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Stories by ToTouchTheseInnocentLips

Could she bear to live out eternity knowing the one person she had trusted above all else had never actually cared for her? No, she didn’t think so… Fifty years later, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett are captured by the Volturi. Guess who’s there to greet them?


Ok, so I know I haven’t updated in forever, (my sincerest apologies), but I’ve had the worst case of writer’s block and I have just been going through kind of a rough time in my life, and am just now starting to get over it. I know that’s not an original excuse, but it’s the truth. To top it off, I wasn’t sure of the direction this story was headed in, but now I think I have a pretty good idea. I just need to take some time to write it. So I promise that I’m not giving up, but it’s going to take a bit of time before anything new is posted. I haven’t even completely finished the first chapter. I’m sorry! But here’s a teaser from the prologue of the new version to hopefully make it up to you! (Or at least tide you over.)


“They have finally sent in their spies.”

Gasps and hisses sounded from the small grouping behind him, tensed and preparing to attack.

“Patience, my friends. We have a plan, remember?”

“Who is it, master?” a female guard asked, an almost resigned tone contradicting her questioning phrase.

He hesitated for only a moment, trying and failing to find a way to avoid this question. There was simply no other way. She was a key part of the plan. Finally, with a sigh, he answered, “Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie Cullen.”

Something twisted in her gut, but she had been anticipating this. Of course it was bound to happen. That was just the way things worked out for her, and she had long ago accepted that. So there was no outward reaction to his words; only a simple nod.

“Edward, as in the mind reader?” the first guard wondered. Aro’s confirmation caused another hiss to rise up from amongst the guard.

“We must proceed with great caution.” He turned to face his followers. They had anticipated the rebellion’s every possible move and had prepared intensely for them all. He turned to face the female guard who had spoken. “You know what to do.”



It’s not the final draft, but I felt you all deserved a sneak peek! I'll be posting the new version as a new story, and once it's up I'll probably delete this one. I want to have a big chunk of the new version written before I post it, so it'll be a while. Sorry! But good things do take time. And a big thank you to anyone who hasn’t given up on me! You’re patience will be rewarded, I promise!



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[Report This] Published: September 06, 2009 Updated: January 02, 2010


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