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Reviews For Growing Up Volturi
Reviewer: halerosalie100 (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2011 06:19 PM · On: Chapter 17 This is just the start

This was another great chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for your review and support. The first chapter of the sequel Life Interrupted is up and it completes the fight I left off with. I hope you continue to read and enjoy although the characters from my story and DreaC's make some radical changes due to the hand life dealt them.

Reviewer: xanath (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 04:30 PM · On: Chapter 17 This is just the start

good job...I have waited sooo long for this!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you've enjoyed it. Chapter 1 of the sequel Life Interrupted by DreaC and myself is also up so you should check it out. It finishes the fight at the end of my story so you can see how that turned out. Thanks so much for all of your support.

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 12:16 AM · On: Chapter 17 This is just the start

LOVED IT! you are great at writing lemons. and especially loved the end note; will be great to see toni grow as an individual. and cant wait to keep an eye on her sisters and the wolves! cant wait for more of life interrupted! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you soooo much( dancing around) I'm so happy that you liked it. Don't worry Life Interrupted is lemon city and you'll absolutley see a new side to Toni. She grows up a lot but you'll be able to see where being raised by the Volturi and having to grow up so fast stunted her development, but she'll be growing throughout the sequel in addition to Rasika. I also hope that you love her interaction with her family (Ness and wolves included) as i enjoy writing them. Keep an eye out for chapter 2 of Life interrupted we're just waiting to get it back from our betas!

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 04:54 PM · On: Chapter 16 Fight Night

loved it! that was amazingly well written! i cant WAIT to see what toni's sisters say about rasika. and do they return home to volterra? i am extremely keen for next and last chapter of growing up volturi and even more keen for the next chapter of life interrupted :)

Author's Response:

You are so freakin' amazingly awesome( dancing around in crazy happy dance). I'm so glad that Antonia's sexuality wasn't a huge issue for you. I was originally really worried about backlash over her sexual orientation. I did get some confusion over her and Rasika's relationship because DreaC and I have taken a lot of liberties with imprinting and I'm so glad that you like them as a couple. The last chapter is waiting to be validated and then there's a battle recap including povs from my story and What Lies Ahead. I really hope you continue reveiwing and I also hope that the length of this reply will make up for not replying to all of your reviews. Thankyou!

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 04:44 PM · On: Chapter 15 Where are they going? (whynot)

love rasika!!! her imprinting on antonia was great!! cant wait to see how they get out of this though

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 04:37 PM · On: Chapter 14 The Cullens

love it! cant wait until next chapter - even though i already know she imprints after reading life interrupted, it will be cool to read!!

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 04:22 PM · On: Chapter 12 Welcome Home

uh oh! we know whats coming up! it will be good to see it from a different view though :)

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 04:14 PM · On: Chapter 11 Guilty or Innocent

antonia really does have more of a conscience than the others doesnt she? she states that she isnt that fond of killing and would like donated blood but cant resist it completely because everyone around her is doing the same thing - killing obviously not drinking donated blood. I cant remember whether she inquired about the cullens diet or not in life interrrupted - i think she did? anyway, great chapter and am off to read the next one :)

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 03:58 PM · On: Chapter 9 I really hate cell phones

love how all of them accepted it so easily!! :) such loving sisters!

Reviewer: Ezza (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 03:43 PM · On: Chapter 8 Lessons learned

ok so i've been a naughty girl and havnt reviewed yet. SORRY! i have originally read what lies ahead and read the first chapter of life interrupted (ok i'v been a VERY naughty girl, i dont think i've EVER left a review for what lies ahead *hangs head in shame* lol. but i will from now on) anyway i couldnt let this chapter pass without commenting on the hot lesbian vampires first session with each other :) that was awsome. not to mention, this story is AWSOME. i love all the girls and their abilities and cant wait to keep reading and see it all piece together :)

Reviewer: ermireallydontcare (Signed) · Date: November 07, 2010 03:49 PM · On: Chapter 16 Fight Night

Oh I love the twist :D

Reviewer: xanath (Signed) · Date: October 16, 2010 08:10 PM · On: Chapter 15 Where are they going? (whynot)

OOOkkkkayyyyy?  I  thought that the usual reason for the imprinting thing was to create a mated pair to produce better wolf children????  How are two femails going to do that?  I am sure that you have a plan for them...and I will be waiting for that to unfold!  Good luck.

