more? Hopefully more as this story is addicting! Thanks x

Author's Response:

Hello Samkj30.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. There is indeed, more to Spinal Cord. At least five chapters more. What kind of writer would I be to leave my dear, albet few, readers without answers to to mystery I have created?

The next chapter, titled Surfacing Truth, was submitted to Twilighted on January 17th. There is a review process that Twilighted has for publishing chapters that is quite out of my hands. Do try to be patient, dear reader. I hope my chapter is worth the wait.

If you haven't read the prequel, No Way Back, please give it a read.


Reviewer: so into it (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2014 05:43 PM · On: Cost of War

I WANT TO READ MORE!!!! Please update soon! I know I'm coming into the game late but I couldn't review without catching up. I love the secrets and drama that is at play in this story, and Jasper's alter ego The Major... oh my... please tell me that he will come back he is hurting his family with this cut throat, no bullshit, if you mess up i'll terminate you side of him.. and poor Diane, I mean I know that she is a strong independent woman, but reading how she is changing... is there any hope that Jasper's and Diane's relationship will mend? Will the relationship of all four Cullens mend????

Author's Response:

Your review made me smile. Thank you for that. The next chapter is ready for polishing and will be sent to Twilighted by the end of the week. The time it takes to get up on the site, after I submit it, is out of my hands,

If you enjoy Spinal Cord, perhaps you will like the story that came before it: No Way Back. If you haven't already, please take at look.

Thank you for your kind review.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 15, 2013 07:50 PM · On: Cost of War

'“Then what is your concern?” William was fascinated by the human colonel and didn’t try to hide the fact that he was indeed studying him.'        Heheh!  I can relate.  Holdem is quite a figure, isn't he?

'His pack of Marlboros in his hand, the Colonel stilled as his eyes went to Joseph. “Carlisle? Who the hell is Carlisle?”(...)        “He is the one working on finding a cure. Why is it that you do not know his name?”        “I’ve never met a Carlisle, only Vincent.”        The arms of Joseph’s chair groaned in protest as he tightened his grip, imprinting the metal with the shapes of his fingers. Fury burned in his eyes as he watched the human commander.'        Ooohh, did Holdem say too much?  Heheheh!  Good, the more people know about Vincent, the more likely Jasper will hear about it.        *evil smile*

'The story was, that after leaving Maria, the once-fierce Major had joined a strange coven of animal drinkers. Everyone knew those who refused to feed as any true vampire should were weak, soft.(...)        Owen would give an awful lot to be back in that clearing instead of strapped to a metal chair in a Denny’s kitchen, under the blazing black eyes of the Major himself, who looked neither weak nor soft.'        A variation of the same old story, yes?  Mistaking compassion for weakness.        *tsk,tsk*

'When her eyes refocused, Jasper might have been relieved if not for the horror on his wife’s face.(...)        “They’re gone—Peter and Charlotte. They’re gone.”'        My feelings for Charlotte and Peter were always ambiguous.  On one hand, they didn't have conscience.  But I'm sorry for Jasper and Alice's, and to some extent the rest of the Cullens, loss.        :-|

'Diane’s fingernail pressed down as she made her first cut. “I tore him apart and that was only step one.” She reversed her scalpel, going back over the wound, slicing deeper. “I’m not like the Major. I’ll ask the same question over and over—and enjoy doing whatever it takes to get you to answer.”(...)        Then Scott’s fist plowed into the Major’s face. “What did you do?”'        Uh-oh.  Time for Jasper's sins to face daylight.        :-/


Author's Response:


Good to see you again, my friend. Chapter 15 is sitting in my inbox, waiting to be polished. However, the holidays...

Damn real life, for it keeps me from wiriting as much as I need.

Yes need.

Jasper's transgressions, as well as a few others, are indeed going to face the hash light of exposure. Things are about to get messy. I'll bet you are okay with that.

I wish you a very happy new year.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2013 11:28 PM · On: Roadtrips

  One zombie volunteer for non-abusive studies, check.  I didn't think Mr. Daniels would have such a deep role in the story when you began with him.  He seemed to be just an example of zombiedom then.

