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Bella ruled in Arizona, but when she gets to Forks, there is a new court. Will Bella rule or will she be conquered instead?  What faith do you put into dreams?

Adopted from "Dark Queen is What I'm Called".

Categories: AU Characters: Alice, Aro, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, James, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: No Word count: 36078
[Report This] Published: November 01, 2011 Updated: August 06, 2012


Quiet Screams


Based on a true story:  Bella Swan is swept into a life with her sister (Alice) & her friends, a group that Chief Swan & Renee despise.  When life gets in the way she misses her chance to be with Edward Cullen.  The man she falls back on turns out to be an abusive alcoholic & drug addict.  Someone doesn't make it out alive.  Will Bella have her happy ending?

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emily, Emmett, Eric, Esme, Gianna, Jacob, James, Jane, Jasper, Jessica, Lauren, Laurent, Renee, Rosalie, Tanya, Victoria
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No Word count: 10790
[Report This] Published: March 05, 2010 Updated: July 16, 2011

Questions by thoseicyeyes Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 18]


Anna Raimi: Doctor, feminist, sarcastic, professional, cool, confident, and hates answering personal questions.

Jackson Rathbone: Musician, actor, gentleman, eccentric, handsome, coffee addict, and loves asking questions more than is good for him.

When the two of them meet, sparks fly between the two. Especially as Anna struggles to put distance between herself and Jackson, so she can avoid answering his questions...

But she can only avoid them for so long.




Sexy new banner by enchanted-mind!


Categories: Other Characters: Jackson Rathbone
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 17801
[Report This] Published: April 03, 2011 Updated: June 17, 2011



Edward has been studying abroad in England for a year, when Bella comes to study as well. They don't know each other yet, but they'll come together, meeting in the middle in a slowly unfolding way. Each of them struggles with the turbulence of being young adults. Edward is deaf, and Bella has barriers of her own to overcome. It's an exploration of non-conventional forms of communication, including body language.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: No Word count: 4965
[Report This] Published: July 09, 2010 Updated: August 10, 2010


Bella and her roommates, Alice and Rosalie, are young women in their twenties trying to establish themselves in the city of Chicago and figure out who they are, and what they want in life. Little do they know, that the people they meet will change their lives along the way.

 Rated M for Partying, Sexual Content, and Edward Cullen

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QLC banner

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Jacob, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 24 Completed: No Word count: 92377
[Report This] Published: August 30, 2009 Updated: May 30, 2010


the blessing ring banner

Edward wants to be who he thinks Bella deserves.  Everything goes wrong.

I meant to enter this in the Black Balloon contest, but wasn't able to post it in time - so, fair warning on the tone here.

One-shot – A stand-alone companion piece to "The Blessing Ring" – not needed to appreciate this story. This is a chronological, 10 year history in EPOV. 

Rated for references to under-age drinking/drugs, language, sexual themes, and a lime-lemon toward the end. As this takes place prior to present action, there is no HEA contained within.


She sat on the bleacher in front of me.  It was windy, and the wind blew her long, brown hair away from her face.  I kept trying to look elsewhere, but she’d turn around every so often and that’s when I’d realize I’d been staring. She looked like porcelain; I was afraid she’d break.

So pure.  I imagined she smelled like green apples.  I could tell nothing from the wind.

When I left, I moved in close – I told myself I needed to, to be heard – she wasn’t the kind of person you shout at across the distance or roaring wind. 

“I’ll see you later, Bella.”  Please, let that be true.  I’ll make it true.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Angela, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 15609
[Report This] Published: April 02, 2010 Updated: April 05, 2010

Questions by morganlizard Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 118]

What would happen if Charlie figured it out? It never seemed like he knew enough. Was it too much for me as a reader to wish that Charlie know about Bella and Vampires, how Edward saved her life, that Renesme IS his granddaughter and why they stay so close to Forks if anonymity is so important? Maybe, but it's fun to pretend...

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 9 Completed: No Word count: 39582
[Report This] Published: August 21, 2009 Updated: October 16, 2009

Que Sera Sera by britt-nee1432 Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 26]

The Cullen Center is a therapy house for troubled teens. Each one there has a problem and each one has a secret. And by the end of their stay, each one will have a new out look on life...and love.

"I just wanna be me again. I wanna look in the mirror and recognize myself. Not the shell of who I used to be."

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Angela, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, James, Jasper, Jessica, Rosalie, Victoria
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No Word count: 16111
[Report This] Published: July 29, 2009 Updated: September 23, 2009

Quaint by Lumae Rated: R starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 15]

It was a rental, pre-furnished, and small enough that anyone with severe claustrophobia would've passed on the deal - and it was mine.

I was mildly terrified.

No longer a student, Bella was happy with her little house, but she wasn't counting on things changing quite so much.

See glimpses of Edward and Bella as they fall in love under new and old circumstances alike.

Categories: Twilight, AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: No Word count: 5701
[Report This] Published: August 13, 2009 Updated: September 22, 2009

Quick Fix by BingoBongo Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 12]

Edward and Bella thought they had everything worked out. They thought they knew how to satisfy their hormones without risking their hearts. They were wrong. A quick fix never lasts forever.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 566
[Report This] Published: June 23, 2009 Updated: July 10, 2009

Quiet by umbrellas_can Rated: PG starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 19]

Jasper was, by nature, a quiet person.

Categories: Twilight Characters: Alice, Jasper
Series: Eternal Hope: The Alice and Jasper Archive
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 900
[Report This] Published: January 08, 2009 Updated: January 09, 2009

Queen of Hearts by rwe123 Rated: R starstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]

Rosalie called her father for a ride home, and never met Royce and his friends in the streets. What her life might have been like if she stayed human.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Emmett, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 946
[Report This] Published: August 20, 2008 Updated: August 27, 2008

Summary: What are the minor characters of the story feeling and thinking during pivotal scenes? Get inside their heads and hear the unsung sorrows and joys that percolate there.
Categories: New Moon Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Esme
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 1781
[Report This] Published: May 12, 2008 Updated: May 12, 2008


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