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Penname: Iridescka711 [Contact]
Real name: Iridescka Wright
Status: Member
Member Since: February 01, 2010
Beta-reader: No

I... Love: Writing stories; Country, Classic Rock, some Pop music; Twilight, Harry Potter, Inkheart, House of Night, and other amazing books along those lines.

Hate: Jerks, political correctness, drugs, and Valentine's Day (We refer to this evil as BS day in my family!)

I am my own person, and I refuse to conform to everyone else's expectations! I toe the line, but I bow to no one!

A lot of my work is inspired by music. Almost every story has a playlist to it, and those playlists can be found in the chapter notes.

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Stories by Iridescka711

What if Twilight were twisted around a bit? What if Edward already had Bella? What if Carlisle was the odd-man-out?

Esme Allen is an Architecture Instructor at Forks High School. When Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale chronically ignore the school's PDA policy, she decides that it's time for a parent-teacher conference.

Carlisle Cullen is the father, for all intents and purposes, of six perpetual teenagers: Edward and Bella, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper. His children have found love, but Carlisle in 350+ years is still without a mate. He has no idea what Emmett and Rosalie could possibly have done to merit a meeting with their teacher. Little does he know, fate works in weird ways.

Added side note: I will not end this story until I've created a happily ever after for them all!

Rated R for violence.

Added 10-29-15: After a horribly long hiatus, I am back to writing this story.


Categories: Twilight, AU Characters: Carlisle, Esme
Series: None
Chapters: 32 Completed: No Word count: 65203
[Report This] Published: February 01, 2010 Updated: July 30, 2012


Harry Clearwater (son of Seth Clearwater) has a lot going for him. He's good-looking, popular, and the valedictorian of his graduating class. He could have any girl in the school.

Lucy Wright is a quiet girl with a secret gift. Her cryptic and random insights drive people away. She doesn't have any real friends; only books and loneliness. Lucy likes Harry, but he makes it obvious that he doesn't feel the same way.

"Hey, Lucy, I remember your name." - Lucy by Skillet.


Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes Word count: 5901
[Report This] Published: June 18, 2010 Updated: December 26, 2010


Emmett's is itching to have some fun after all of the trouble with the Volturi is gone and life is boring again! What does he have planned? An innocent game of Truth or Dare of course! But then again, this is Emmett! Innocent might not be the word!!!

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jasper, Renesmee, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 862
[Report This] Published: February 11, 2010 Updated: February 25, 2010


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