  "Joseph? Is that you?"        He put on a smile he hadn't truly felt in years, and peered through the small opening in the door. "Hello, Sarah."(...)        "Please." Her voice sweetened again as fingers—still delicate despite being mottled with black—reached through the bars. "Please, my Lord, you know what I need."(...)        A feral shriek ripped from the cell as the fingers gripped the bars. "Why? Why do you hate me so?" Colorless eyes bore into Joseph's. "Kill me!"        Wow!  Another little piece Joseph keeps only for himself, I bet.  She isn't your regular kind of zombie, is she?        :-{

  'The kitchen door opened—slightly—but enough.        In a delicious wave, the scent of human blood wafted into the room, causing Xander and Blake's heads to snap to the door as their eyes went black.(...)        Xander flashed into the kitchen, following the scent of flowing blood to the back office where four humans were huddled into a corner. Behind a man and two women, a small girl clutched her bandaged arm.'        Darkness!  But, then again, what could be expect from those two dunderheads.        :-/

  'Alice looked around at the vampires around her, sporting bright red eyes and slight flushes to their cheeks. Screams were still coming from the prison as Taban's squad fed, and Alice—for the two hundred and forty second time—wished the whole mess was just a bad vision she could shake herself out of.'        This reminds me of what Edward and Carlisle were thinking about PTSD.  I don't know if I'm more affraid of the war, or of what comes after.        :-(

  In the meantime, I'm really curious to learn how Joseph ended up unleashing this on the world.

Author's Response:

Mr. Daniels started out as just a passing character, a snapshot of the undead to walk across the screen, slowly--perhaps leaving a bit of two of himself on the road as he went--never to be seen again.

But then I began to like him. Not to mention, I found someone that gave me inspiration for the character, and after that, I couldn't leave Mr Daniels alone.

She? Sarah? Why Costa...whatever are you talking about? *evil grin*

Dunderheads! This is such a beautiful word for the Claytons. May I steal it from you? Yes? Why, thank you, my dear Costa. You are too kind.

PTSD is a teriible thing. War is horrible. The effects it has on those who serve, and their families, are deep and last a lifetime.

Thank you, as always, for you lovely review.



Reviewer: Avacharenma (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2013 04:42 PM · On: Roadtrips

I'm so happy there was an update! I love your story and can't wait to read more! Too bad I can't just snap my fingers and have it all ready for me to read, lol, sorry I can be impatient. But I will Patiently wait for your next update. Thanks so much!

Author's Response:

Believe me, if I could magically gain the ability to snap my fingers and get the story from my head into my computer, I would. Then, you would have your wish. *grins* Alas, the genie that I caught last year was all out of wishes, so I shoved the useless little thing back into her bottle and buried her in my basement. Now she won't stop singing showtunes.

I digress...

Thank you for your kind words. I know it has been far too long for this reply, but I do appreciate your review. I will finish this story. To leave it without a proper ending would be a sin, in my eyes.

Finish it I will.

Unless the damn Genie's singing drives me to the loony bin.


Reviewer: Avacharenma (Signed) · Date: August 28, 2013 01:41 PM · On: Things Unravel

This story is so good! I love your characters of Scott and Diane. Also how much they have bonded with Alice and Jasper. While Alice was always included in the SM originals jasper wasn't, so I love how you are including him now. I can't wait to find out more about what is going on. I hope there will be more updates soon :-) I am sure you are busy and have better things to do other than updating purely for my reading pleasure, but I would like some more chapters please, lol. Seriously though Thank you and I will wait patiently for more updates :-) 

Author's Response:

Thank you for your kind review. It's simply wrong that I have let your encouraging words go so long without a response. My apologies.

I am still plugging away at Spinal Cord, and will--someday--finish it.

Jasper would haunt my dreams,, should I fail him.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2013 08:12 PM · On: Things Unravel

Hey, Midnight Girl!  Long time no see!        ;)

'Their blazing trail tore at the earth, creating a cloud of dust, dirt and leaves that consumed Diane and Blake. Alarm bells went off in the Major’s mind when he lost sight of his sister. His grip on Xander’s shoulder squeezed tighter.'        Hah!  Now he's worried about her, isn't he?

