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Penname: Forever without him [Contact]
Real name: Lindsay
Status: Member
Member Since: February 24, 2009
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“Life can only disappoint you if you let it.”

By some miracle I gathered the courage (or insanity, I still haven't figured out which yet) to publish my own series. Keeping with the wolf groove (I've got a soft spot for dogs, what can I say?) it is about a group of fun-loving werewolves who spend their time playing dare or dare, placing ridiculous bets, and having a little bit of fun while guarding their town against evil. The first book is called "An American Werewolf in Idaho". The second is "A Tale of Two Shih Tzus" and the third is "The Labrador of the Rings". They are all on sale on Amazon as paperbacks and are up for sale on Kindle and Nook.

You can also find out more information under the name Katella Stegmann or "The Barking Mad Tale of a Teenage Werewolf series" on facebook, or follow at Barking Mad Books on Twitter. The series is packed with action, romance, humor, vampires, and plenty of pack drama. I am hoping those of you who like my fanfics will enjoy the books. Check them out! I will do a cute little monkey dance for you if you do.

An American Werewolf in Idaho:

A Tale of Two Shih Tzus:

The Labrador of the Rings:

As for me? What can I say? I'm 26. I've been writing since I was little. Writing is who I am and what I do. Ironically, I feel awkward sharing my writing. My head and heart are in constant conflict with one another because part of me says, "Keep dreaming. Never give up. You will prevail." but the other part of me says, "Look at things logically. It's time to stop dreaming and get real. Where is writing going to get you?" It's a good thing I never listen to me, but some day I fear that I might.

There's really not much to tell about me. I live my life one day at a time. I've learned that some things work out and others don't. I'm never surprised by changes in life, but the important thing is that I'm not afraid of them. Why be afraid of something you can't control? Guess part of that stems from having to navigate the highway. You can't control the other drivers! I'm a Georgia girl, born and raised (yes, I say "y'all", "ma'am", and "reckon"). I get up every morning, take care of my animals, go to work, go to graduate school somewhere in between the madness in my life, and usually mosey home some twelve to fifteen hours later. (God, somebody shoot me. I just said mosey. I am my mother...).

I've learned that a good heart only gets you so far in life. But it's the only way I know how to live. (*rolls eyes* Yeah, thanks for that, mom). Generally, I'm a pretty happy person, but I have my days. We all do. I try not to let anyone see me at my worst. I vary between being painfully shy to boisterously loud. Depends on my mood. I'm about as predictable as an earthquake. It takes me a long time to talk to people, but when I start talking I never shut up. My friends tease me all the time about being so friendly. It's a running joke that I'm like a little Labrador puppy...and I guess I truly am. I do love people, but I don't let many of them in.

I've found that life is so much easier when you accept it for what it is. I believe in living in the moment. If you get too lost in the past you cry over what has been. And if you look to the future you're worried about what it will bring. Living in the present is simply the best...because we're not always guaranteed a tomorrow. I (obviously) love trying to find the good in everything. After years of joking about how annoying optimists are I've become one. I'm actually quite private when it comes to my emotions and I always feel odd posting things online for pretty much anyone to see. That's me in a nuthsell, I guess. The only other thing I can think to write here is that no matter how tough I may seem, I still cry like a little bitch at the end of Homeward Bound. What can I say? Animals get to me.

Live a day at a time. The moment you start watching the start counting down. Life is truly a beautiful thing.

A very talented man said it best, "If we weren't all crazy we would go insane."

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Stories by Forever without him

"This is it. This is what I’ve become. I have succumbed to evil and turned into everything I ever hated. I’m a nesting mother to be who is writing in a diary to satisfy my boredom. My God, I’m a girly loser."

Leah Clearwater, pregnant. A vampire's worst nightmare. Follows "The Dawn Was Already Broken" Rated R for language.

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Emmett plans Bella and Edward's wedding and hijinks ensue... 'Nuff said. Rated PG-13 for language. "You know the type of guy that everyone gets pissed at for being such a lovable goof? Yeah, that’s me."

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It only took death for him to realize how much he loved her.

For anyone who ever wondered "what-if" for Leah and Jacob. "What-if" Jacob had never broken away? "What-if" he hadn't imprinted? "What-if" life was completely different? NC-17 for extremely crude language.


-Thanks to JaneJoke for the banner. I had to play around forever to get this up!

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Leah Clearwater didn't think her life could get any worse after the love of her life left her. She was wrong. Very Wrong.

Originally started as a one-shot, but developed into a longer story. Couldn't exactly classify it as a one shot, as it has 9 chapters. Loosely linked to "The Dawn Is Already Broken"

Rated NC-17 for language, dark tones, and illegal substance use.

Prelude: Tears welled up in my eyes. I didn’t care if I was branded a sissy for life. How could I not cry? I was watching my sister die. Panic. Complete and utter panic. She was dying, and I couldn’t do a damn thing. I was helpless. This completely sucked.

The Moon's Dark Side

-Thanks for the banner Kathryn!

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Chapters: 9 Completed: Yes Word count: 34766
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Breaking Dawn from Leah's Point of View.

Prelude: The bitch was pregnant? I snorted out a callous laugh. Here I was, a mutated genetic dead end. Having kids for me was completely out of the question. And this leech loving whiny ass vampire wannabe was going to have a kid!?

Life is completely and utterly unfair.

Categories: Breaking Dawn Characters: Leah
Series: None
Chapters: 68 Completed: Yes Word count: 225124
[Report This] Published: February 24, 2009 Updated: April 06, 2009


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