Author's Response:

Traditionally that is the purpose of the imprinting bond, but my friend DreaC and I took some liberties. Don't worry I have a definate plan for them. In Growing up Volturi and the spin off LIfe Interrupted we veiw imprinting as a more spiritual bond than just a physical need to carry on the wolf gene. Chapter 16 just updated before i could make it back so i'm going to give you a preview for the last chapter of the story.

Reviewer: SkittleE (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2010 09:23 AM · On: Chapter 15 Where are they going? (whynot)

You better update soon! This story is awesome. I laughed to no ends when Rasika imprinted on the enemy. Here's a ten, if that will persuade you to update soon and give me a preview... But also because this is a great story...

Author's Response: Im so sorry it took me so long to get back to your review. Real life hit hard, but because I wasn't able to get to your review before the new chapter went up Im going to give you a preview for the last chapter instead. By the way your review made me do a happy dance in the middle of my living room:) Thank you so much for sticking with me and remember this story is almost over, but the spin off Life Interrupted should be up a few weeks later. In the mean time try DreaC's What Lies Ahead, she's my co author for the spin off.

Reviewer: halerosalie100 (Signed) · Date: October 07, 2010 05:23 AM · On: Chapter 15 Where are they going? (whynot)

I love this story!

Author's Response:

Thank you sooo much. I'm sorry it took so long I got pounded by real life. I'm glad you stuck with me through the story and I hope you'll love the spin off, Life Interrupted, even more! Im going to send you a preview of chapter 17 because 16 was put up before I got around to it. Check out DreaC's story What Lies Ahead if you want another good read. She's my co author for life interrupted.

Reviewer: bwen (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2010 03:56 PM · On: Chapter 15 Where are they going? (whynot)

Toronto huh? Well since I'm Canadian and live in Ontario I'm flattered and the timber wolf is protected in this country. But I must admit it's damn funny that it's another she wolf for the pack and imprinting on Antonia, I'm sorry but that is just so wild the pack is going to be so WTF. LOL (pssst...I really don;t care much for the wolves...well that's not true it's just Jake I don't care for his whole thing with Bella and now Nessie just bugs me).

Interesting chapter and with Antonia lanching an attack, this has got a lot of potential for WTF moments I think!


Author's Response:

 I hope I don't disappoint with the WTF moments. I'm sad that the story has almost reached its conclusion. Unfortunatley though that will be the end of this phase in Antonia's life. I hope you enjoy the next stage of her life.

Reviewer: Larifari (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2010 05:14 PM · On: Chapter 14 The Cullens

So, Antonia has the feeling her life is going to change? What will happen? Is maybe Leah going to imprint on her?^^

That would be really strange.

Author's Response:

Yes, Antonia has a feeling her life will be changing but you will just have to wait and see how, but don't worry the how and why of it comes up next chapter:) This story is almost completed and from there DreaC and I will be starting with our spin off Life Interrupted and you can see more of how Antonia's life progresses. Thank you for sticking with my story this whole time I really appreciate your reviews.

Reviewer: bwen (Signed) · Date: August 14, 2010 05:17 AM · On: Chapter 14 The Cullens

I really love the last line, it makes the Cullens sound like a legitimate threat and not anything to be taken lightly!!

I'm truly at a lost to determine how this may play out you haven't been very forth coming with clues except that Antonia is perhaps unhappy with the Volturi.

Now you really have my curiosty peaked, can't wait for the next chapter, wonder how the other hybrids will react to Nema if she gets to say anything.

Author's Response:

I'm so glad that I have the ability to keep you on your toes. It was one of my greatest fears when I began to write this story. I'm hoping to update again in the next week or so as soon as my story gets back from my beta I can put it in for validation. I will give you one huge clue. We will be meeting a new character in the next chapter who will have a large role to play in the battle. Thank you as always for the review they make me happy.

Reviewer: bwen (Signed) · Date: July 10, 2010 08:27 AM · On: Chapter 13 Preparations

Antonia sounds like she maybe approaching a cross roads in her life and the Cullens could be the crux to a new and fufilling life, perhaps... one never knows what devious twist you'll take with the story.

I am pro Cullen (duh..I know thats not news) so I'm hoping that they get out unscathed, however I don't really care about the dogs (werewolves, sorry to all wolf lovers).

