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Penname: DJamethyst [Contact]
Real name: DJ
Status: Member
Member Since: July 26, 2010
Beta-reader: No

I'm interested in all things "Twilight". Hopelessly addicted. I'm a 60 yr old single mom with grown kids and grandkids who think "she's completely lost it."

Living in Washington State, I've travelled the real Forks, La Push and Port Angeles before it was cool, lived in Seattle and now Vancouver (by Portland, not B.C. which, by the way, Washington had named before B.C. did). I live within a 30 miles radius of all but 5 of the film sites. Those are in Phoenix, AZ (aerial shots only), Valencia, CA, Silver Falls Park, OR, Vernonia, OR and Cannon Beach, OR. I might have seen Rob Pattinson perform in a Portland bar during "open mic" night March 2008 before "Twilight" was released. Can someone confirm he was actually there? His hair was longer than in the film and he kept running his hand through to get it out of his eyes while he played his guitar. I could almost swear he was wearing yellow contacts. His singing was soulful and intense. I kick myself for not offering to share a beer and talk to him because it wasn't crowded and very few people were near him. Day-mmm!

Any male Twilighters out there to chat and compare thoughts? I admire men who are confident in their masculinity, not afraid to admit they can enjoy something women do and aren't put off by those who think they're wussies. Aren't guys into vampires, werewolves, fanasies (don't forget Avatar, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) and hope for "happily ever afters", too. Doesn't matter what side of the boy meets girl or girl meets boy story you start from (for those of you of the other persuasion, boy meets boy or girl meets girl, whatever floats your boat), it's the "meet" that's important. Do I hear an "Amen?"

I'm appreciate most kinds of music from A (Amadeus) to Z (ZZ Top) like Rob and Lizzie Pattinson, MUSE, Linkin Park, Jackson Rathbone's 100 Monkeys, Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster, Bobby Long, Debussy, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Beatles; listening and performing. I've played trumpet, cornet, fleugelhorn, French horn, guitar (classical and electric) and piano. I've played concert, orchestra and symphony and at one time, in a rock band. I'm boggled by those who compose and perform music besides "cover" tunes. I've written lyrics and have some copyrighted, including one about Rob and "Twilight." I've debated writing a story here, but am too impressed with the quality of work of some of these authors to starting a project.


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