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Penname: UrMyAdonis1901 [Contact]
Real name: DANi
Status: Member
Member Since: December 30, 2008

Age: 16
Where: U.S. of A.
Favorite Subj. in School: English && History
Why im here:
To improve my writing skills. Any help is well aprreciated, however;
constructive criticism does not mean you have to BE mean. This is
also for fun. My writing may not get anywhere, but i thought i'd
give it a try. TWiLiGHT ROX MY SOX :DD
Who i want to meet: Edward Cullen :D but since that definately
wont happen, i'd like to meet the lady brilliant enough to create this
"living Adonis," Mrs.Stephanie Meyer :DD
Sign: CAPRiCORN baybeee :DD

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