Hey Alice "there coming" heres to the Cullens let the games begin!

Author's Response:

Hey sorry it took me so long to respond. Where do I begin? I love your reviews they always make me sit and really think before i can respond. I can't let you in on to much that's going to be happening, but I will tell you that yes the Cullens play a large role unfortunately so do the wolves. You are absolutley right let the games begin!

Reviewer: ermireallydontcare (Signed) · Date: July 09, 2010 09:46 PM · On: Chapter 13 Preparations

Great chapter - can't wait to see what happens in the next one!

Reviewer: Cubbles108 (Signed) · Date: July 06, 2010 06:28 PM · On: Chapter 12 Welcome Home

I must say Life Interrupted is going to be AMAZING+INCREDIBLE+AWESOME+FANTASTIC+TOTALLY FREAKIN MIND BLOWIN! Absolutely psyched for it.

Reviewer: Miss Jeanette Cullen (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2010 08:39 PM · On: Chapter 12 Welcome Home

ooooh it sounds good. please make some more please?

Author's Response:

Thank you for the read! I hope you will continue there are some huge turning points on the horizon for every one involved.

Reviewer: bwen (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2010 12:55 PM · On: Chapter 12 Welcome Home

DAMN, that was very hot !!!!!! And it was full of surprises. I'm such a Cullen fan I struggle with Demetri having a loving side because he is Volturi, well if he isn't loving at least he is sensual and lustful...2 out of 3 isn't bad. LOL

Hunter is too comfortable in this life and I can't see how that isn;t going to come back and bite her (no pun intended). Antonia is definitely in for a whole world of hell.

Wonder how the Cullens will do since Alice can't see around Hybrids this is going to be very interesting. And Nahuel really is such a pain in the ass he needs to be taken down or out!

Author's Response:

Well we have the rest of the story, but I truly hope that when you see Demetri again in the spin off his loving side will show through more. I know I know he's Volturi he's evil, but red eyed people eating demons can change right.

As for Hunter she is comfortable anywhere Demetri is. She fully accepted that she would be Volturi when she left Mexico. She can survive pretty much anywhere she is the most calculated of the girls thanks to her gift. Antonia is in for a lot but she already messed up enough considering what Aro has discovered. She really can't mess up to much more than she already has.

I totally agree with. Nahuel needs an ass whoopin' and I know just the person for the job. Thanks for the read as always I always look forward to your reviews!

Reviewer: ermireallydontcare (Signed) · Date: June 24, 2010 09:15 AM · On: Chapter 12 Welcome Home

I liked the scene with Hunter and Dementri :)

As soon as I started reading the next bit I had a feeling the Cullens were going to become involved, but I'm intrigued to find out how Nahuel is involved in all this, and what happens next!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed a inside look into Hunter and Demetri's relationship. Keep reading I will be releasing spin off banners of the couples in the spin off one couple per banner for four chapters and the final will be the official spin off banner!

Reviewer: bwen (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 08:22 AM · On: Chapter 11 Guilty or Innocent

Great chapter and rather brutal, I guess I forgot how the Voturi conduct business!!

But I laughed when Antonia referred to Voltera as home...I would think hardly that place is home but perhaps she will start to see that.

Obviously she has started to develop a conscious the only vampire I can think of that could understand what she just felt and found out about the couple they destroyed would be Edward Cullen.

Author's Response:

Thank you sorry it took so long to respond I was having computer trouble. I won't tell you much but I will tell you that it's a turning point.

Reviewer: bwen (Signed) · Date: June 09, 2010 02:24 AM · On: Chapter 10 First Assignment

Great chapter!!! But why do I get the feeling that Antonia is in for more than she bargained??

I don't know if her blood lust, sexual predilictions or her gift are going to be a problem in Paris but I don't believe your going to make this a run of the mill assignment, that's just dosen't seem like something you would do.



Author's Response:

You are extremely persceptive as always. You are right this will not be a run of the mill assignment. What kind of person would I be if it were, but I'm going to let you see why. Also DreaC and I have decided how we are going to show you our appreciation for our continued support of our stories. Quil's imprint's name is going to be Bwen Sinclaire Standish but she goes by Claire. Thankyou again and if you would like to message me a question about my story you can do it through DreaC my email doesn't support twilighted for some reason. I hope you enjoy the remainders of our stories and I hope you stick around for the spin off as well.

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