'Diane knew something had to change, and it wasn’t going to be Jasper, so she made a decision that crushed her heart as much as it freed her mind.(...)        “I can’t keep doing this with you.” When she finally looked at him, her eyes were hard. “So until this is over, and I get my brother back, you’re the Major I follow—nothing more.”'        Presuming she can simply turn it on again, like a switch.  Somehow, I doubt it.  I wonder what will be Scott's reaction when he learns what Jasper did to Diane.  And, maybe more importantly, Alice's.        :-/

'Various wounds marred his face and hands; they had stopped healing a few days before. Not even the feast he had indulged in seemed to help.(...)        “Please, kill me.”(...)        “I didn’t know what would happen! This hunger! It never ends. Always growing—no matter how much I eat. Always need more. I thought they were dying, but they don’t stay dead.”'        Poor bastard.

You really wanna die?”        “There is no alternative for me.”        “What if there is? What if there’s something very important you can do?”(...)        “I know a doctor who is trying to find a cure for what happened to you. He’s one of us.”        “And you would like me to volunteer my services as his lab rat?”        And, finally, some light on the horizon.        :)

Things that got my curiosity spiked:  Mr. Daniels fear of the line of body parts, the virulence of the reaction Daniels' bite caused in the vampires (still wondering what would happen; would they become zombies too?  Die?  What?) and who the heck is behind the opposition, the vampires in leather.  Joseph, of course, is my #1 suspect.  And, before any other reader thinks about spoilers because I'm the prereader, no, I don't know the answers to any of these questions.  She doesn't tell me anything!        *pout*

Author's Response:

My Dear Costa,

It has been so long since I've responded, I wouldn't blame you if you abandoned me, and my story, all together. As you well know, my progress has slowed as life does it's thing.

Thank you for sticking with me. I will take your cue and not give up on Spinal Cord, just as you have not given up on me.


Reviewer: Avacharenma (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2013 07:33 PM · On: Time To Eat

I'm really loving your story, and the one before was amazing too. Just wish this one was done already so I know what happens, lol. Thanks so much and ill be looking for your updates 

Author's Response:

My apologies for failing to reply. I seemed to have missed you kind review.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a few words for me.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: March 12, 2013 01:18 AM · On: Time To Eat

  'All prisons within the perimeter were exempt from evacuation. The regular guards have been replaced with my men. I only ask that you spare them.(...)        Scott's eyes went wide as he read, his shock still clear on his face as turned to his wife. "You like this? How can you possibly be okay with—"        "I'm not okay with the way the Tribunal did it, and I'm not okay that we have to feed them…people. He found a way for us to feed them without killing innocents. This is the best we can do."'        I keep trying to imagine myself in their position.  I think I fail.        :-|

  'Leaning forward, the Major kept his finger in place, strengthening his assault until the fear was no longer a trickle, but flowing strongly, mixed with sorrow so deep it hurt. "Mark my words. If anything happens to her…"        Diane let out a small cry as she fell to her knees, shaking and afraid to look at the one who towered over her.(...)        He wasn't proud of what he'd done to her, but he had to make her see how she'd put his mate in danger. Apologizing would've shown weakness.'        Of all the ridiculous, pigheaded...!  As if Alice wouldn't have come even without Diane.  Right?

  'Peter and Charlotte sitting in a tree, a river rushing around them.        The vision faded to be replaced with an identical vision, except…(...)        "What did you see, Alice? What's wrong?"        "Nothing, really. Peter has decided to wait for us somewhere along the river. Close, I think."        Dual visions washed over her again, causing Alice to grit her teeth and force them away. "But he keeps deciding to wait in nothing but his underwear and then back in his clothes!"'        LOL!!       X-D

  'She kicked Blake square in the chest, knocking him to the ground, and pounced on him.(...) "Get me a red toothbrush, now!"        Blake tried to move but was stopped by the Major's boot on his neck.        "Wait!" Xander ran up at full speed, making a puff of dust when he stopped and shoved his hand at Diane. "Here! Here's your toothbrush!"'        Heheh!  Clever test.  And, for some reason, it's always funny to see Xander and Blake squirm.        :-}

  Darkest chapter so far.  I mean, what Jasper did...  My inner Alice tells me of a definite possibility that the Cullen clan won't be as numerous as it was one year ago, after all this is sorted.  Even if none of them dies.        :-[

Author's Response:

Dear Costa,

I suppose I should apologize for your distres...but I simply cannot. You knew what you werre getting into when you started my twisted little journey.

