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Reviews For Dating in the Dark
Reviewer: malie (Signed) · Date: November 13, 2014 05:35 AM · On: Let there be light!


Reviewer: griff1au (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2013 10:33 AM · On: F-f-for the Love of All That's Holy!

Have you ever punched someone?  I mean really snoted them?  I have and it's damn not easy to do let a lone in the dark sitting down. Couldn't get any real force behind it. 

Reviewer: griff1au (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2013 10:29 AM · On: Shampoo sucks!

See you're so very right. Give me a real woman who knows her body and what she wants from a partner and how to get it. 'Hot virgin sex' is an oxymoron. Total fantasy. Experience

Reviewer: MarianneChiumento (Anonymous) · Date: April 05, 2013 10:50 AM · On: Say what?!

This is the crappiest crappity-crap EVER.

Reviewer: sarasue (Signed) · Date: September 05, 2012 01:02 AM · On: Let there be light!

update please;]

Reviewer: shhhhhhhhadirtylittlesecret (Signed) · Date: June 29, 2012 06:03 PM · On: Let there be light!

I read this story on a friend's username. Finally got around to signing in as myself so I can review and say I love it. You deal with sensative issues in a serious and yet tactfull way. Plus your Rosie and Emmett are to die for :D

Look forward to the next chapter.

Reviewer: RandyWriter (Signed) · Date: June 25, 2012 06:12 PM · On: Let there be light!

Can't even begin to tell you how entertaining I found this chapter to! I mean, come on, Rose farts, LOL....and then Emmett in his usual comedic self says somthing about glad it wasn't me, lol!!!!! Oh God, I was laughing.!!! Tears in eyes!! NOW, ALICE.....damn girl. Had me rolling again!! Hell yes, of course she is finding her time in the darkness to find her pleasure, holy hot hot HELL! Damn, that must have put poor Jasper into a falling spiral of emotions, but I guess we will find out about that later. I know I shouldn't laugh, but come on! I feel bad for her, but I'm sure Jasper will understand soon enough. Hahahaha. But, of course, the worse was Riley. I was cheering, jumping up and down almost when the lights when on, and she went completely ape shit over seeing that repulsive man there, and wow, did she do some damage. I got shivers when Edward grabbed Bella to hold her back. Trying to comfort her...awwww. Bella was so upset, and when she took comfort from Edward about the loss of her child....damn. My heart was breaking. So glad Bella beat that scum sucking pig Riley, and even Edward was ready to get his beatings in. Riley actually taunted Bella about the baby, which isn't something that you should do to a mom...EVER! Damn Riley, you must be brain damaged. So glad Edward didn't go running from the room. Now, to know that Aro knew about Riley, and planned the little reunion for ratings...sick sick bastard, and time to get rid of him. All of the couples should fight to take the show off the air, before it ever airs. Can say that they are mentally incapable of making the decision! Maybe they need to find some skeleton in Aro's closet, and expose it to the world. Hmmm....fair play!!! Loving the story. Glad you are back!! xoxoxo

Reviewer: madimommie (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 11:28 PM · On: Let there be light!

Okay I needed a tissue for that!!!!!!!

Reviewer: carebear31374 (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 10:35 PM · On: Effing hell!

O'Dark thirty love it I might have to use it - I always say Stupid o'clock when I have to get up really early :)

Reviewer: carebear31374 (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 10:11 PM · On: Say what?!

I laughed my arse off when Rose rolls her eyes at Alice for getting off on the floor while Bella was bleeding.....hahahaahaha - loved this chapter can't wait to continue reading :)

Reviewer: PoisonousGarden (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 09:16 PM · On: Let there be light!

Riley deserved that beating, so good riddance to him.

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 08:12 PM · On: Let there be light!

I think teh hsow will be canceled...I mean this episode alone woudl take alot of magic to be salvagable... Can't wait for more I think teh characters are perfect for each otehr especially Japser and Alice just epic!! Can't wait for more post again soon!

Reviewer: Daybreak (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 07:40 PM · On: Let there be light!

Go, Bella! Riley and Aro sure are related, both of them two enormous pricks. I don't know if the show will survive much, but the important thing is that Edward and Bella seem to be able to get something started. And I don't think Emmett and Jasper have been deterred, either. I've stopped trying to figure out what will happen next in this story, but that's okay. It's nice not knowing what will happen.

Reviewer: Gelsamina (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2012 05:04 PM · On: Let there be light!

Impressive.  Glad we found out about Riley!  Glad Bella got to beat on him & he didn't press charges. 

