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Reviews For What Drives Her
Reviewer: jjcabin (Signed) · Date: October 11, 2020 04:27 PM · On: Prologue

Fabulous story, I've been addicted for the last week. I especially love the more mature version of Bella. Please finish it!


Reviewer: twistar96 (Signed) · Date: April 15, 2020 04:11 AM · On: Chapter 33: Heaven and Hell

hope to see this finished. its wonderfully creative.

Reviewer: Yeeyee (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2019 01:10 AM · On: Chapter 33: Heaven and Hell

This is probably my favourite fanfic!! But, it is incomplete and it's been at least a year... I hope it hasn't been abandoned :((

Reviewer: dazzled eyes (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2018 07:31 PM · On: Chapter 33: Heaven and Hell

Thanks for coming back and updating this story.  It was definitely missed.

It’s sad that Embry and Bella are parting ways after being so close for so long, but the pack needs him. It also frees Bella up to leave her place. 
I like that Bella guessed Edward overheard their conversation and she was comforted by his concern for her. 

Reviewer: dazzled eyes (Signed) · Date: November 07, 2013 12:44 PM · On: Prologue

I guess everyone is moving on. I just wanted to wish you well. I have truly enjoyed this story and it's one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing it with us all. 

Reviewer: karin9166 (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2012 05:37 PM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

Oh My Goodness!  I hope everything is OK in your world and that you have just been busy!  I LOVE your story and am hoping that you haven't abandoned it.  I see that it's been over a year since you've updated....PLEASE come back and finish this!!!  :}~  I really love this story....I have not had much sleep since I started it; because, I could hardly put it down!  I'm going to mark you as one of my favorite authors....and hopefully, you'll update soon!! Thanks :):)

Reviewer: lulaalice (Signed) · Date: December 09, 2012 11:11 AM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

Will you be finishing this story? It has been a year sence your last update. The story is very good and I hope you will be updating soon.

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: March 27, 2012 11:23 PM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

love it!!!! cant wait for him to propose

Reviewer: ToMyMuse (Signed) · Date: November 24, 2011 01:41 PM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

Thank you for playing upon one of the sweetest lines from New Moon (you give me everything just by breathing). {sigh}

Reviewer: ToMyMuse (Signed) · Date: November 24, 2011 12:55 PM · On: Chapter 30: Unedited

Ahhh, so sweet and romantic. Loved this chapter. Wonderful story, too, btw.

Reviewer: dazzled eyes (Signed) · Date: November 16, 2011 02:20 PM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

I really enjoyed the progress in their relationship. Edward wanting to wake her up, so he could kiss her and Bella waking up not regretting their conversation about marriage and actually trying to take credit for proposing were great moments. I liked that Bella wanted him to share the bedroom space with her and to feel comfortable around her without the distance.

I loved Alice and Edward’s phone call and how she did not step over his boundaries. It was really sweet that she was genuinely happy for him and tried to help by packing his mother’s ring for encouragement. I was pleasantly surprised that she managed to keep his progress from the family. It was nice to see Edward mulling over ways to propose to her while she was visiting with Caroline. I had to laugh at Alice sending Edward the text as he was debating whether he was frustrating his sister with his indecision about the various methods.


I am glad Edward discussed with her about the threat this newborn poses to her safety. I can understand his desire not to share Bella with his siblings and to spend this precious time alone. It was kind of sweet. I am glad that he also told her how hard it is for him to rein in not giving her gifts and I enjoyed the conversation that followed.



Thanks for the update!  

Reviewer: hoppyliz (Signed) · Date: November 14, 2011 08:26 PM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

Hehe! I would have liked to have seen Edward's face when he found out about the mirror...

And I like it that Alice did in fact pack the ring for Edward.

Reviewer: peregrin (Signed) · Date: November 14, 2011 05:18 PM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

Is Nessie going to make an appearance?