Thank you so much for your reviews. I've suffered a terrible writer's block as of late and hope it is finally behind me.Thank goodness I've so many chapters completed already.

Until next time.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2013 01:53 PM · On: Glitter and Guns

  'Everything around him went still and quiet as Jasper's protective nature demanded he assign blame for his mate's distress.        She should never have come here. Alice is right—it's all too much for her. If it weren't for Diane, she'd still be at home.(...)        Diane—if not for her, Alice would be safe with the family, far away from here and all the horrors that awaited them. Diane was to blame. Jasper was sure of it.'        *sad shake of the head*        X-(

  'Horror was clear in Xander's expression as his hands motioned over his body. "I look like frickin' TINKERBELL!" He pointed at the sky. "This is my punishment for stealing from that donation box at the homeless shelter, isn't it? It was a Nintendo DS! Come on! How's a homeless guy supposed to charge a Nintendo DS?"(...)        "Shut it, Blake. There's nothing funny about this. We sparkle. You cannot possibly be all right with this. Have you no dignity? No sense of shame?"        "Oh, I ain't got no problem with it, Sir Glitz-A-Lot."'        LOL!!  These two...  I like the reference to Chip and Dale, by the way.        X-)

  'What happened next turned out to be one of the oddest sparring matches between newborns that any of the Cullens had ever seen. The Claytons were missing every hit as if they lacked the skill to fight. When one would swing, the other was out of the way before the blow struck.        Only then did the Major realize that this was the first time the brothers had ever fought each other.'        Heheh!  A downside for everything.

  'Without further comment, the Major's hand snapped out and ripped the right sleeve from Jim's shirt.        There on his lower arm, Jim had a long, narrow wound. The edges were jagged and the gray color they bore was slowly darkening. Jim's eyes widened when he looked at it. "It's bigger."'        Hmm, I wonder what happens to a vampire if it spreads too far...

  'She pulled the trigger.        The creature at the end of the pack stumbled under the force of the bullet…        And kept going.        "See! What made you think—"(...)        The creature burst into flames. Parts flying in all directions.        Every vampire stilled in a mixture of shock and disbelief, including the Major and his Captain who stared slack-jawed at the burning, headless corpse as it fell to the ground.(...)        "Other women read or shop when their husbands are gone. You design ammo? Jeez, Diane."'        Heheh!  Indeed.  Creative her, huh?        ;)

  'Not liking it, Jasper knew what needed to be done. "Jim."        "Yes, Major."        He jerked his chin after the retreating human. "Looks like a man. As long as he's alone he's all yours." He snapped out his arm to stop Jim's takeoff. "I mean it—only him. If he has a woman or a child with him, you let them go. Can you handle that?"'        I definitely would want to be in his place.  But he does the best he can, I admit.        :-|

  The Claytons making me laugh and the revelation of the "mystery of the black cases" were the high points of this chapter.  Very good Ariel.  And, as we know, things will begin to warm-up from here on.        :-P

Author's Response:


Your reviews continue to make me smile, sometimes an evil grin, but still, a smile.

Hopefully I am doing my storyline justice. I must admit that, more than once, I have wondered if I mave made my story too complicated once again. It may take some doing but the twists and turns will be ironed out eventually, but only after I toy with things a bit more. (See I'm grinning evilly right now.)

Right now, I am writing chapter 14 with 11-13 in various stages of the pre-read, beta, polish process. It look like this will wrap-up by chapter 20.

Thank you again for your review.


