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Penname: dazzled eyes [Contact]
Real name: Danielle
Status: Member
Member Since: October 21, 2008
Beta-reader: Yes

Thanks for visiting my profile.

What do I Read?

I enjoy reading Harry Potter, Scandal, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and Shadowhunter Chronicle fanfics, but I spend most of my time in the Twilight fandom. There are some amazing writers who weave the most creative, funny, dramatic, and just plain delicious romantic stories, whether as humans or in a supernatural world.

I have assisted a few authors as a pre-reader and beta for Twilight fanfiction and original fiction. Currently, I'm the beta-reader on Mylissa's "Cracking Cullen".

Why TwiFic?

Well, I mostly like stories that try to recapture Bella and Edward’s romance from the early books and have them work through their issues. They are from two different time periods and their values are bound to clash. I just want some character development and not by blaming one character for everything, because if it's canon, they both share some part of the blame for what happened.

I would rather see a Bella and Edward work out their issues than either of them move on with another. That's what I didn't like about the books.

Bitchy and controlling Bellas are just as bad as promiscuous and controlling Edwards.

I don't mind Bella and Edward with other people in the beginning, but the story should be about them. I want them to end up together and feel like that's where they belong. If they cheat on each other and one of them just forgives without working those feelings out, I lose interest. The same goes for stories when they hurt one another.

The Cullens are such a diverse family with a strong bond connecting them, so I don't like when they conspire to change Edward or side with Bella over him. I am also not a Jasper/Bella fan, either as best friends, confidants, or lovers. Too many stories have Jasper so perfect and make him everything to Bella. There is usually no room for Edward to be special to her, and Jasper quickly becomes one of his detractors, telling him how to treat her. Ugh! That's just not my cup of tea.

What are some of my favorite TwiFics?

Looking for something to read, check out my favorite list and here are some of my favorite pulled fics:

Tides by lambcullen, Embodiment by cullen312, Atlas Shrugged by jeesie chreesie, Home by sweetishbubble, Bella and the Billionaire by nashstheory, The Wingman by ninapolitan, My Mate by princessrachael, A Different Kind of Pain by SparklingWand, What You Thought You Knew by hmonster4, With All My Heart by jayeliwood, Under The Full Moon by jayeliwood, Serendipity by suzie55, My Beautiful Storm by troublefollows1017, Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave by browns, Restoration by texbelle, You Get Me Closer to God by americnxidiot, and Wild Horses by miracle1901.

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