Reviewer: leeseeq (Signed) · Date: November 13, 2011 11:56 PM · On: Chapter 31: Yes

I love this kind of chapter.  I love the little everyday moments between Edward and Bella.  I also really loved how Edward was scanalized by the mirror on the ceiling.   I just love his unshakable morals- it's so endearing!

Reviewer: dazzled eyes (Signed) · Date: November 09, 2011 04:03 PM · On: Chapter 30: Unedited

Oh my! I just got really choked up at Bella's apology and declaration of what Edward means to her and then to have him return the same sentiment. Wow! Awesome.

This reception was really good. I loved that Jessica had the band play "Sweet Caroline" for her daughter to take center stage and included her in her special day. I liked that Caroline was more accepting of Edward. It was sweet to hear how Jessica's friends, Renee and Mike rallied together to pay for her daughter dancing lessons. It shows their devotion to this little girl.

I love how this Bella and Edward talk to each other and this chapter had some great conversations. Bella blurting that she was still a virgin how she did was freaking hilarious. It was really sweet of Edward to divulged his own status and reinforce his love for her, so she didn't feel that being a virgin was something to be ashamed of.

I am glad that they confessed about their individual talks with Renee and how she came to the conclusions that she did. Their discussion on love and romance was very good. I look forward to that discussion on marriage when Bella is more coherent.

I loved how Angela came to the rescue at the end of the reception to push Bella away from clean-up duty and into Edward's arms, or room for the night as it turned out to be. I am glad that Bella decided to postpone going home and extend their little vacation together.

Thanks for the update.

Reviewer: dinotopian (Signed) · Date: November 07, 2011 01:01 AM · On: Chapter 30: Unedited

Thank you!

Reviewer: JavaMasta (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 11:24 PM · On: Chapter 30: Unedited

(* happy sigh*)

Reviewer: angelblue (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 10:58 PM · On: Chapter 30: Unedited

Oh is it over? Sigh. Epi?

Reviewer: hoppyliz (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2011 06:15 PM · On: Chapter 30: Unedited

Lots of Bella and Edward... it was definitely worth the wait. Thanks for this great chapter.

Reviewer: Marguerite (Anonymous) · Date: September 20, 2011 03:15 PM · On: Chapter 29: Vows and Vicoprofen

Thanks for taking the time to care.  I, too, am annoyed when a story falls flat.  You are doing a great job of portraying the development of the Edward / Bella relationship.

Reviewer: Azrielstar (Signed) · Date: September 06, 2011 10:52 PM · On: Chapter 29: Vows and Vicoprofen

You- suck----in good way-maybe----urghhh  where is the happy ending??

Reviewer: peregrin (Signed) · Date: September 05, 2011 03:57 PM · On: Chapter 29: Vows and Vicoprofen


Reviewer: dazzled eyes (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2011 04:16 AM · On: Chapter 29: Vows and Vicoprofen

I'm glad Bella got through the wedding and the recieving line safely before going with Edward to her ankle checked out. It was quite awesome how the Cullens worked together to help Bella get medical attention for her ankle and get quickly back to the reception.

I liked that Edward told Bella about what happened with the newborns and the threat that still looms. I enjoyed their discussion about his desire to protect her by asking her to call out from work for the next few days and that he used examples of his family to show that the behavior was not just because she was human.

It was funny seeing the effects of Bella accidentally mixing alcohol with her meds when Jessica publicly thanked her. It was sweet how Edward told her that he missed her and she returned the sentiment.

I appreciate that you are taking extra care to make sure the end of the story does not fall flat. Thank you again for this great story.

Reviewer: westosobear (Signed) · Date: September 03, 2011 08:34 PM · On: Chapter 29: Vows and Vicoprofen

Worried alittle while they argued in the car.  Thank you for the update.  Looking forward tonthe next chapter.

Reviewer: LCCullen (Signed) · Date: September 02, 2011 10:58 PM · On: Chapter 29: Vows and Vicoprofen

I really hope Edward comes around with the "changing" aspect. I'm sure he just can't see what his reaction is doing to her. I can't wait for your next update! Do you know how many chapters you might have left?

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