Reviewer: deacongirl01 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2013 12:45 PM · On: Goodbye

I am really caught up in this.  I read No Way Back and have gotten caught up on Spinal Cord over the past few days.  Very compellign stuff.  I love Scott and Dianne and am hoping to see more of Blake and Xander.  I've always loved Jasper and have a soft spot for fics that highlight him.  The Major is HOT!!!I sincerely hope you continue with this story.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Author's Response:

To hear that someone can get lost in my stories is a great compliment. I just got the notice that chapter 10 has posted. When I submit a chapter to Twilighted, they have to approve and post it. That part of the process is out of my hands.

If you like Scott and Diane, you can read about their human years on The series is titled Scott and Diane: Before they were Cullens. Twilighted refused to post it. You can find me on FanFiction under the same pen name.

Xander and Blake will be in more of the story as it goes along.

Thank you for your review. Please tell your Twi friends about it.

~Midnight Ariel

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 29, 2012 12:37 AM · On: Goodbye

Awesome!  It's been a slow build up... but we're finally getting there!

Author's Response:

Hi, JRPatz.

Glad to see you are still reading. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

Thank you for the review.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 24, 2012 02:43 PM · On: Goodbye

Oh, I almost forgot.  Merry Xmas and New Year for you too, Ariel.        ^_^

Author's Response:

Merry Christmas to you also. May your New Year be filled with good things. ~MA

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 24, 2012 01:31 PM · On: Goodbye

  'The Major stood on deck, arms crossed, weighing his options. There weren't many, and they were all just as bad. The army still had to be fed once they left, and they only had a taste for human blood. Either way humans died. But once the army left the Tribunal's arena, the choice of which humans died would rest on the Major's head.        There was no good way to make a bad decision.'        Well put.

"National security required that we keep things under wraps for as long as possible. The early cases were handled—messy, but handled. They weren't as fast then."        "Hold up," Scott demanded. "Are you telling us these things are different now?"        "Faster, stronger, harder to kill."         Evolution. Weird.  I wonder if this is happening naturally, or if someone *suspicious look to Joseph* is working on it.  Also, they are already half a vampire in power.  If this continues...        :-[

  "It really hit the fan here, at the Truman Medical Center. Once we locked it down, we thought things would be contained, but we were wrong. Next thing I know, I've got sightings and killings all over the place. Then without explanation, they were…"(...)        "Were what, Colonel?"        "Contained. Look, I know it sounds crazy, but a perimeter has been established."(...)        "There is one thing I don't understand, Colonel. What keeps the creatures inside of this perimeter?"        "Body parts—from those things. The perimeter has body parts strewn along it. Every few yards. An arm…a leg…you get the picture."        Intriguing.  Why would it contain them?  It's not like they were trained to obey this signal, right?

  'The armrest crumpled under Joseph hands. "Who are you to keep that information from me? I don't think you understand exactly who you are dealing with."        "Right now, he's dealin' with me.(...) Get the Colonel's number, Captain."(...)        "Now, I'm goin' to be callin' my new friend here now and again. He'd better be alive and well to answer my call, or you'll be dealin' with me in a much harsher manner."'        LOL!!  I really like Colonel Holmden.  The guy have guts.  I just hope Jasper doesn't have to deal with Joseph 'in a much harsher manner' on his behalf.  Not that I would't like to see that.  I'm sure Joseph will provide another reason, however.        ;)

  "There's one more thing that may not be in the file. The only way to kill those things is to sever the spinal cord. You can shoot them, stab them, run them over. Hell, you can even set them on fire, and they'll keep coming as long as they have their head. Cutting them in half with a machine guns works, too. Now that I've seen. Anything connected to the brain keeps on ticking—no matter what. Once the spinal cord is severed, they drop."        I guess it means the old bullet in the head still works?        :)

 "I need to know where to take them to feed."        "How would I…" Her eyes went wide in shock. "You're asking me to use my visions to decide who will die—to feed them? Is that what you're asking?"        Jasper's eyes went to the dirt. "Yes."        I wonder if the four of them will ever heal from the consequences of this conversation.        :(

  One of these days, Ariel, you should tell us Holmdem's story.  How did he get involved in this mess, his first contact with the Tribunal, things like that.        :)

Author's Response:

Oh, Costa, I look forward to each one of your reveiws. It seems my other reviewers have jumped ship but not you. ;) Thank you for that.

