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Well hello there!

I live somewhere with someone and I was born some time ago. Why the lack of personal details? Idunno. I'm a little embarrassed. I actually know people here but don't want anyone to know me. I'm kinda an obsessed Twilight fan but I'm neither a crazed teenage fan-girl nor a mother of one who's really just lusting after Edward. I actually made fun of my little sister nonstop for years while she was bursting with with excitement each time a book came out and made a big deal about going at midnight to buy the newest release and getting them all signed. When I went to see The Dark Knight and the Twilight trailer came on my friends and I laughed at the screaming 13 year-old girls in the audience. So what brought about the change of heart and new fixation? I was actually staying with my parents while in town for a funeral when I gave in and read the thing.

dim lights and enter my fuzzy-edged story-telling experience

Everyone had abandoned me that night (quite a feat with an extended family of 20 or so) and the aforementioned sister had left to stand in line to get Breaking Dawn. So there I was in an empty house in a strange town with no car. What to do? Of course I started snooping around her room. I'm about 8 years older than her (Gasp! just try and calculate how old I am now, HA!) and we haven't been as close since I got married and moved out so I was looking through everything in her room trying to get to know her through her stuff. She's the youngest and I'm closer to the oldest with a few scattered in between so she always seemed like the spoiled sibling that you love to hate. While looking through her bookshelf, I spotted Twilight and decided to bite the bullet and read it as kind of a bonding gesture so we'd have something to talk about. And 5hours later I went back for New Moon practically salivating. Sound familiar? I wasn't about to carry it around with me all weekend but certainly wasn't above reading over my sisters shoulder even though her book was #4 and I was half way through #2. She never noticed me until I startled her with "Awww, they get married! So he comes back?" and "What the heck, she's pregnant?" and "I guess she's a vampire since she's proud of resisting that guy when the only exposure she's had are Charlie--wait, charlie knows she's a vampire?--and Sue--wait, who the heck is Sue?" Each time I did that, she would shut the book, turn around and glare at me while telling me to stop reading ahead or I would ruin the story and that's about when our dad noticed and told us to be quiet. She would open it up again and I would tell her to read faster because I was alredy done with that page and it would all start again. Good times! I took New Moon with me to read on the way home and only realized 3 hours from home that I should have brought Eclipse as well. Smart, I know. Hard to believe I'm a successful member of society, right? I actually went to the bookstore on my lunch break and bought the last 2 books and finished them in the next day or so.

The sad part is I don't really like the characters in the book. No, that's not right. I love them all to pieces, especially Alice and Jasper. But I don't like how Bella lacks so much confidence in herself and Edward just tells her what to do and she does it. And then Edward is such a dork with his self-hatred and lack of good decision-making skills that it makes me want to poke him in the eye even though it would probably just hurt my finger. I had no idea that a whole world written by fans even existed! And I like your characters better! I still haven't seen the movie and have no desire to watch any of them. Too corny. But I have no problem with sitting here all day reading about the misadventures of the Cullens and friends and my husband thinks I'm nuts when I suddenly burst out laughing with "Emmett (giggle) threw Bella (giggle) in the cold shower (giggle) and then Carlisle came home (giggle) but everyone smells like werewolf!" FYI, that's from "Payback" by NoMoreThanUsual and it's my favorite!

I'm only signed up with an account so I can leave feedback and get alerts when my favorite stories are updated. That just goes to show how much I love all your creative minds! I have ideas but can't turn them into stories so I enjoy the ingenuity of others. Maybe one day I'll use my skills with rambling nonsense and produce something people everywhere will enjoy and be showered with praise and adulation. Or not. You know, whatever.

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