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Reviewer: scalett (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2016 09:14 AM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

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Reviewer: Willow12345678910 (Signed) · Date: July 06, 2013 10:07 PM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

How strange. It seems that no one comes to this section of twilighted as much as they should. Just saying, this happens to be the best one shot have read in a long while. I really, really hope that this  will not remain a one shot for too long. L. O. V. E. it. that's all I can say.



Reviewer: lovely_pain (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2011 04:45 PM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

That was like, REALLY fuckin' awsome. Write some more!

Reviewer: GeezerWench (Signed) · Date: June 18, 2011 10:54 PM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

Thanks. I enjoyed that story.

Reviewer: ColdFire (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2011 10:36 PM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

It was amazing you should write another chapter of it ^_~

Reviewer: Malyce (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2011 11:19 AM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

Interesting piece, very well written indeed. I was immediately drawn to it because the subject is one I researched for over five years and my first novel based around the story of the Grigori  is due out shortly.They were the blueprint for the Angels of the Old and New Testaments and there is archaeological and anthropological evidence to show that they truly did exist.

As for your tale, wouldn't it be nice if all of our writing dreams could come true? Your point that amibition was thwarting creativity is a very very relevant point and comes close to the truth. .I wanted to write for many years, but it wasn't until I reached the age of 50 when I had all but given up trying to write anything. The moment I saw it as a means of fulflling myself rather than as a means to success, my writing improved by leaps and bounds and this upcoming book is the evidence of that.

Perhaps we actually do have a guardian angel, fallen or otherwise.


Reviewer: caperves1979 (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2010 06:59 PM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

That was such a nice story.  It makes me want to go down to a weird store I've avoided and buy a candle.

Reviewer: Teeny Tiny Twilight (Signed) · Date: April 16, 2010 08:46 PM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

O_O yes. I enjoyed it very much. I'm a little disapointed though, because i thought it was a story, and i was so excited...oh well. ^_^ It was funny and light and romantic, and just, well...wonderful. Keep writing...and give Pen my number ;)

Reviewer: Openhome (Anonymous) · Date: February 27, 2010 01:02 AM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

I was so happy to turn on the banners again and find that your banner to your story worked! This is wonderful, and the twist at the end is superb! I was drawn into your heroine's life from the start, and I now know what Rosemary saw in this short piece of truly wonderful fiction. The tie in with the book of Enoch and fallen angels was brilliant, I loved that they become the teachers of men. Though, as a teacher I'm not sure my profession should be an eternal punishment... wait, you're right, it is.

Great job!! I'm proud to know you.

Reviewer: Camilla (Signed) · Date: February 13, 2010 08:55 AM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

Very bautiful. I ever I am able to overcome a little my twilight obsession I would like to be able to write original fantasy stories .. and yours is perfect.

However, I am a little puzzled by the end. Who is the little girl?

Author's Response:

Definitely give it a try! This was my first original fic, and I used to think I could never write anything that wasn't a fanfic. But once I'd punched out a few awkward paragraphs, the "sound barrier" seemed to be broken. So just start writing and see what happens!

Penemue picked the little girl to pass on his message because her name sounded just like his. He knew Elle would realize who the "man outside" was.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Unrequited Melody (Signed) · Date: February 13, 2010 03:57 AM · On: Through This Their Knowledge

This was perfectly lovely. It evoked a passion and strange echo of wistfulness within me. Truthfully, it was beautiful and I though I understand the encapsulated perfection of a one shot, I believe that the story and the characters you have here could be taken further. 

I hope my words convey the depth to which I loved this piece.

-Unrequited Melody

Author's Response:

I'm so happy you liked it! I felt kind of wistful myself after it was over; I want my own Pen! But naturally I'd want him to stick around. XD And it's funny you mention taking it further, because I actually thought how easy it would be to write a whole series about Pen, and all the people he'd helped. Either from their POV or his. But my list of stories to write is so long right now. I'm thrilled you think it could be expanded. Thanks so much for such a thoughtful review!

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