The story continues to unfold, and I hope you are enjoying the ride.

If Colonel Holmden's story does not make it into Spinal Cord, it will definately become a charity one-shot. If you have a fandom charity you favor, let me know. I will be glad to contribute to it.

Thanks again for your support.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 23, 2012 02:19 PM · On: Showtime

Shut up. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?(...) I’m pretty sure if they decide to kill us, the Major would be okay with that.”        Blake shook his head with a cocky grin. “No way. We’re here to be seen, bro. Means we’re at the top of the game.”        “No, it means they take the ‘no tearing’ rule seriously.”        “Lumbernut had it coming. That don’t meaning nothing. We’re here ‘cuz we’re the best and brightest.”(...)        “Don’t be nervous, girlie. We know you’re off limits. We’re just here to fight the Captain.”(...)         Keeping her eyes on Blake, she removed her jacket and tossed it up to her sister. She steeled herself, not flinching as dozens of wide eyes inspected the scars her tank top revealed.        When Blake’s face showed a flicker of fear, Diane smirked. “I’m going to enjoy teaching you a lesson, newborn. Oh yeah—this is going to be fun.”        And indeed it was.  You were not kidding when you said Blake isn't the smart one.        :-}

'Xander’s chest bloomed into raging pain from his impact with the wall and the blow from Scott’s boot, which was still firmly there. The thought of holding up his hands in surrender had just crossed Xander’s mind…        “Don’t you dare give up! No way, bro!” Blake ordered'        Strange that Eleazar didn't get anything from them.  They show all the signs of a gift.        :-/

'With a wave of his hand, Joseph stepped forward, looking out over the arena. “There are still sixty-five. Why has there been no culling?”'        I really don't like this guy.

 'The four guards began to close in. Jim reached for her first, quickly grabbing her hair. She moved five yards to the right—in half a second. All that Jim was left with was a large chunk for her golden locks, scalp still attached.(...)        Jim yelled out as his hands went around the girl’s head and pulled her off. Metallic shrieking rang out as her teeth were pulled out of his skin.'        Definitely not the traditional clumsy and slow zombie everyone was expecting.  What was it Rose said?  "They're even easier to defeat than a normal human"?        P-)

'The arena filled with the dull, wet sounds of human flesh ripping combined with the piercing shrieks of vampire skin giving way. That’s when the other scent, the one no one had noticed before, filled the arena—venom.'        Surprise, surprise.        :-]

All the clues point Joseph as the creator of this plague.  I'm really curious to learn what was he trying to do.  Or is trying.  And how much he's hiding from the rest of the Tribunal.

Author's Response:

Xander and Blake have been more fun to write then I thought they would. Yes, Blake is a bit on the goofy side, but he does have his good points.

What fun would it be to write about regular zombies? The urge to make mine special was to much to resist.

I don't even like Joseph. He'll show his cards...eventually.

May you have a very Merry Christmas, Costa. Thank you again for all you do.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2012 11:05 PM · On: Love and War

  “I screwed up, and two humans died at my hand.”(...)        “I wasn’t going to go, but then I heard them calling for help and before I knew it, I was there. The man had fallen down and hit his head, and he was bleeding…so much blood.”(...)        “I killed them. Drained them both dry. Wasn’t gentle about it either—I’d let myself get too hungry that day—broke most of their bones.”        :-(        If there's a good side in it, her remorse will help her to cement her resolve.

  “I promise both of you…” Diane’s gaze turned hard as a very familiar edge crept into her voice. “…you think I’m fighting now. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You’ll have to take me apart and mail my pieces home in a box to make me go.”        Heheheh!        X-)

  'Bodies and cloaks burned together.'        I confess I don't get why Gabe did that.  Was he trying to protect the Major's secrets?