Reviewer: angelblue (Signed) · Date: March 14, 2012 09:31 AM · On: Reveal yourself!

This is the stupidest production crew Ive about. Who insults the talent, ditches the talent and sets the talent up. so ridiculous. I hope you explain this Riley reveal crap well cause right now if i was the talent id ready to walk.

Author's Response: don't worry. riley and his evilness will be thoroughly explained next chapter. and there's still plenty of time for this crew to "walk." ::wink:: thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: arieskami (Signed) · Date: March 14, 2012 12:56 AM · On: Reveal yourself!


Author's Response: uh... i'm assuming you meant to put "!!", so thank you! stay tuned for more! ;)

Reviewer: Gelsamina (Signed) · Date: March 12, 2012 05:10 PM · On: Reveal yourself!

Where on earth did Riley even come from?

Author's Response: ah, riley. answer to that and other questions coming up next chapter. hang in there! thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: RandyWriter (Signed) · Date: March 12, 2012 03:08 PM · On: Reveal yourself!

Such a unique story, that freaking makes me laugh out loud....not just LOL....but LOL squared....hahaha. Yes, Aro being told off by Emmett...Holy Hell!! Brilliant! Emmett being afraid of Rose does the deed....hehe. Just imagining how freaking stunned Emmett is whe. He gets back.....completely visual. Now, Jasper's date....hahaha, can only imagine what sexual madness happened in there, so Jasper needed to star in his own private porn audition in! Not sure what Edward was walking I to with Bella and Riley, but I'm dying here!!!! Xoxo

Author's Response: LOL! i'm glad i still have you aboard! i really do look forward to your reviews. :) your questions will be answered next chapter, so hang in there! thanks so much or reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: March 12, 2012 02:59 PM · On: Reveal yourself!

OMG so excited post again soon!!!!!! hahahhaha  Edwrad is going to smash down a door!!!  I so can't wait!!!

Author's Response: hahaha! funny drama (if that's possible) coming up next chapter. thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: PoisonousGarden (Signed) · Date: March 12, 2012 08:37 AM · On: Reveal yourself!


Author's Response: agreed!! thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: Born Princess (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2012 04:23 PM · On: Hell yes!

Love this fic, great idea behind it. I look forward to more

Author's Response: yay! i'm so glad you like it! thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: RandyWriter (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2012 02:58 PM · On: Hell yes!

LOL! PantyPoofs!!! Emmetts gaseous tendencies had me rolling!! Hahahahaha! Now, as far as the dates, I was so upset for poor Jasper, but I had a feeling that the situation wasn't over, and maybe that somehow their two illnesses were canceling each other out!! Love it! I was also pleased that Emmett was able to keep his wild comments about Alice's disease to himself! It wouldn't have helped out poor Jasper! Now Bella and Edwards date, mmmmm, perfect! A wonderful blend of teasing, humor and romance! These two are also perfect for one another! Bella had no problem helping out Alice right away I. The date, wo seeing what was wromg with Jasper! A true friend who wanted to know why her friend was crying! You really have to applaud that!! The dancing, yumm, and the kissing, I'd agree with your title "Hell Yes!!!!". Too bad the production team shut down the show, but they probably felt the same way we do, this would have ended with several pieces of clothes missing, lol. Can't wait for the next date. By the way Granny Booty Call, LOVED IT!!!

Author's Response: oh, how i love your reviews! i missed them dearly. i'm glad emmett got you laughing. he's partly based off of my hubs, who has been banned from White Castle for the very same reason. alice and jasper could never be kept apart, and their drama is totally over with. bella and edward always seem to fit together no matter how crazy or effed up they are. my story is point and case. the granny booty call and billy black was based off of a RL crazy neighbor of a friend. glad it got you laughing. thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2012 10:41 PM · On: Hell yes!

OMG hahaha awesome!  Can't wait for more!  I wonder if Aro is going to cause any trouble amongst these happy couples...

Author's Response: ah... you know me well :) glad you're enjoying it! thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: dinotopian (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2012 06:45 PM · On: Hell yes!

Thank you!

Author's Response: you're very welcome! thank YOU for reading and reviewing!! ;)

Reviewer: pyroprincess89 (Anonymous) · Date: January 22, 2012 05:31 PM · On: Hell yes!

NO!!!!! Update soon. I beg of you. This is hilarious and awesome and messed up. But it's good. :)

Author's Response: haha! so glad you're enjoying it! thanks so much for reading and reviewing!! ;)

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