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Reviewer: Chapps (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2012 11:01 PM · On: Epilogue


Reviewer: Chnctgislnd07 (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2012 02:56 PM · On: Chapter 1

I'm going to be completely honest my reaction here is oh hell no! I guess I'm just way too canon oriented for this much of a deviation. Don't know what I was thinking. Apologies for the less than flattering remarks about your story but I did read through the whole way, kinda like a car wreck where you can't just look away but still I gave it a try.

Reviewer: rarishness (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2011 02:33 AM · On: Chapter 1

I'm not sure if I reviewed this or not before, but if not, I abslutely bow to the awesomeness of your writng abilities.  Seriously, you are amazing.  That is all.

Reviewer: rarishness (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2011 02:31 AM · On: Chapter 1

Reviewer: mojo_goodtogo (Signed) · Date: June 09, 2011 02:44 PM · On: Epilogue

This was incredible. I could not stop reading. Thank you so much for a great read. Your Jacob is my favorite portrayal of him and your Bella was understandable. Thanks again and now I'm off to read everything else I can find of yours!

Reviewer: partygirl209 (Signed) · Date: May 25, 2011 05:47 PM · On: Epilogue

great scenario!!

Reviewer: teamjacob36695 (Signed) · Date: March 27, 2011 08:49 PM · On: Epilogue

I really enjoyed your story. I could not put it down. I love the jacob that sm created and this story stayed true to that and gave a very interesting plot line! Good job!

Reviewer: teamjacob36695 (Signed) · Date: March 27, 2011 01:11 AM · On: Chapter 1

That first chapter was great! Their conversation was hilarious. Jacob's one-liners had me laughing out loud. That was in the true style of SM.

Reviewer: vixenjc (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2011 01:08 PM · On: Epilogue

prefer edward/ bella stories to jake /bella, not that i dont like jake but prefer him to be with nessie

Reviewer: MissDarcy (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2011 10:38 PM · On: Epilogue

Yay-a happy ending-darce

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: December 16, 2010 05:27 PM · On: Epilogue

"You're telling me that you're bench pressing cars."


HAHA! Oh that what so funny!


Hmmm.... i actually think that Jake and Leah woudn't be such a bad couple. I don't meen for this story, but for another one. Haven't read one of those yet.


What else, what else... i absolutley LOVED the end. It felt relaxed and just wonderful. Thanks for a great story!

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: December 15, 2010 03:14 PM · On: Chapter 9

I don't know, I just love Leah in this fic! I wish she had more space. In this story and in all others. I think she is a interesting character.

Bella is going away. Okey. Haha. Typical Jacobs luck if she meets another prince charming. No triangle here, let's make it a square. Poor quy.


Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: December 08, 2010 04:34 PM · On: Chapter 8

HAHA! I would so want to see the pack catch Frisbees like dogs. Hilarious! I love the mix of fun and serious. I really feel sorry for Jake.

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: November 28, 2010 04:21 PM · On: Chapter 6

I didn't think I could be any more team Jacob but I guess I was wrong. Wonderful writing! Cute, funny and sexy at the same time.

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: November 28, 2010 02:49 PM · On: Chapter 5

That was so cute! Naaaw. I so love Jake.

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: November 28, 2010 01:23 PM · On: Chapter 4

Oh I love Leah! And her temper. I wonder how this will work out. I guess I will see soon. :)

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: November 27, 2010 05:59 PM · On: Chapter 3

I hate that Edward always thinks that he knows what's best for Bella. Maybe Becouse he is afraid what would happen if she actually got to think herself. What kind of relationship is it when it's only one person making all the decisions? Then you woudn't need to parts, just one.

Anyway. Had some fun reading this to. For example:

"Tell me, does anything keep working after your heart stops? I mean, if there's no blood left to flow, can you even--"

HAHA! I have thought about this SO MANY times! How the hell does it work?

HEY! Swedish piece of shit? It's actually a good family car. Maybe not so cool but good for us who lives in snow halv the year or more. :P

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: November 27, 2010 02:59 PM · On: Chapter 2

Oh Bella. She's su fucked up. I mean, you can't always have EVERYTHING you want. She need to realize that.

Reviewer: icshly (Signed) · Date: November 25, 2010 07:36 PM · On: Chapter 1

I so love Jacob in this fic, haha.

"Maybe that made him the bigger man. At least I was taller."

