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Penname: RMJ Lennixx [Contact]
Real name: Paris
Status: Member
Member Since: May 08, 2009
Beta-reader: Yes


Hi, my name is Lennixx, and I suppose this is where I talk about myself... Imagine that, it's called a 'Bio'... Then again, it could be saying for me to discuss biology, but I don't think I will do that.

Well, to start, I am the definition of 'crazy' in the dictionary, and I love to write as much if not more as I love to read. There's really nothing much that I won't read or write, as long as I think that it's worth the time. Oh, and I'm a girl (as far as my anatomy tells me. If I'm not, there's somthing seriously wrong)

I'm an extrovert, but sometimes I feel the need to be dark and depressing and emo. Most of my wardrobe consists of black, red, more black, some grey, some white, ONE pink shirt (no, scratch that, two) and then some light colors that I wear seeing as they are clothes and I like them, and I can't walk around naked.

I like big words. i use them in sentances like 'I am a loquacious speaker'. Yeah, I can't just say 'I talk a lot'. No, I have to use that big word up there. Which I did, as you can see.

You can also see that I rant a lot, and most of the time it's pointless dribble that no one listens to.


The life of the teenaged writer.


Moving on. I'm sure I've bored you already.

I live in Florida, and like most of the Homo sapiens that live in Florida, I am a sun-worshipper. When I am not holed up in the four small and plain white walls known as my bedroom writing, or in the slightly brighter and not-so-dark room called the kitchen cooking, or in various other rooms of the house cleaning, or at the learning establishment that I shall refer to as 'hell', or once more back inside those  four walls doing homework or cleaning, one can find me outside in my awesome in-ground pool that I brag about often to my friends who live in northern states.

Life is good to Lennixx.

I also have two brothers, both younger than me. Which, by most standards, should suck. But even though I tell people that they annoy me to death (which, don't get me wrong, they do) they really aren't too bad. I mean, sometimes I contemplate shipping them Tiwan or someplace far away. And cold, They hate the cold.

Much like my parents, who also hate the cold. Which, is odd, seeing as my mother grew up in Virginia (freezing cold winters... GAH) and my dad grew up in Delaware (it does snow there, right? Right) Me? I was born in Texas, and the sun is my friend, as I stated above.

I also have a dog, and she's huge. She's like a hundred and fifty pounds, and can knock me down on the ground. Most people are afriad of her, but she's a butterball.

Hm... What else to say? Oh, I should probably mention that I am very opinionated.

And that I own Edward Cullen.

*eyes horde of teenaged fans*

Okay, maybe I don't, but in my dreams I do :D

So... More stuff to talk about...

Things I like: Linkin Park, puppies, Edward Cullen, Daniel Ratcliff, toe socks, Mp3 players, laptops, Usher, Akon, biology class, the sun, the pool, the beach, showers, H2O in general, clothes, shopping, saphhires, AFI, those people who sing 'Istanbul, Not Constantinople', rubies, guys with awesome blue eyes, lions, mountain lions, guys who eat mountain lions, Hoobastank, the song 'Miss Murder', bell-bottom jeans, MCHammer Time, Hummers, Chargers, Escalades, Cadillacs, Rolls Royces, Sketchers, peanut butter, black nail polish, the number 13, kites, roller coasters, the words 'windgardium leviosa', Lupin, Obama, Alice, Charlie and the Chocolote Factory, most Disney movies (only the older ones) the number 23, Ducatis, the number 169....

Like I Don't Like: rain, cold, snow, monsoons, those people from the IRS, bright pink, that ugly mix between lime green and forrest green, baby diapers, tofu, geometry class, english class, asthma, the song 'Poker Face', the song 'Just Dance', any song by Lady GaGa really, bad movies with cheesy WT* endings, the Black Death, HSM 1 2 OR 3, bad breath, my shoe size, my white walls, the stain on my carpet, crappy cell phone reception, cpu crashing....

Yep, hefty list. What can I say?

Seriously, what can I say...?


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Stories by RMJ Lennixx

“Six friends, one summer, and a heist to rock the century. It all started as a challenge, and then it morphed into a game among friends. A game that would quickly change.”


Things were never ‘just a game’ to them. It was a way of life. It was about friendship with more than just the bare hint of mischief scattered in the mix. It was about the money and the loyalty, and it was about the consequences—both good and bad—that resulted from it.


It was about the ‘Six Crew’, the group of friends that had long rocked the foundations of wealthy Forks, Washington and its students. It was about not leaving all that they had had with each other behind. It would soon become something even greater than that.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie
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[Report This] Published: May 08, 2009 Updated: August 27, 2009


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