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Penname: iliveinfantasies [Contact]
Real name: Alex
Status: Member
Member Since: July 25, 2008

Info~Girl, for one thing. No one ever mentions that on their pages..... Anyway, yeah. I'm a girl, and this is my Twilight story.

 September started, and so did the auditions for the play. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a road to Twilight. I auditioned, and yay me!, got the leading female role. This was where I met my group of friends; Gen, (pronounced like Jen) Theresa, Victoria, *what a coincidence* Kyle, and Ryan.

Now, my friends are all bookworm-y type people, so we share a common love. ^_^ Our school has a "Lunch Bunch" program, where kids who love reading and books can come to the library for discussions while eating lunch. THis was where everything started.

At every Lunch Bunch, and during/after the play, V, T, R, and K would talk endlessly about Twilight. I had seen people reading it, and had seen Eclipse at the local Waldenbooks, but never read it. And when I found out it was a vampire book, my first thought was, mistakenly, about coffin-sleeping vampires.

Then, Gen and I were in class one day, and she says to me, "How about we try reading Twilight?" I agreed, and we put our names down on the list for it. She got her copy first, then I got mine. And my Twi-hard side became known.

I couldn't-literally couldn't-put it down. I had heard about books people couldn't put down, and I thought, "Oh, yeah, right!" But I found out it was true. For the whole time while reading it, I walked around in a highly pleasant, Twilight-induced fog. The only thing on my mind was what had happened in the book; my other senses, such as seeing and hearing what was going on in reality, were destroyed beyond measure, and I could only see and hear what was happening in this fantastical book. Only when people talked to me did I, very unwillingly, snap to my senses. Floating along in this dreamy-like state, I continued to read...and read...and read.

After finishing Breaking Dawn, my grandmother came over for the day. Now, she was going to California on her yearly trip, and had a 6-hour flight to look forward to. I, having recently purchased my own copy of Twilight, gave it to her, saying, "Read it. Best book EVER. You won't regret it." And thus, another Twi-hard maniac was introduced.

After buying New Moon and giving it to said grandmother, I gave Twilight to my own mother, repeating what I had said to Grandma. And.... oh, look, now Mom's hooked too. Now Grandma dashed to the store to get Eclipse, and Mom's cracking open New Moon with a smile on her face. And here I am, thinking smugly to myself, "This is why people should listen to me more....."

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