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Penname: Screaming Mimi [Contact]
Real name: Amanda
Status: Member
Member Since: May 03, 2010

Avid reader, baseball fan, part-time amateur writer and graduate student, cat lover, corn shucker, enchilada roller, dog poop scooper, car washer, clothes folder, kid shuttler, shower singer, football tailgater, full-time wife and mom. As Warren Zevon once said, "So much to do, there's plenty on the farm. I'll sleep when I'm dead."



"Open Up Next to You" by LJ Summers. The author's reputation alone is enough of a reason to read it, but it also happens to be a wonderful story. I think my favorite quote ever from a fanfic piece is in this one. Complete.

"Trip of a Lifetime" by samekraemer. The stars at night... are big and bright... *clap clap clap clap* deep in the heart of Texas! AU-Human, canon couples, plot twists to rival "Dallas," and lemony goodness. Complete.

"The Difference Between Love and Obligation" by GreatEscape. AU-Human, mostly (and eventually) canon couples. Emotionally charged and realistic. You must read this one if you're an AU-Human fan. Complete.

"Cauchemar Vivant" by Lunar Siren. AU. A very intricate vamp-involved storyline that's not for the faint of heart. Badassery abounds. Hope it comes back from hiatus.

"Mary Alice, Full of Grace" by MissManda. Pre-Twilight AU. Love, love, love. Be forewarned that there is violence within, for those who are sensitive to such. In progress.

"A Different Kind of Love" by LauraEmily18. Sequel to New Moon AU "Broken Spirit." Some things will probably make a bit more sense of you read the prequel first, but even if you take this story on its own, you'll enjoy vampire Bella and Edward as they foster children in England. In progress.

"Roses in Winter" by WhisperingWolf. The journey taken by Angela from Weber to Cullen. You'll be angered, heartbroken, and filled with joy alternately. In progress.

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