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Penname: lavishone [Contact]
Real name: roberta curry
Status: Member
Member Since: May 14, 2009
Beta-reader: No

Avid reader, incidental Twi-Crack addict. Not quite sure what else to include, other than married for 20 years to someone who must really love me, 'cause I'm not easy to live with.  Mother of a wonderful boy who never ceases to amaze me with his creativity and sense of humor.  And the questions.  "Mom, what do hot chicks like?" (He's eight, so I tell him things like 1. Boys who brush their teeth. 2.  Boys who wash their hair with lots of shampoo...Well, you get the picture).  I once asked him why he was asking me what hot chicks like and he said, "Well, Dad thinks you are hot, so I thought you would know".  Extra points for husband!

*********Update Sept 2009*************************************

My son recently started Catholic school (we are not Catholic- well my husband is, but that's a story for another day).  He came to us three days before school started and said "Mom, I want to go to Catholic School".  I looked at him as though he had been invaded by an alien (when I was a child, being sent to Catholic school was akin to being sent to reform school- something to be steadfastly avoided) and said "You do?".  He answered "Yes, I need more discipline."  Apparently he feels the children in our local public school are not quite well behaved.  So, after a bit of scrambling, some testing at the Catholic School and a foray to the uniform store, my son is now attending St. Vincent's.  I'm still in shock.
Decidedly So-Cal girl (discovered this last May in San Francisco- I was the only one wearing white jeans.  I just felt so wrong).  Born, raised, settled in San Diego, but have soft spot for London.  I go there every chance I get.  Even in March. That city is complete magic.  I think of it as a bit of heaven on this earth.

I am reader/reviewer at this stage of the game.  That being said, I do read everything.  If it's well written, I am there.  I don't have any canon sensibilities to offend or slash prudeness lurking about.  My favorite author (in the published, non-fan fic world) of the moment is Neil Gaiman (He's now at top of my "Top 5 People to Have Lunch With" list).  He is so wholey unpredictable and awe inspiring that if I was fortunate enough to meet him, I would probably be rendered unconscious.  Or at least mumble something unintelligible and then drool a bit. 

Not that you've asked, but if you are still reading this God-awful long bio, yes, I do think Mr. Pattinson is fifteen different kinds of pretty...for a boy.  I imagine he's a probably fairly decent guy who has way to much pressure put upon him at this point.  I just hope he doesn't burn out or turn into the "village bicycle" (you know, everyone's had a ride...)  So, he's not a draw in that way to me.  However, if Daniel Craig came to my door and professed even a minute attraction, I might be sorely tempted.  Men with hairy chests and hairy that's something worth considering.

Favorite Fan Fic writers include KiyaRaven, IrritableGrizzly, MsKathy, jesus is magic, MrstheKing, Pastiche Pen, oceanwaters2006, Beautiful_Distraction, vjgm and farkle among others.  Please gawk at my favorites list for interesting if not terribly conventional reads.  I am always open to reading new, quality stories (read Irritable Grizzly's bio for further notes on this.  She is "bang on" with her observations and admonitions).  Although I am not really a thread lurker, I can be induced if a suitable enticement is put forth.

Would prefer to be wealthy instead of famous.  I don't Facebook, MySpace or anything like that (I covet my privacy far to much).  And the people I'm closest to are within reach.  I like the sound of laughter too much to exist in the cyberworld.  Thank God for Skype! I am a perfectionist (when I care), opinionated (oh please, people with no opinions to share are dead boring) and love people with my whole heart.

Well, if you're still awake at this point, my hat is off to you.  You've earned a rest or a snack or something.  I'm stopping to do laundry.  Which seems to have become my hobby.



p.s.  Be careful what you name your children.  My name is a hundred years old- rather the grandmother I am named after will be 100 in a few days '
.  No one can spell it or pronounce it in this damn town (except in Spanish).  Getting my iced tea at Starbucks is a misery at times- I go by Robbie sometimes just because it easier.

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