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Large parts Shamlessly stolen from crmcneill because really, he just GETS me...

 l 20's l Female l From the Midwest l  

I know writing well enough to know what I like and to tell the good from the mediocre. I also know my own limits well enough to acknowledge that, as something of a perfectionist, I cannot yet write a story at the level I prefer to read.

I’ve been reading Fan Fiction for over a decade, Primarily with Buffy the vampire slayer, and recently Twilight.  After Breaking dawn I just couldn't let it go. I read Midnight Sun and when I turned to fanfic for its conclusion, I was pleasantly surprise to find well written, cannon compliant stories.

 My main interest is currently Twilight. As such, I’m going to devote my profile to defining what I like and don’t like about Twilight Fan Fiction.

All-Human Fan Fiction. I hate it. Period. I’m not saying it should be banned, and I’m not going to tell you to to stifle your creativity and not write what you want to write. I’m just saying that, as far as I’m concerned, an All-Human Twilight story is an oxymoron. The key to the Twilight story is the human-vampire interaction. Once you take that away, it just becomes a silly juvenile soap opera. That being said, all you authors who like to write all-human stories, keep up the good work if you like, but I won’t be around to check on you.

This applies doubly to any Fan Fiction about the cast members of the Twilight movie. THEY ARE ACTORS!! They do their job, they collect a paycheck, and then they go the F home.

Canon Relationships. I like a Twilight Universe where everyone is with the person they are supposed to be. That means Edward is with Bella, Carlisle is with Esme, Jasper is with Alice, Emmett is with Rosalie, and Jacob ends up with Renesmee. If I had to pick a Team, I would be Team Edward. Not because I think Robert Pattinson is hawt (insert eye-roll and sneer here) but because that is the way the universe is supposed to be. I lump BellaxJacob, BellaxEmmett, BellaxJasper, BellaxCarlisle, and pretty much BellaxAnyone-Except-Edward into the same category as All-Human fan fics (specifically, immediate loss of all interest. See #1). If your story edits out Renesmee, then be nice to Jacob and either don’t include him in the story, or give him an AU imprint. Everyone deserves a happy ending, IMO.

My opinion on slash and femslash can be summed up in one word. Yuck! If characters are written as straight, leave them that way. How would you like it if someone took one of your original characters and altered their sexuality? Characters are written the way they are for a reason. If you want to include a butt-lemon, Add a character with your prefered sexuality, and then warn the readers. 

IC & OOC. I mentioned this in Point #2, but I felt it deserved a section of its own. I love the Twilight characters the way Stephenie Meyer has written them. That being said, I don’t mind when authors go a little AU and write the characters differently. The most obvious example for me is people who are extreme Team Edward fans and paint Jake as an abuser or some other form of villain. I have a few of those stories on my Favorites list, but I could tell going in that it was an AU, and that things would be different.

I do, however, feel that certain canon characters get the shaft in fan fiction circles. The most obvious victim is Tanya. In canon, Tanya is obviously attracted to Edward, but always goes about it in a respectful and friendly manner. In almost all fan fiction, Tanya is portrayed as a conniving, bitchy, backstabbing psycho whose entire goal in life is to steal Edward away from Bella by any means, up to and including murder. I have to wonder how much of this characterization is indicative of the maturity level and insecurity of the authors in question. The only stories I have ever found that give Tanya a respectful treatment worthy of her canon character are The Cold War by Gleena, and Harvest Moon by content1. Both stories are post-BD AU's and they are both absolutely incredible. The Cold War is complete, but Gleena is currently writing the sequel: Acts Of Aggression, and Harvest Moon is somewhere between one-third and halfway through, and updates about once a week.

Writing style plays a huge role in Fan Fiction. It’s much more difficult to write Fan Fiction from a novel than any other genre because the writing style is already established, and true fans expect things to be held to a certain standard, as far as dialogue is concerned. Remember, vampires are superhuman geniuses with unlimited time on their hands. They converse at a level far above the average high-schooler, so try to make their conversations substantive instead of inane and vapid. The biggest example I have found of this is authors who write Aro's dialogue to include words like "great" or "OK', and other such basic utterances, as if he were some multi-millenial pot-head. Aro has been alive for over 3,000 years, knows multiple languages, cultivates an air of culture and sophistication, and has a flair for the dramatic. He isn't the type to use one or two syllables when more are available. Words like 'excellent', 'wonderful', 'splendid' or 'superb' feel much more 'Aro', than simplistic words like 'great' or (God-forbid) 'cool'. Want to write Aro dialogue? Use BIG words. And a lot of them.


And of course Research, Plot Line and Pacing, Spelling and Grammar, 

the hallmarks of Great stories.


Check my Favorite List and if I'm Missing anything, Be sure to Rec!



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