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Reviews For Practically Canon
Reviewer: Whispers in the Night (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2011 08:55 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal


Reviewer: EliseShaw (Signed) · Date: August 11, 2010 05:08 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

Nicely done! The details in this chapter were great and I loved reading it from Jasper's POV. Looking forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks! =) Glad you could stop by after all my crazy reviews for your Carlisle and Esme fics. And I love Jazz. Hopefully it won't take me too long to sort everything out!

Reviewer: k1942 (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 10:49 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

My guilty secret is Jasper and Alice ; if I didn't love Bella and Edward best, J&A would be my favorite couple. This is going to be a really good story, I can tell. You have fun writing it and I'll have more fun reading it!

Author's Response:

Awww... thanks! =) And I will!

Reviewer: IsabelleCullen829 (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2010 08:59 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

Such a good story!! I was fangirling through it! Well done!

Author's Response:

So was I, and I wrote it! lol... I love these two... I was totally squealing every time they had scenes in Eclipse. My mom had to whack me on the shoulder to shut up because the theatre was full... lol...

Thanks for the review! =)

Reviewer: idealskeptic (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2010 01:33 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

Perfect start to your first Twilight fanfic! I honestly can't wait to read more...

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! =D

Reviewer: ToTouchTheseInnocentLips (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2010 01:29 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

Oh, this is so cute! I totally see it happening this way! Do we get to see Alice's prologue next?! I hope so! Please update again soon! Fantastic job!


Author's Response:

Aww... thanks. =) I was reading so many of these types of things and it killed me whenever I thought something might have gone differently, or when people seemed to stray too far from the canon. Of course, since not all of the Alijazz history is spelled out, I will have a little Creative Freedom as well, but I'm going to see if I can't stay as close to the books as I possibly can...

Anyway, thanks for the review! =)

P.S. - Most likely; it'd probably be completely different from Jazz's pov, of course. We'll see where it takes me, though. :)

Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2010 06:24 AM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

I really do like this start. I've read stories like this so many times, but each one is slightly different. In this one, he is questioning her hair and why it is styled the way it is. I do like that.

I would love to add this to my series, Eternal Hope :) Hahah, that sounds like I'm twisting your story title around.. or not. *shrugs*

Great start, can't wait to see the rest of their history.

Author's Response:

Wow! I got a review from Frozen Soldier? *flips*

Sure, I'd love to contribute to the series. And lol... I started writing this and then realized afterward that it was so similar to the series' name... but I didn't want to change my title because of the quote.

Thanks for the lovely review. =D

Reviewer: Disneyvampire (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2010 06:24 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

I love the first chapter, so I will be following this story. Jasper and Alice are so very interesting and full of story possibilities. They are my two favorite characters from the Saga. I just adore  them. Jasper, so mysterious and sucha  gentleman, Alice, so bubby and pixie like: she could be your best friend in a secnd.

Great start! Keep going, I am reading! :)

Disney Vampire

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review. =)

Wow! You sound like me in my head. That's pretty much the reason I started this fic. I loved them in Eclipse... =)

Lots of love <3 Ala

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2010 05:53 PM · On: Hope Springs Eternal

I read...  I gave you a ten... and your little tale has me smiling.

Great start and look forward to more!  Thanks for sharing your talent!

Author's Response:

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