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Penname: anemies [Contact]
Real name: Lisa
Status: Member
Member Since: May 30, 2008
Beta-reader: No

Hi! I'm just you're typical, hopeless romantic person.

I'm wreckless and carefree. I don't like OCxOriginal character. I hate to see twins that doens't suppose to exist in the story in the first place.

About Writing Fanfics: 

I write everything on the spot and I plan only few events(For the fic)- which was the first reason why I'd write a fanfic in the first place. I'm completely taken with AU-Human stories. and the obvious E/B, A/J, Em/R pairing. I really don't like to write or to read Jacob in any fic. Whether it's a JacobxBella fic- because I'm a Edward and Bella shipper. Or a-Jacob-and-Edward-rivalry-but-in-the-end-Edward-still-wins type of story beacuse I don't want to see or read Jake being hurt. I don't want to read any character getting hurt(that's why I love vjgm's stories so much). Especially Jacob. I pity to him.

I write in the night, middle of the night. I am comfortable yet afraid of the dark. I'm going to try to write a proper story.

Reading stories:

I always leave reviews. Whatever I say, I still review them. I think that it's a complete waste of time that you read a fanfic and don't share your opinion. You should tell the author a compliment or ever gently break the point that in fact, that you don't like the fanfic. You wouldn't want to start a fire, would you?

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