  'Seeing who was next in line, Harper stood a little straighter as he opened the door.        Camebria tossed in her “trash” and turned to go—much too quickly for Harper’s liking.'        *sing-song*        Harper have a giiirlfriend...        ;-3

  'Skirting the edges of his group, Lumberjack sulked. No one noticed when Xander and Blake caught him from behind and quickly removed his head(...) Blake put the head in one of the transformation rooms and the body in another. Mission accomplished, they gave each other a celebratory high-five.'        LOL!!  These two...        X-)

  'Seeing Eleazar was content to let the debate go on angered Marcus. He stood, capturing everyone’s attention. “I think we need to clear up a misconception. Diane, please inform the Tribunal who killed Jane Volturi.”        “I did.”        “And Alec Volturi?”        “Me.”(...)        “How many did you end on the day the Volturi fell?”        “I lost count during the first battle after seven.”'        Interesting to see Marcus taking Diane's side.  One can even forget that, technically, he was on the other side of the fence during the mentioned battle.        :) 

  “Look.  The only reason I have a bird on my shoulders—and not a few stars—is because that’s the way I want it. Being a mid-level officer keeps me out of the limelight. I made this…” he waved his hand at the room around him “…happen because it is in the best interest of my country.”        Colonel Holmden is an interesting addition to the plot.  Never thought I would see vampires bargaining with human authorities.  I wonder what is his role in all this, and if the rest of the tribunal is aware.        :-/

  'Near-white blond hair blended with skin that was pale, even by vampire standards. Eyebrows and eyelashes were barely noticeable, setting off deep ruby eyes—the only color on his face.  The complete lack of emotion didn’t help, either.        With a sweep of his hand, Joseph said, “This is Vincent.”'        Now we know where Vincent holed up.  When Jasper and Diane finds out...

  So many questions yet to be answered...        :)

Author's Response:

Gabe is a true blue guy and protected what his Major hadn't revealed yet. He's stuck right now, but he'll show up later...maybe.

Xander and Blake are based off of two RL family members. In fact, writing this started off as a joke when I threatened to make them vampires.

Marcus is my wildcard. I reserve the right to use his freedom from his brother to make him do all kind if things. ;)

Ah, the Colonel...he just came to me as I typed, and I adore him.

Did you think Vincent would stay gone? Bwa ha ha!

Thank you for another review.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2012 01:34 AM · On: Girl Power

  'For any vampire—even warriors like Jasper and Scott—a mate was their biggest weakness. The sole consolation in the nightmare the brothers had found themselves in was that their wives were safe at home. Now they weren’t.(...) Worst of all, they were here in direct defiance of their husbands’ wishes.'        In defiance... Geez! Even I think this is too neanderthal.        :-P

  I confess I didn't understand the fear Jasper picked from Diane in that first confrontation. I don't think she was really affraid of him.        :-/

  'If Alice had her way, the girls would have shown up in outfits similar to Lisa, looking like something out of a movie, stylish and captivating.'        She would, wouldn't she? Crazy pixie...

  'Diane’s red eyes snapped up to Scott’s golden ones, rendering him speechless.'        Baaaad.        :-[

 'Lifting her chin, Diane drew a long breath through her nose and glared at the men, daring them to make her stop.(...) A quick shudder ran through her, but she refused to give in. Locking her jaw, she inhaled again, longer this time. The cracking was constant now as Diane breathed in the scent of human blood over and over, eyes blazing with defiance and resolve.'         Hahahah! I really like this girl.        ^_^

 'The newborn’s hands twitched as he calculated the situation around him. He was sure he could take the woman. She just got the drop on me, he consoled himself. I could crush her.'        Suuuure. I wanted him to try. Maybe it would humble Lumberjack a bit.         :-P

  '... a few wounds that never seemed to heal. A scarf was necessary to cover his mangled neck, and the jacket took care of his belly where Jenny had feasted. Others wounds healed though—only to reappear somewhere else.         And his eyes…red at first, but the color seemed to be fading from his irises.'         Curious...

  It was really good to see the girls making their point to Jasper and Scott. Especially with Diane showing her competence helping Camebria. Very good.         :)

Author's Response:

Too neanderthanl? Not when it comes to Jasper and Scott protecting their women. I can see them going caveman very quickly. I may not like it, but I get it.

