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Reviews For Carry Me Home
Reviewer: Pearlygirl (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2015 06:16 AM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

Hi! Are you still working on this story or have you abandoned it? Just wondering because I love it and hate to get invested and never know what happens! Thanks!

Reviewer: SBee37 (Signed) · Date: June 05, 2014 02:42 AM · On: Chapter 1: Jet Lag

Oh my god this is amazing!! x

Reviewer: naner26 (Signed) · Date: September 22, 2013 05:51 PM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

Yay! Awesome!

Reviewer: besendorfer1 (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2012 09:36 PM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

Really fun story -- keep it up!

Author's Response:

Glad you like it, hope you stick with me! - B

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2012 09:03 AM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

Woohoo!! You're back.  I've missed this story so much I kept checking in my favourites just to make sure you hadn't pulled it.  I'm so happy you're back.

Awww, Lindy and Rhys are going to have a baby.  Things went from great to bad very quickly for Rob and Charlie there for a while.  I'm glad that Charlie apologised for jumping to conclusions, it just goes to show that even though the feel that they know each other, they don't really.  After Tom's talk with Charlie I think her and Rob should use the fact that they're very similar and good at hiding things to help them with their own fledgling relationship as there's still a lot they're both not saying.

I'm looking forward to the 'family' arriving, see who guesses about Lindy and Rhys' news and whether any of them work it out about Charlie and Rob.

Jane x

Author's Response:

Don't worry too much about Rob and Charlie. They're a lot alike and they need each other more than either of them realizes. They're not going to be oblivious to it for long, and honestly how can they really hide it from their closest friends? I guess we'll see. Lindy and Rhys' baby is going to be an exciting adventure not just for the new parents but for all of the friends. Who doesn't love a baby?! We'll see the family in the next chapter. Thanks so much for reading! - B

Reviewer: fprm (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2012 05:06 PM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

funny and sweet ... missed it!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Thanks for keeping up with the story! Glad you're enjoying it. - B

Reviewer: sekoehler (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2012 03:53 PM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

Great update.  I'm glad to see you back. :)  I kind of had a feeling that Lindy was pregnant.  I'm glad that that was it , and it wasn't something more serious.  And Rob.....hmmmm, he is just delicious in this fic.  Can't wait until Sam comes, too.  Love, love, love Sam!  Well done!

Author's Response:

Lindy's pregnancy is going to bring a totally new aspect to the relationship between the friends. For Charlotte and Lindy who have been friends through lots of life changes, it's just one more thing to bring them closer. For everyone else, it's a baby! Something totally new and out of their element, but very exciting! I love Rob in this fic too. I want to move things along between Rob and Charlie so we can love him even more. The Brit boys (including lovely Sam) arrive next chapter. And things are always exciting with them around ... Thanks so much for reading! - B

Reviewer: gadberry1 (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2012 02:19 PM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

am thoroughly enjoying this story, thanks. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response:

Thanks for sticking with the story! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! - B

Reviewer: oceanluvr3 (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2012 08:06 AM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

Great chapter!!!!


I love the Rob and Petal's growing relationship!!!


Your characters are wonderful and I find myself interested in all of them and their families. Well done!!!!

Author's Response:

I love writing these characters. It's so fun to see all of their friendships and the relationships they have with each other! So glad you're enjoying the story. Thanks for reading! - B

Reviewer: epm0001 (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2012 08:01 AM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

I was so happy to see you posted. I love this story!

Author's Response:

So glad you're enjoying it as much as I am! Thanks for sticking with me! - B

Reviewer: cilie (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2012 05:50 AM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

Yay! I've really missed this story and almost squealed when I saw this update! Great chapter, I love how she tried to convince herself that she wasn't "that girl", we've all tried that haven't we, and pretty much always ended up being "that girl" after all. ;)

Author's Response:

I can't tell you how many times I – and all of my friends – have tried to pretend we're not 'that girl.' But really, I think we all have a bit of that girl inside of us. Nothing like a pretty British boy to make us realize our insecurities. Luckily, Charlie seems to be able to talk herself out of them. Thanks for sticking with the story! - B

Reviewer: simplyamazed (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2012 03:58 AM · On: Chapter 5: The Morning After

a very wonderful story... I kept smiling all the time! Really hope to hear something new very soon. Keep writing! I absolutely love it!

Author's Response:

So glad you enjoyed this update. I'm working on the next chapter now – I want to get things moving along for Rob and Charlie! Thanks for reading even after the long break! - B

Reviewer: besendorfer1 (Signed) · Date: March 10, 2012 09:11 AM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly

Please keep going -- great story.  You've kept me entranced!

