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Reviewer: RavenFlyer (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2014 03:20 AM · On: One-Shot


Reviewer: T Cullen (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2011 03:41 AM · On: One-Shot

Wait what- no Bella couldn't- aww man!

I really love the story!

Author's Response:

Good morning, T Cullen!

LOL Yeah, I know. But this is kind of a crackfic, in a way, in that I have inverted everyone's characters, so that an inverted Bella might indeed wreak havoc... ;-)

Glad you enjoyed this! I had a fun time thinking it up! LoL


Reviewer: diamondheart (Signed) · Date: September 18, 2010 02:24 AM · On: One-Shot

Another good one, gf! I like your twist on the sibling relationships better than SM's - surely a family with so many extraordinary talents would induge extraordinarily...good thing there's a lot of love--and good nature--behind it all. The 'vibes' Jasper sends through the crowd aound quite, er, inspiring *smirk*

(finally getting caught up on my to-be-read list!) Carmen <><3

Author's Response:

Good morning, Carmen!

Lovely to see you, always. :)

Oh, I am SURE that the Cullens had to have had off-camera moments. lol  

You know Jasper had to play with his gift once in a while. :D

Glad you enjoyed this little fluffy moment. Okay, not so fluffy for the girl at Nordstrom...


Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


Reviewer: mrsgunsage (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2010 01:28 AM · On: One-Shot

I love how all of their personailities got inverted, and I laughed my ass off because if one of my siblings had Alice's gift I would totally screw with their head for my own enjoyment.  :)

Author's Response:

Good morning, mrsgunsage!


Thank you! Messing with the personalities was SO FUN. I had the idea a while back and considered developing it into a regular story but decided this one-shot gave y'all the idea without getting too I mean, you know, for me!

I am confident that if my brother were a psychic, I'd be doing this to him A LOT.

Thank you for reading and the super-generous rating!


Reviewer: katmom (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2010 12:08 AM · On: One-Shot

I totally loved the way you tweaked all of the personalities here...Emo Mary Alice!

They really knew how to wind her up...such fun!

Although that last line...OUCH...LOL

Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response:

Hey, Kathie!

You are so kind to review here! :)

I really had fun with this, as you know. *grin* Probably more fun than anyone reading it, but this is MY leisure time activity, right? :D


Yeah... My Bella is going to be a NEWBORN when she's changed... Alaska's lookin' pretty good....


Thanks so much!


Reviewer: Zakaira (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 06:55 PM · On: One-Shot

LOL! That was really funny! Great idea.

Author's Response:

Good evening, Zakaira!


Thank you! I'm glad you found it to be so. :) I enjoyed writing it, anyway. 

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to drop me a line!


Reviewer: colasmom (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 04:10 PM · On: One-Shot

thats was great! loved the ending... :)

Author's Response:

Good afternoon, colasmom!

Thanks! I had fun with it. lol

Glad the ending wasn't, like, creepy. ;-)

Thanks for reading!


Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 01:06 PM · On: One-Shot

This was good, I loved how the kept throwing the plans out there so that she would have a vision, only to be joking about it. I feel sorry for her, but I think it is funny at the same time. I can actually see them doing that once in a while in the books :)

Author's Response:

Good morning, FrozenSoldier!

Thanks! I had fun with it, obviously.  I'm glad you feel I was consistent with the books, even though I kind of tweaked everyone's characterization.  That's what I meant to do.


Thank you for reading, reviewing and for the shiny rating! :)


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