No, Diane wasn't afraid of Jasper. She was afraid of revealing what she had done. Fear is not uncommon when disclosing a weakness or mistake. I believe that kind of fear keep people from reacing out when they need help or someone to talk to.

Diane slipped. Really, so many Cullens having a perfect record seemed wrong somehow. We are talking vampires here!

Cambria will be getting more screentime soon.

As always, thank you.


Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: September 22, 2012 08:01 PM · On: Here Comes Trouble

  '"What can I tell you, my friend? Any tasks regarding the research have been given to Joseph."(...)         Looking around at the plethora of unused equipment, Carlisle’s frustration renewed. "This is madness. What reason would the Tribunal have for denying us?"'        More to the point, what is it Joseph doesn't want Carlisle to figure out? I imagine he wasn't in on it when Marcus asked Carlisle to research a cure for the "disease".        :-/

"At least Rose and Alice have hobbies to occupy their time and their minds. Rose has rebuilt the engines on three cars already. She’s thought about them so much, I’m sure I could do the next one myself.(...) "And Alice! She’s become an online shopping addict—worse than ever.(...) I know way too much about this year’s winter fashions."         *sniggers*         X-}

  'Zipping up her bag, Diane went over her mental checklist. "Rose, the cases?" "In the Mustang."(...) "I also put a set of the specs in your bag. I sure hope you can convince them to use it." A smirk, nothing short of evil, graced Diane’s face. "Oh, don’t you worry, I will."'         I'm very curious about these cases. What sort of weapon could give a vampire a meaningful edge?         :-]

  "Leave it alone, Edward."         Edward looked up, mid-dial, and returned his sister’s glare. "He needs to be told. They both do."(...)         "And what about your safety?"         "What?"         "I’ll tell Jasper you were in on it."         "He’d know you’re lying."         "His gift doesn’t work over the phone. Tell me, Edward, just how mad do you think Jasper would be if he thought you helped Alice and Diane leave, unprotected, and walk into that place."         HAHAHAHAAHH!!         X-D

  '"You haven’t touched your food. Something wrong with your burger?"         "I’ve decided a change of menu is in order."(...)         He took a large bite from Jeff’s neck and groaned in satisfaction.'         Eeewww...         :-P

  'Marcus waved them in. "They have had the best of training. I am sure you will find their skills more than adequate." He moved aside, hiding his smile. "Please let me know if you have any complaints."'         Ah, the old scoundrel...         :)

  "I’m not sure anyone who has to hide behind a uniform will fit in here." He scoffed, hoping to convey his displeasure. "Looks like our women might be tougher than these two."        Heheheheehh! That would be tricky.

  And now things get more interesting.         P-)

Author's Response:

Look at how neglectful I have been of you, dear Costa!

My apologies.

Thank you for your lovely reviews.

I'll admit, I've had a bit of fun with Marcus. Now that he is free of Aro, he can find pleasure in some things.

Hope the arrival of the wives doesn't dissapoint.


Reviewer: emmathewild (Signed) · Date: September 14, 2012 04:03 AM · On: Girl Power

you got me rolling on the floor with "eternity for men"

i've been reading about scott and diane since you had them turned. i really like, how you stick to the characters you developed and don't change them that much. it's something i see often around fanfictions so i'm pleased that you don't do that.


btw. i really love your alice and jasper, they are well thought out. :)


lg, emma

Author's Response:

Thank you for your kind words.

I try to stick to SM's rules, so my vamps should not be "changing" per say rather react to the situations and circumstances that happen to them.

The Alice and Jasper I write are the ones I see when I read the books. IMO, too much focus is given to Alice's bouncing or Jasper's hunger. Jasper the the Twilight character with the richest history, yet he gets so little attention in the books. It's a shame, really.

Thank you for sticking with me since the beginning.

On Fanfiction (same pen name) I have a series of one-shots titled Scott and Diana Cullen: Before they were vampires. Twilighted refused to post it, so you'll have to go there to read it.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.


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