Reviewer: naner26 (Signed) · Date: January 10, 2012 10:51 AM · On: Chapter 1: Jet Lag

I love this story and im missing it! Hope you come back soon.

Reviewer: suzuki (Signed) · Date: November 16, 2011 10:24 AM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly

ohhh i like it! they're awesome together =P so funny.... haha i can totally see Rob getting jealous of Tom because of how close they are =P great job and please update soon ^^

Reviewer: suziekew (Signed) · Date: November 12, 2011 04:53 PM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly

this is a fantastic story!! I hope you're not done with it? I need more, stat!

Reviewer: Robsblueeyes (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2011 02:50 PM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly

Ooooh that dress is very pretty and their first kiss, not too soon at all, they've really connected with each other and you can't ignore that, you have to go with the flow, that said, that first kiss was hot, hot, hot.

Lol, who's going to find them in the morning all cuddled up on the couch or will they have moved by then??

I'm so glad that both of them have opened up to each other they both need to off load all those stresses and end their loneliness, these two will be good together.

Jane x

Reviewer: Amelia Bedelia (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2011 06:56 AM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly

Uh oh... now the problem is falling asleep on the couch and risking everyone else finding the when they wake up! :)

Definitely don't think the first kiss was too soon! I would've have been more upset and frustrated if there hadn't have been a little bit of something in the very beginning! Now the only thing I'm hoping is that they don't do something stupid, like pretend it never happened or that it shouldn't go any further! I can understand them having a few days or bliss, and slowly realizing that maybe this wouldn't work in a long-term type of thing... I just don't want them to be stupid!

I can't wait to read about what will happen when Charlie realizes how famous Rob really is! She might see him in Twilight or something, and then feel bad for thinking how awful he looks playing a vampire in the first movie or something... and then she'll see him in Remember Me or Water for Elephants or something and be completely blown away! Haha! Or, better yet, maybe she doesn't watch any of his movies and Rob comes back to the apartment someday and sees that she has picked up Twilight to read while she's relaxing at home... and before he can say anything about playing the lead character, she goes on and on about how she feels ridiculous reading a young adult book about vampires and how surprised she is that she's enjoying it as much as she is, and then she can start mooning over how in love with the idea of Edward Cullen she is and whatnot... and Rob has to awkwardly explain that he plays Edward Cullen. :D

Also, I love that Charlie and Tom are best friends! Ha! I've only just begun reading Rob stories and not just Twilight stories, and Tom has quickly become one of my favorites!

Great job so far - I'm very excited to read more!

Yours truly,
Amelia Bedelia

Author's Response: Your idea about Charlie reading Twilight is great! Haha ... That'd be too funny. I love that Charlie and Tom are best friends, too! Doesn't he just seem like the most hilarious sidekick? Thanks fr reading! Working on the next chapter now!

Reviewer: naner26 (Signed) · Date: August 21, 2011 06:23 PM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly

oooh! Can't wait for more. One of the best rob fanfics in a while!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! So glad you're liking Charlie's Rob.

Reviewer: fprm (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2011 05:17 PM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly


Reviewer: fprm (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2011 05:16 PM · On: Chapter 3: He's THAT Famous

loved it

Reviewer: fprm (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2011 05:16 PM · On: Chapter 2 - Lost in Her Head


Reviewer: fprm (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2011 05:16 PM · On: Chapter 1: Jet Lag


Reviewer: dudatrouble (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2011 10:50 AM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly


Can't wait to read more!!


Author's Response:

Thanks! Working on the next chapter now!

Reviewer: mizzezpattinson (Signed) · Date: August 06, 2011 06:03 AM · On: Chapter 4: Killing Me Softly

I am thrilled with this fic.

I have read a few of the Rob fics out there that a couple of my fandom friends have written, and was hoping that there would be a new, fresh Rob fic that I could start and enjoy.

I find that there are a lot of RPF's that are sooo far off and dont display Rob the way he actually is, but rather, the way the writer wants him to be.

I love this, and your portrayal of Rob....Thank you soooo much for writing this.

First kiss, not too soon, not with the amount of attraction between these two. I can't wait to see where you head with this. You really have me excited


Author's Response: So glad you're liking it so far! Trust me, I have much, much more planned for these two. I hope Charlie's Rob is a nice mix of how the man really is and who we all hope he is ... Does that make sense? I hope to write him as real as possible - he is definitely going to have some flaws that we'll see soon, but we'll love him anyway.

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