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Reviews For Dreams Come True
Reviewer: carog91 (Signed) · Date: July 22, 2011 04:01 AM · On: Chapter 11

he didn't break off the engagement to Heidi first?!

Reviewer: sfspeedy (Signed) · Date: July 22, 2011 12:28 AM · On: Chapter 11

Oh, Rosalie needs to go down!  Though the goor prince has some 'splaining to do.

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 04:59 PM · On: Chapter 11

I DON'T WANT to give him a free pass, but i'll join.

and What the hell alice and rose?!?!?!

I love the Dramaaa!! lol

until next time

Reviewer: silly sad sarah twilighted (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 04:55 PM · On: Chapter 11

OMG all caught up and just wow I can't believe I catch up to an evil evil cliffie!!!! ugh!!!   Post agaian adding this to favs can't wait!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: RandyWriter (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 03:54 PM · On: Chapter 11

What slimebucket called Heidi and let her in?   Did Heidi just show up or was it planned with Alice and Rosalie?   What an idiot?   Can't they see how happy Edward is now?   Alice did!   She told Bella that he was in love!   I can't believe they would let her near Edward and Bella without Edward's permission.  

Love your story!   Love the Romantic Edward, and how he wants to give Bella an engagement ring that is personal and how he wants to cook for her and spend time with her!   A Prince with a Mansion (or Villa or two) and a yacht.   Got to Love this Man!!!   He seems so sweet to his Bella.   I hope nothing tears them apart!   Love it all!  Can't wait to see more!

Reviewer: nightline (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 03:43 PM · On: Chapter 11

Um - right. I assume Rosalie had something to do with Heidi's visit. Oh boy, this is going to get ugly...

Reviewer: Salanna (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 03:10 PM · On: Chapter 11

Hi, I just re-read chapter 8, which apparently I read extremely carelessly the first time, as it answered most of my questions from chapter 9 and 10! So Edward is over and done with Heidi already, and she was only invited by Alice and Rosalie to cause troubles, which Alice is regretting.

Reviewer: Salanna (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 02:55 PM · On: Chapter 11

Ooops! Heidi was probably what Edward was referring to in chapter 8 (There was a much bigger reason for marrying her, but if everything went the way I wanted it, she'd never find out.) Meaning he was somehow pressured into marrying Heidi unless he found himself another bride perhaps? He was hoping to get rid of Heidi in time, so that Bella might never learn about her. Heidi's reaction raises a whole new set of questions though. She was friendly and was happy that Edward had found Bella, but said that he'd never get rid of her? IF she really is/was Edward's fiancée she should be furious, she can't be ignorant about the coming marriage. Heidi's pending arrival must have caused Alice's alarmed reaction, she suddenly realized Edward cares about Bella and that Heidi will only cause harm.

Please don't leave us hanging too long, ok?

Reviewer: Salanna (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 11:08 AM · On: Chapter 10

I'm a bit confused here. In chapter 4 Edward says, and I quote: "I'm not going to be king. I can marry whoever I want". Now he's telling her his brother had abdicated the throne, making him the future king. Did he lie to her face, or is the abdication of very recent date, after Edward had met Bella? Is that perhaps the reason why some of his family are opposed to the marriage, she might have passed as "just" a princess but not as future queen?

Reviewer: Salanna (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2011 04:56 AM · On: Chapter 9

Alice wasn't a bitch, she was polite but reserved which was expected as they had just yet. She argued with Edward, but that does not make her a bitch. "It was all so perfect, but I had the sinking suspicion that something was not right. It just couldn't be this perfect." Have to agree with Isabella, just waiting for the other shoe to drop, they are keeping things from her.

Volterra sounds amazingly like Monaco by the way. Tiny country on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, living mainly from tourism, banking and gambling. Boat racing is very popular there as well, and princess Caroline of Monaco tragically lost her husband in a boat race accident back in the 1990's.

Reviewer: bella2699 (Signed) · Date: July 07, 2011 05:40 AM · On: Chapter 6

That's so cute I can't stop smiling your good better than I thought your summary got my attention and I love this story

Author's Response:

Awwh! Thank you! I'm glad you decided to give this story chance.

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2011 01:36 AM · On: Chapter 10

Oh forgot how do you picture Edward and Bella in this story?

Pictures? lol

Thanks I always find it fun to see how others picture Bella and Edward.

Now until next time lol

Author's Response:

I picture Edward as Rob Pattinson, just like in the movies. Bella is slightly different than Kristen Stewart in this fic. The only image I can provide you with is the banner.

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2011 01:35 AM · On: Chapter 10

I forgot remind me what Edward did was wrong? lol srry

Awesome chapter and I can't wait for the next one!

Well until next time

Author's Response:

He kept the fact that he will be king from Bella. He has one more secret, too. That'll be revealed in the next chapter.


Thank you!

