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Penname: Martinibaby1 [Contact]
Real name: Elke
Status: Member
Member Since: January 29, 2009
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hey peeps!

Biography (from the Greek words bios meaning "life", and graphein meaning "write"). A biography is more than a list of impersonal facts like birth, education, work, relationships and death. It also delves into the emotions of experiencing such events.

First the impersonal facts:

- born: May 11th, 1982, the most beautiful girl in the world my parents had seen, yeah yeah, every mother and father say that right?

- education: A bachelor in social work and a Master in Communication Sciences. And English sucked big time before I started reading and writing fanfiction and it's still not great though. English is my 2nd language, please keep that in mind when you read all the mistakes I wrote.

- work: I pass most of my time at the University, where I work. I am doing my PhD about the representations of teenagers in popular American and Flemish teen series and the impact those images have on their identity construction. Quite interesting, if I say it myself. 

- relationships: daughter of my parents, sister of two lovely darts playing brothers (28 and 20), friend at house of the entire Hollywood-population and sexual partner of the perfect Wentworth Miller look a like Pieterjan. Just as Mister Miller he is blond, thin and sexy as hell! Hihi, and maybe I have more relationships, but I am not going to tell that here, maybe my boyfriend is looking, haha.

- death: nope, still breahting, in and out, inhale, exhale.

Besides being a Prison Break-MISA and Twilight addict, I am a huge rugby fan too. My best friend is a member of the Belgian national rugby team and whenever I have the chance to watch her tackle all those girls, I am there to scream her to the next victory! Being a supporter is fun especially when the male rugby players are supporting too -smirks-!

I am a dance girl too, music makes me move; from Beyonce to the Chemical Brothers, from The Foo Fighters to Muse and back to Kings of Leon, even Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are on my Ipod! If it's danceable, it's good for me! I am not picky at all! Oh and a filmfreak too, but not the American blockbusters, give me an alternative movie and I am the happiest girl in the world! Pedro Almodovar is my favorite! Although I have to admit that I'm giving in... I went to see the Dark Knight... twice and went to see Twilight three times... But anyone who read the book knows how good they are and how addictive the series is...

Since my little crazy niece Luna (Moon in Italian) was born 3,5 years ago, my mother instinct increases with every minute that ticks away. She sometimes has a bad mouth (she pronounces the word 'shut up' and 'god dam' perfectly) but she is the queen of coolness! She rocks! And since that mother instinct has increased, I see potential father-partners every where! Monogamy is my thing, trust me, but hey, if you open your eyes and see all those good looking guys, then I curse the man that invented monogamy. It's a man that invented that, all bad things are invented by men smirks!

Thanks for reading my biography,


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Four healing sexual encounters. A tryst in each season. Three chance encounters and two very different people with at least one thing in common: both are heartbroken and afraid to let love in once more.

Thanks Milla for her superb photoshop-skills and making this beautiful and simply perfect banner *bows for you*


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Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes Word count: 29807
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As usual, Bella is late for work and as she crosses the street -without looking-, a cycling music teacher, better know as Edward Cullen, must do all he can to avoid her. But the collision that follows will change their lives for good. All human and AU.

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Chapters: 29 Completed: Yes Word count: 137633
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