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Penname: sharonjane [Contact]
Real name: sharon
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Member Since: April 17, 2010
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I am a 41 year old (yes I am that old) mother of 2 boys well men really. I am a receptionist/clerical working in a school office (yes I am Mrs Cope), with one layabout 18 year old son who doesn't know what he wants to do yet and a 20 year old son just returned safely from deployment in Afghanistan with the British Army to say that didn't give me sleepless nights would be a lie.

I fell in love with Twilight, Edward and last but certainly not least Rob (oh my god that man is seriously hot) sometime in late 2009 and haven't looked back since. My whole family thinks I am mad and obsessed especially when I find a really good fic I can't stop reading and end up reading all through the night then going straight to work without sleep (please tell me I am not the only one that does that please, please).

The Twilight books were the best thing I had read in ages, I would read through the series then read through it again and again and again until I found fan fiction on the web. Well WoW!! I am addicted. Some of it is so much better than the original books; well of course the lemons help. :)

I want to say thank you to bella c'ella luna for introducing me to this world of fantastic fan fiction her stories were what first brought me here and they are great, if you haven't already done so I would recommend having a look at what she has written especially Save You I had tears streaming down my face by the time I was finished reading. Another I would definitely recommend is Need To Escape and On The Threshold by lostluggage here on Twilighted, I can't describe how much I love these two companion stories, They are both Rob fics NTE from Jen's POV and OTT from Rob's POV. Jen helps Rob escape from reporters etc. to a peaceful hideaway and the rest is history as they say. I was dubious when I started reading thinking that a Rob fic would make me feel like a dirty stalker, but you have to give these stories a try I love them so much.

Please check out my community pages on FanFiction - My Endless List Of Must Reads it really is endless, I don't know how I'll ever get through them all although I am giving it a bloody good try. I chuck every story I want to read on there, they are all Edward/Bella based, if you are a Jacob fan this might not be the community for you, he is only there in very small quantities or as a seriously bad guy and sometimes gay, yes gay Jacob hilarious. Also check out my all time favourites below.  Once I have read a story from my community page I delete it and if it is really good, say it makes me cry, laugh out loud (I will admit to laughing so hard sometimes that I snort, thank god most of the family has gone to bed by then lol), get really agitated from the angst or is just constantly on my mind when I am at work so much so that I can't wait to get home to read more then I add it to my favourites list, which is pretty long and getting longer as I am a prolific reader.

Other fan fiction sites to check out:

The Writers Coffeeshop


A Different Forest

My Vamp Fiction

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Adult Fan Fiction

Mature Twific

Here are some Rec's for you; these are my all time favourites:

Save You by bella c'ella luna You'll need tissues for this one, seriously a lot of tissues.

Need To Escape by lostluggage this is a Rob fic, I know what you are gonna say creepy, that's what I thought before I read it, but no this is brilliant and oh my god these two just can't keep their hands and other body parts off of each other.

On The Threshold by lostluggage Companion story to Need to Escape in Rob's POV - maybe my favourite story of all.

The List by LauraACullen The smut the smut - bloody brilliant and very funny.

Playing Solitaire by CallistoLexx Absolutely hilarious. The joke is on Bella. I laughed from start to finish. I never new there were so many euphemisms for *cough, cough* well for that, read and you'll see.

Making Memories of Us by AngelGoddess1981 The saddest fic I have ever read. This fic had tears streaming down my face and my nose would not stop running I was crying so much, if a fic can elicit that kind of reaction it is well worth reading. Bella and Edward have it all - love, great marriage, a home they love, careers that fulfil them a beautiful new daughter and then - well you are going to need hankies a whole lot of bloody hankies. Please don't let this put you off, this story is exceptionally well written and definitely worth the tears. One of the most original plotlines I have read in a long time with a surprising twist that I never saw coming. Read it you must!!

Stranger Than Fiction by MasenVixen Very sexy - the scene if the restaurant toilet!! Edward leaves Bella (a la New Moon) Bella writes a bestselling book about her and Edward. Edward comes back.

Hide and Drink by Savage7289 A very, very dark Edward, lots of drinking of Bella's blood, but also a great love story.

Last Tango In Forks by AwesomeSauce76 Holy crap the lemons, must be read to be believed - seriously hot.

Set in Stone by psyche001 Edward is not a vampire but is definitely not human either - give it a try I loved it. - Sequel In Darkness or Light.

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by DazzlinSparkle05 A very naughty Edward with a very questionable profession.

Incubus Anomaly by elusivetwilight Dark story. Blood drinking, sexy Edward.

This Is Not My Life by isakassees Kidnap, abuse (not graphic or sexual), escape, rescue, love - this story has it all.

Clipped Wings and Inked Armour by hunterhunting Absolutely brilliant, if you have not heard of this story then what rock have you been under. Tattooed/pierced Edward oh yes need I say more. A very damaged Bella but Edward wants her badly. Love, lemons, tattoos and many piercings - what more do you need.

Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson A dark, human blood drinking Edward.

And With Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain Another dark Edward, but very different.

Only Human by Amethyst Jackson Could you fail to fall in love with Edward the vampire or Edward from 1918 before he was changed, I couldn't.

Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003 I could not stop reading this, I stayed up all night without sleep, went straight to work, had this story on my brain all day then came home and started reading straight away until it was finished - bloody brilliant and lots of angst.

The Red Line by WinndSinger Excellent story but definitely not for the faint of heart - some very difficult subject matter to read - Edward is owned by Victoria and used as an exotic dancer and sex slave for hire - believe it or not this really is a very passionate and eventually tender Bella and Edward love story with a fair amount of extreme danger thrown in for Edward - worth persevering with, warnings given at beginning of tough chapters. - Sequel Colouring Outside the Lines

Grasping Darkness by KiyaRaven A very naughty Edward and Bella loves it, some murders, but who is trying to frame Edward.

Laid Bare by Brits23 Vampire Edward and human Bella completely and utterly obsessed with each other, oh yes before I forget lots of lemons too.

Waking Up by RiaMaria Vampire Edward wakes up human, WTF. Will Edward and Bella finally get their hearts' desire? Check it out great story.

Ride The Wind by Iadorepugs Meet Harleyward, Edward a tough biker is really just a sweetheart, but oh so hot!! I think I am in love.

Sub Plans by SnowWhiteHeart Bella's a domme, vampire Edward is a sub, hmmm how does that work. Pretty damn well by all accounts.

Beyond Time by TKegl Meet Edward Masen an opinionated (yeah like that’s a surprise!! lol) 16 year old in 1918 and he has a girlfriend WTF (and Bella likes her). Bella feels like she is cheating on vamp Edward if she loves human Edward, but she has to make her own happiness and the vamp did dump her! How long will it take Bella to get him to ease up and fall in love too? Can she save him from the influenza this time around and keep him for herself. This is funny and heartbreaking and a beautiful love story. I cried buckets but don't worry you must know by now that I always like an HEA.

The Wish Box by opal aline Okay so this one is basically just smut with a small plot, but believe me by the time you finish reading you will be wishing for your very own wish box.

If you like these then check out my favourites list on sharonjane @ fanfiction for lots more. Happy reading.





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