Reviewer: nightline (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2011 03:24 PM · On: Chapter 10

The biggest reason why I'm annoyed with Edward right now is that he keeps speaking Italian around Bella - with his family and such. That's just so impolite! Like it doesn't matter if Bella knows what's going on, and above that, she's completely at his mercy and will only know what he graciously tells her.

All his other reasonings, I kind of understand...

Author's Response:

Yeah, that's not fair. Bella is at a disadvantage on that one. Well, I'm glad you understand some of his other reasonings.


Reviewer: sfspeedy (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2011 04:20 AM · On: Chapter 10

So happy that Bella's parents are caring and supportive.  Lovely update, thank you!

Reviewer: sfspeedy (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2011 04:20 AM · On: Chapter 10

So happy that Bella's parents are caring and supportive.  Lovely update, thank you!

Author's Response:

Thank you. Glad you liked the chapter.

Reviewer: RandyWriter (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2011 12:25 AM · On: Chapter 10 Alice is hell bent on not really accepting Bella or her family, and apparently Rosalie and Jasper go along with her.   I don't know when it will happen, but I think Alice will have her Ah Ha moment, and see Bella for the sweet person that she is and that she will be brilliant for Edward.   Bringing him such happiness.   I think Bella needs to have some title if she is married to the King, no??       Edward really seems to love Bella, and I can't wait for the wedding.     Maybe Bella will be able to learn Itallian soon so she can spy on the family...hmmmm.   Love your story.   It is so sweet.

Author's Response:

Alice is slowly coming around. Rose and Jasper aren't that big of characters yet, but we'll see. Yes, Bella gets the title of princess when she marries Edward. She has to come around to that.

Thank you! :)

Reviewer: delilah69 (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2011 12:22 AM · On: Chapter 10

i hope that she stands up and doesn't take any of the royal brats crap! and she NEEDS to learn some italian! they are going to skin her alive if she won't stand up and make herself heard! they are going to bring up heidi aren't they?

Author's Response:

She's not going to be a wallflower. She's going ot have her aha! moment soon enough.

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Enchanting Lilly (Signed) · Date: June 29, 2011 09:40 PM · On: Chapter 10

Oh yes please I need an Edward I could be queen. I can't wait to see this wedding it should be a whopper. I think you  need to write faster I can't wait for more.


Author's Response:

Lol! Whenever Bella is fed up with him, I'll have her send him over to you. ;) The wedding is happening soon!

Thank you!

Reviewer: sfspeedy (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2011 08:02 PM · On: Chapter 9

Thank you for not drawing out the month-long separation.  Those evil harpie princess witches!  Looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you were against the separation, too. It would have been unecessary. :)

Thank you!

Reviewer: grumpbear (Signed) · Date: June 23, 2011 01:04 AM · On: Chapter 9

i hope alice and rose improve...i like them in general and hate for them to be evil in this story

Author's Response:

They might. ;) Oh, no one is really evil in this story. Don't worry.

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2011 10:29 PM · On: Chapter 9

I was surprised when you made Alice a bitch, lol, but i'm sure it will all work out in the end. Wasn't so surprised when you made Rosalie one though, lol. I cannot wait for the wedding that should be fun i'm sure!

I cannot wait for this story to update and for whats up your sleeve, lol!

Is that show Pretty Little Liars any good? because I really wanna watch all the seasons but I don't have dish or cable, lol. I have stupid regular tv, lol!

well until next time


Author's Response:

Alice is bit of a bitch. She might come around.

I'm glad you like the story!

Pretty Little Liars is good. It's a drama/mystery type show.

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: delilah69 (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2011 02:23 PM · On: Chapter 9

i hope that bella doesn't let them get to her!! she deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt! and i hope that bella is able to hold her own against them!

Author's Response:

I don't know...things could get testy. I think she'll be just fine.

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: nightline (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2011 11:21 AM · On: Chapter 9

LOL - it's so funny, every one in the royal family forgetting their manners *giggles*

Author's Response:

Yes, I know. It's sort of like, "excuse me? are you for real?"

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: RandyWriter (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2011 10:23 AM · On: Chapter 9

I am so glad that you didn't drag along the one month seperation.   To be honest, it would have been too drawn out, and I agree with you, we want to get to the wedding, and your scenes with Edward and Bella are just wonderful.   I love the feelings that Edward seems to have for Isabella, and how expressive your writing can be.   I love it.    Wow...Alice and Rosalie....royal bitches galore.    They really seem to not like Bella or her family.    Love it!    Edward and Bella together is just beautiful!   Their wedding will probably be so special and romantic, and I hope the country embraces Edward's choice.     It is so important to Bella.   Keep writing and we'll be here reading!

Author's Response:

I'm glad that you didn't mind! Sometimes, readers like that long drwan out stuff. Personally, it depends on the story. This one is on a faster pace. ;) Edward is a interesting character. He's not evil, but he's not always good either. Oh, yes! Their wedding will be great, I hope. I'm about done planning it. :)

Thanks so much!

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