So FUN. I am a short person, I always say that I'm taller intellectual. :P

Reviewer: Luvtwilight14 (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2010 04:51 AM · On: Epilogue

When I first saw this I didn't know what to think because it is hard finding Jake/Bella hea's on Twilighted.  They arent separated like and it just lists the stories he is in.  I was afraid that it was one that got your hopes up and them let them crash and burn at the end. I read the first two chapters and then did something I hardly ever do...I read the epilogue.  I just had to know what the end was going to be- Jake or Edward.  I was sooooo glad to say the very least so I read the rest cause by then I had to find out what lead to that.  I am team twilight!  I like the Ed/bella (mostly allhuman) when Jake isnt made out bad and I can switch to Jake and Bella (with Edward involved) and love how the authors write them.  And their relationship whether E/B or J/B is even more.  For some reason you all just get it!  Dont get me wrong I love the original story and I totally understand why she wrote it the way she did, but I just like seeing Jake getting the hea as well.  Comprende?  Hope so.  So anyway, thank you for sharing your story and I will be sure to look for you on and LJ for other stories.  This was a wonderfully written beautiful story although it was too short, (sorry) but it did work out right!  Bravo!

Hugs, stephanie :)

Reviewer: randomthoughtsofshay (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2010 08:06 AM · On: Chapter 3

Oh gosh, your Jacob character is the funniest ive read so far.  LOVE the way he curses and talks.  I could see the actual charater like this a few year down the line.  I think I would have liked this story even more if it happened a few years after there marrige even...would make more sense to me.  Bellas character is a little soft so I hope she gets to tell off Edward off again...anyway, great job and I look fwd to reading more.

Reviewer: alygator (Signed) · Date: September 21, 2010 12:29 PM · On: Chapter 1

Wow.  This is an amazing story, and beautifully written too.  My favorite Team Jacob read ever!

Reviewer: the brilliant dance x (Signed) · Date: September 20, 2010 06:08 PM · On: Chapter 1

I have to apologize... a lot. I've been with the story from the very beginning, but I haven't reviewed yet. :[ I'm sorry! :[ :[ The first time I stumbled upon this story a few months ago, I couldn't get enough of it, so I went to and read the rest of it there lol. I know, I cheated. :] But seriously, I could NOT stop reading this story, I loved loved loved LOVED it. Definitely one of the BEST Bella/Jacob stories I have EVER read. When reading Breaking Dawn, I remember reading the part where Edward suggested Bella have a baby with JAke if that's what she really wanted, just as long as she would get rid of the 'monster' inside of her, and the idea intrigued me/disgusted me at the same time. So when I found this story that promised on delving into that plot idea, I knew I HAD to read it!

Honestly, at first... I had no idea how you were going to pull it off. It seemed so unrealistic of Bella to go for the idea... but somehow, you wrote this plot line PERFECTLY. It was completely believeable and just... perfect. Seriously, just perfect. This plot could've easily gone very wrong and crashed and burned, but you avoided disaster wonderfully.

I also ADORE the way you wrote Jacob. It was absolutely PERFECT. Definitely the best Jacob I have ever read. And the lemons between them... so awkward, yet sweet at the same time... Definitely the way their first time would've been!

Also, the way you had Bella choose Jake in the end was pretty believable as well. Although I'm a Jake/Bella fan all the way, it's hard to think of plausible ways that they end up together... Bella's love/infatuation for Edward is just too hard to ignore/write off. Even though I always wanted Bella/Jake together, I knew that realistically, Bella would always choose Edward. There's no denying it. But you managed to have Bella choose Jake instead of Edward in a very realistic way... The most realistic it could get, in my opinion. So kudos to you! :]

Basically, I loved this story so much, and I can't wait for more of your Jacob/Bella stories! *nudge nudge* :]

Much love,

the brilliant dance x

Reviewer: Gone_Crazy109 (Signed) · Date: September 19, 2010 06:45 AM · On: Epilogue

THAT WAS AN FUCKIN AWESOME STORY!!!! I LUVED IT SO MUCH.....i felt really bad for edward i cried actually cuz it was really kinda sad. edward was so confident that bella would stay with him but that was not that case this time.....but jacob and bella are just so fuckin cute!!!! really LUVED it great job on the story i wish you would make more :(

Reviewer: Gone_Crazy109 (Signed) · Date: September 19, 2010 03:56 AM · On: Chapter 9

wow i feel really bad for jacob

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